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  1. Biggest Pop Outside Of Wrestling

    The reception Queen get when they came on at Wembley in 1986 is quite something after the build up from the extended intro of One Vision right to the first chords of Brian May's Red Special. That must have been quite a rush in person.
  2. XXXII, to be honest was never really going to be memorable. I think there's on average one out of every 5 or so where it is as a whole, take it or leave it, They had so many people injured like Seth Rollins, John Cena, Cesaro & Neville to name a few. Don't get me wrong, AT&T Stadium looked amazing. But whilst WrestleMania XX was 5 hours, at least it didn't have so much filler. I don't get the need to script The Rock down to the length of his pauses. Then there was the match with Erick Rowen. Which for me is interesting as glorified squash or not, he can claim to have had a one on one match at WrestleMania whereas there's a few guys who've been there a few years like Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston who never have. Followed by a main event people were never going to like to the point the only cheer Roman Reigns got was the Spear to Stephanie. XXXIII I enjoyed a lot more as it did have a lot more memorable stuff and it'll be significant for me as the first one I stayed up to watch live. It had some good stuff that led to The Hardy Boyz return which I was trying so hard not to scream the house down so late. I'd say it ranks a lot better than the previous year. I ultimately didn't watch it through as my Network was playing up and skipping backward during the Bray Wyatt v Randy Orton entrances. Couldn't be bothered to stick it out, so I just went to bed and watched the rest in the morning. Whilst I wouldn't rank it among the top ones. It certainly was an improvement I agree with you. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. With the Brand Split returning, it makes more sense for the dual brand shows to be 4 hours to try get both some equal amount of time. I find it's justifiable for the Royal Rumble in particular as it means they can now have a standard 3 hour PPV amount of matches alongside the eponymous match on the show.
  3. Public Performance

    Did a World War II themed school play called We're In The Army Now in Year 5 or 6 which a class did a few years before, so they recycled it for classes doing World War II and generally so they could do one. I was an evacuee in the first part and Private Jones in the second as in supposedly the one from Kiss Me Goodnight, Sgt Major which I had to do with everyone else doing backup which I dreaded. Probably where I realised I find the idea of going on stage too nerve racking for me. It involved various WWII songs. It also had Quartermaster's Stores, Sing As We Go, We'll Meet Again. Don't remember what else. Can't sing well anyway, but it did OK at the time. Only had 3 or 4 lines apart from that. I loved the start of the second part where we were the soldiers as we did this drill/marching routine when we came on to In The Army Now by Status Quo. The uniforms we had were really good and the caretaker actually made these cool wooden rifles as part of the costume. The local paper did a bit about it, but I wasn't chosen to do the photo. They had a couple of other kids as the soldiers and the teaching assistant who was in it as the evacuee's guardian. I guess Nativities count as well. I guess that's a Thread someone might do unless that's already been done. No idea. Don't venture here much. I was an angel in preschool. Did 2 in school. Was a shepherd in one and the other I was a King. My Dad actually made my crown for it. I found my photo of me in the costume the other week funnily enough. It was a really nice job he did. Might even still have it. Overall, I guess acting wasn't my forte as didn't enjoy drama much and started liking it before we no longer did it. I guess at the least, I can say I've done the school play front. I guess if things worked out, I'd consider giving it another go with some group. It's just about finding the time.
  4. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I saw them at Attack 2 days before Progress Chapter 51 and the contrast was staggering. At Attack, they were comedy faces as you say. Doing his water spit, the Pedigree. You name it. That said, 2 of them are regulars for them. Pete being one of the main ones, so they're bound to go down well. Funny as anything. Then there was Progress and obviously they were despised as anything at the time. It was a huge laugh seeing Trent Seven smugly parading through the chairs after they screwed CCK over for the Tag Titles. They didn't use the theme at Attack though. They came out to Sledgehammer.
  5. The UKKFF 50 2017 Nomination Thread

    Yeah. I tend to base mine on those I've seen in the past year and who I've been impressed by. Try to get a few up and comers in there as well.
  6. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    They actually had to tape it at the Impact Zone because that year, they focused a lot on travelling for most PPVs and the State Athletic Commision of South Carolina wouldn't let them do it.
  7. Survivor Series 2017 Reaction Thread

