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  1. Seeing as how these days, SummerSlam have this gimmick of keeping it in the same city for a few years after 2009-14 was at Staples Center in LA and 2015-17 has been the Barclays Center. Remains to be seen if it's staying there for a couple more years at the moment, quite surprised by now, there's not been many shows to cash in on any tourists like WrestleMania now it's a weekender. I know it's not on the same scale as WrestleMania. But it's curious to think about.
  2. Even without the YouTube thing, I doubt they'd have got a consistent attendance through all 10 weeks to make it financially viable. But I guess may as well cancel, issue refunds etc now and allow the wrestlers to free up the spaces in the diary. It was ambitious, but it was too ambitious. It's no secret YouTube revenue is peanuts and these YouTubers make a bit of money off product placements. Others have Patreon pages. For the uninitiated. You pay monthly to support them and the more you pledge to pay each month, the bigger perks you get. This goes to show how other promotions find it tough to upload just individual matches. They're not making a penny off it.
  3. Seeing how SmackDown rarely sells out, I guess they may as well see how sales go before putting extra blocks on sale. Naturally, work commitments for many will make it harder for those travelling. That's why before Brand Split II, they had to book a Trump card for the Raw taping. I saw someone moaning about this and the whole "Raw is the flagship show" thing. Well. It's fair to say there's every excuse to go to Raw, there's one there to go to SmackDown if you can make it. There's photos online of the side the hard cam is on from this week's episode and there was loads of seats tarped off.
  4. Utter madness. You just have to wonder how much his opponent would be getting in comparison. I think there was something going round WCPW were offering Batista a hefty amount for a one off return not long ago.
  5. Well. I guess they had to kill a bit of time since the World Of Sport taping was postponed and they got some time over here before they head off to India.
  6. I found this place through the Shitarse 50. I was looking up online for a UK wrestler who appeared on it. It was on a website of its own and I found the result on that and I had a chuckle at all the crap wrestlers on it. And I signed up for the heck of it. I'm quite surprised there's not been another one of those.
  7. Just the WWECW Title. The original incarnation is acceptable. He also won the NWA Title in TNA briefly. Depends when that last counted on that note.
  8. You know the drill for first timers. Get your wallet ready. Plenty of time to save up An interesting move. Looking at the venue, I'm sure it'll be a good one.
  9. Ok. Now I know what to look for. As I said, first I've heard of that. But yeah. Bit of a dick thing to do if true. I remember being on a bus home from college and some utter turdnugget thought it was a good idea to chuck a rock at a window at the empty seat in front of me. The window shattered close to breaking completely. No idea what they were thinking.
  10. Yeah. And I noticed the camera feed for the tron wasn't very good at times from the bits I've seen. But I'm sure they'll correct that for September.
  11. Don't recall hearing about that. Anyone got any light on that?. I do know people were supposed to have been going as far as to block employees from leaving after the 2015 Royal Rumble. Might you be thinking of that one?
  12. They did Liverpool in 2014. That was the year of the Vinny Mac "Have fun dammit!!!" Rant at the SmackDown taping. Don't think they'll get a taping for a while as they didn't seem to enjoy them.
  13. Have they announced the roster splits? Who's got who?
  14. They did Hulk Hogan v Kim Jong-il on it.
  15. This time, they've gone for fantasy warfare and given us Pablo Escobar vs Heisenberg. This is quite a fun one.