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  1. The length of this show was brutal. I enjoyed the Kofi/Bryan match the most, probably because I wasn't totally burnt out at that point. The lack of shenanigans and Kofi winning clean which was a surprise and a genuinely brilliant moment. It was cool that they didn't go the normal route of splitting the team up to kick start a singles push as it wouldn't have been as good without the three of them together. Daniel Bryan really is one of the best in the business, he has a way of making everything given to him work loads better than it should and is just as much of a great character as a great wrestler. His heel turn has done wonders for him and although I enjoyed his title reign putting over guys in big moments is exactly what he should be doing at this stage of his career. I am pleased the belt is off Lesnar but to do it in this fashion is a shame. The idea of Lesnar breaking the streak to give somebody else the rub was sound but it didn't really ever happen which seems like a waste in hindsight. I didn't buy Rollins as a superman after seeing Lesnar batter most of the roster for the past three years. Hopefully Seth can do something decent with the belt.
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