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  1. Only watched the last three matches but sounds like I need to go back and watch the tag match and Allin/Sammy. I enjoyed what I saw a lot - the finish was a bit flat in MJF/Cody because it didn't seem that obvious MJF had put the ring on, especially to the live crowd. I thought they did a good job of making the matches seem bigger even if some of the bells and whistles (choir, live band) weren't great. Moxley looked absolutely awesome coming in from outside the arena though. The main event was good without being great but that is probably the drawback with Moxley - I think he makes up for it with what he does bring to the table and I quite enjoyed the eye patch reveal. PAC was amazing. OC is great fun but for me it was PAC who really made the match work. I loved the spot when OC was rolling away and PAC had enough and walked to the side of the ring he was rolling too to cut him off. I don't know how either didn't start pissing themselves laughing when OC opened his eyes. It will be brilliant when he finally wins.
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