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Best Mask

Kaz Hayashi

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Well it's quite clearly the great Dirt Bike Kid.


On a serious note, Hayabusa was the first that came to mind when I saw the thread title. Looked absolutely badass, much better than Sasuke's and other similar ones at the time. Mysterio's is absolutely iconic, likewise with Tiger Mask. I love both of those.

I bloody loved Muta's 2000s masks, Drago's efforts are clearly inspired by these as well. Creepy and cool as fuck.


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PunkStep nailed it with his 00s Muta shout. They still look cool, like, but back in the day they looked so big time and different from everyone else. Really added to that great 00s run he had.

I like that he mixed it up too, which again added to his big time aura. You could tell they weren't cheap.






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Need more pics in this thread.

The Machine Masks have always been my favourite. Very simple design. Carrying with them a mystique that fascinates me to this day.

Is anyone using the gimmick currently?


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I used to love wrestling masks when I was younger. Liger, Rey, Hayabusa, Tiger Mask and the like. I feel like too many wrestlers wear masks now, especially on the indie scene, and they've lost a bit of their cool factor (despite being more intricate and better designed than ever). 

My favourite mask, though, belongs to Ultimo Dragon. Even though his WWE run was underwhelming, I found his mask - actually his whole look - to be excellent. Here he is moments after almost falling on his arse at WrestleMania XX: 



Great, instantly-recognisable mask, shoulder pads, cape, matching tights and kickpads. Looks the business. Shame about that banana peel....

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