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Best Mask

Kaz Hayashi

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Who wore/wears the best in ring mask?

Can’t be purely entrance masks, helmets, make up/paint, or anything that isn’t ‘normal way of working’.

It needs to be a typical in ring mask from any era & any promotion.

I’m going to have to go with Hayabusa. There’s something about the cut & style of it, mixed with his general attire and in ring style that makes it cool as fuck. 


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1 hour ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

And, you know what, Kane’s first mask was bloody cool

I can't see that now without thinking about him spooning food through his "coinslot" thanks to (I think) NGP. 

I loved psychosis mask, but having googled it I'm disappointed to discover it's much shitter than the I remember. Super Calo's was so piss poor I sort of admire it though. 

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