    Triple H in that match was baffling. He screwed over Angle. Setting something up down the line. I did think he was going to aim for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as part of Shane's feud with them and help him out in a potential match. But nope. Another swerve. Eliminates Shane, goes into business for himself to get Raw the win. I was waiting with bated breath for Strowman to Powerslam him. I wasn't disappointed. Another thing with this Raw v SmackDown thing they've made Survivor Series into since Brand Split II, makes you wonder why they didn't bring Bragging Rights back to serve that purpose. They have the Big 4 as we all know, but why not a couple of B-list dual brand shows? MITB for one, you know? Don't have an issue of it being one that alternates which is what they've been doing.
  8. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    They're building new stadiums all the time over there. There's a few over here that are 10-15 years old as well like Emirates, new Wembley, Olympic Stadium, Ethiad which they built for the Commonwealth Games turned 15. What others are in that timeframe?
  9. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I had a few albums, though I never was able to complete one when I was young. I did feel a sense of achievement getting at least one per page on the Lilo & Stitch one though. I remember one kid at school had tons of 2002 World Cup stickers, he brought his album with him and it was a carrier bag full because his Mum was able to get the boxes for a bargain or something like that. Can't remember the story, but we in the class spent a few lunch breaks and a seaside trip helping him out and finding the Needs among the Gots. I did help complete the China and Nigeria pages and also took a lot of his spares off his hands for mine which he was cool with. Which is odd since I've never really followed football. Although I watched the World Cup on an "If you can't beat them, join them." Basis. Never got any of the wrestling ones however. I got last year's WWE one and completed it as a means of keeping me occupied. I set myself a challenge to finish the 2014 World Cup one which I pulled off. But I am never doing that ever again. Particularly that dissapointment you get when you open a packet and the first face that greats you is yet another one of some player from Uruguay you've never heard of. I once went for broke and ordered 10 packets off the rainforest online emporium when I had about 100 to go. Got them in 2 days. A week later however, I got another bit of post and another 10 packets. I let the seller know to be fair as it must have been some error and he said keep them with my compliments. Can't complain about that. The World Cup is going to go up to 48 teams soon enough. So I think people are going to need a second mortgage to finish those ones. The trick I learned with the Topps albums (they do the WWE ones) is you can only order unlimited stickers once they've officially discontinued it. Just as well for me to do the rest of this year's WWE one as I could never find the stickers anywhere and I still have a load to get. Virtually the only places that sold them was one of the One Stops and both Sainsburys on different sides of town. But both are a fair walk. Whereas last year's, you could get everywhere. At least it'd be quicker, easier and cheaper as I have nowhere near as much as last time before I ordered my last few.
  10. Multiple superstars Released from WWE

    He's sure to make a killing on the indies after all that. Plus he got to live his dream. Can't argue with that.
  11. Wrestling Bucket Lists

    It's really expensive to hire and they were actually running at a huge loss doing televised shows is what I've seen online about that. But they still put a lot of effort into the MSG shows like using the full setup, so I wouldn't sack it off. Nice thing to have on there. For me, WrestleMania is up there. Not crazy about location or package. But ideally, I'd do Axxess, HOF and WrestleMania. Virtually the only way to get the Post-Mania Raw and SmackDown is via the travel packages as the general sale sells out in a flash. Wrestle Kingdom: Because Japan is also a bucket list country for me, so going to that could kill 2 birds with one stone I guess if I had to have made a list of top UK guys to have seen live, in a year, I could have ticked many off as in my first year regularly attending shows before the thought even crossed my mind, I saw Dave Mastiff, (Who holds my personal record for being the wrestler I've seen compete in the most towns with 5) Project Ego, (Still have my signed 8x10 and wristband from them. So at least I got to see Kris Travis wrestle) Doug Williams, Sha Samuels, Dean Allmark, Pete Dunne, (Before he was YxB, never mind Bruiserweight) Marty Scurll (To paraphrase Britney Spears, he was not Party Marty and not yet The Villain. He was heel and had the fur coat. Funny part was he signed the 8x10 got from him with a smiley face) T Bone and Rampage Brown. So not too shabby there. I've been able to meet more famous wrestlers than I ever could have imagined. Glad that the vast majority have been awesome. Last one I met was Honky Tonk Man in September. He was really welcoming. Got a photo op with him which says everything about my chosen cosplay for the day. I've also been getting my WWE Encyclopedia signed by wrestlers. I have the First Edition. So far got John Morrison, Tatanka, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito & HTM as well. Going to see Jim Duggan in January, so I will have to get him in it as well.
  12. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Had to check. 13 Live albums come Friday with The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter. So you're actually right there. I'll give you that.
  13. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Another Iron Maiden Tour announced for next year. Going to have to do that as they were monumental in May. I'm in their Fan Club and I actually won their First To The Barrier draw which gets you in early to get to the front. Was amazing. Caught 2 of Dave Murray's guitar picks at the end. Gigwise, not had anything for a while. Last band I saw was Fozzy at a local pub of all places doing a secret headliner. They dropped every wrestling based hint imaginable with the announcement and the poster was a silhouette of a photo of them. Junior (Mark Andrews' band. Worth checking out) were one of the supports as well which added fuel to the hint. Sold out before they officially announced them. Was stood right in front of Chris Jericho. It was awesome. Amazed they pulled that off. And he does wear the light up jacket on stage. I do have a Ticket For Life to Wychwood Festival at the Racecourse. It's a really good concept. I went last year to see Bill Bailey headline and I saw they had them when advertising their early bird tickets. So I paid a deposit, then I set up a direct debit as instructed, after they get all the payments, I get my weekend ticket. Best part is, if you keep it going, your price will never go up. So it's brilliant. Loads of festivals could learn from that. I think it's good to have a local one to go to at the very least. So I'll have that next year. They have mainly world and folk music. They also get some indie, rock and punk. They had Buzzcocks, OMD and Levellers headlining this year. It's family friendly as well, so good to go to even for a day. It was fun, so naturally can't wait for next time.
  14. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    WWE Intermission I believe. I saw that one. Wasn't that London house show last year in September supposed to have been a special or something?