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  1. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Remember the World Title Series tournament they cobbled together from old matches after Matt Hardy vacated the title after winning it due to an EC3 injunction due to Jeff getting involved in the match as guest ref and they had Austin Aries in it even though he'd left a while before that and Josh Matthews was on about "net nerds" questioning his status or something like that? This has sprung that to mind.
  2. Yeah. It was Elgin due to a CMLL commitment that had priority and they couldn't get another Canadian in time. Brings the question what's his WWE status if they couldn't do live stuff for other people as the Finals week was done live? PCW did their live show last night and the main event Last Man Standing Match between T Bone and Bubblegum wasn't on the live portion because I imagine he's still with them obviously.
  3. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    My Godfather was actually at that show. He didn't realise obviously, you don't hear the commentary. He was on the hard cam side, so didn't see him on it. Just another reminder for me that 90s kids will no longer be kids by the end of the year. Which is crazy to think about.
  4. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Crazy the One Night Only thing lasted so long because the further they went into the year as they taped so many, the more outdated they were as more and more of the people on them left.
  5. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    I think they mentioned ICW sold more tickets at the Hydro for last year's show there in a week than TNA ever managed. I think both dates they did didn't sell very well. Sure I read something along those lines somewhere.
  6. The Mae Young Classic

    I think this makes more sense than the winner getting the vacant championship that was rumoured as it would seem a little odd to crown a new person to WWE with an established championship unlike the CWC where it became to crown the inugural champion of the new Crusierweight Title since they were bringing the division back. There's lots they can do for the match. Can easily make it a 4 way elimination for one. Can see the next set of NXT tapings to focus on the qualifiers for the other spot(s) Terrific final. I've enjoyed the whole tournament. Particularly as I hadn't been on my Network as of late besides staying up to watch SummerSlam as I've found the weekly NXT show a bit of a drag from time to time recently, but I'm sure to get going on it again before long.
  7. PROGRESS WEMBLEY: Biggest UK Indie show ever?

    ICW at the Hydro last year was announced as 6,193 paid. That would be a good benchmark to aim for. Just 5,000 would still be phenomenal mind. To get to 7,000 which I'm guessing they're going to cap this at would be quite something. If it was plausible enough, I'd give it a shot to get to that. Fair play to them.
  8. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    And it's fair to assume the lot they had who were due to do the World Of Sport tapings were even more annoyed considering that marked the second time in like 2 months they'd lost a big booking and had to scramble to fill their diaries. Especially seeing how more and more of them are focusing on making it a living which no doubt is not an easy thing to do with something that involves travelling and having to hitch rides among other things.
  9. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Where was it the thing of them canning the tour over the Manchester Arena bombing came from? Granted, their show there was in December originally when the arena reopens this weekend with the tribute gig with Noel Gallagher headlining, so it wouldn't have been in the window where the events in their calendar were cancelled or moved to alternative venues for obvious reasons. But it certainly has been a strange ride with that lot to say the least with their questionable investments among other things.
  10. Weird stuff people cheer

    The Rock saying poon tang pie in the Attitude Era because Hooray! The Rock mentioned lady parts springs to mind. The routine he had mentioning he likes many kinds and lists several types. You know? It goes cherry, apple, pumpkin (with emphasis on the P as you know it's coming) and it comes,
  11. ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I had been seeing stuff about Jarrett quoted in conference calls saying he was optimistic about it going ahead. Just begs the question if it's still a go. Sha Samuels talks about it in this interview about his side which raises some possibilities. Whole article is worth a read. Really terrific. https://snapmarenecks.com/2017/08/24/a-pint-and-an-interview-with-sha-samuels/
  12. The Mae Young Classic

    Just finished the first round. Some good ones there and a few surprising first round exits. Liking Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane myself. Great to see Piper Niven in it and interesting to hear JR mention the World Of Sport special from last year. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
  13. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I always liked it. Adds a layer of prestige to it. This is the top championship. Let's make it a big deal. Why not? Agree with NXT at and the lights. That's brilliant. Though just like main events at say, WrestleMania for example. Only in exceptional circumstances should it not be the Championship Match. For example. Rock v Cena: Once (Of Twice) In A Lifetime. Although, that made sense seeing how both entrances were bookended with a pair of live performances and it was almost an hour before they made them and the match started when you count Brodus Clay dancing with his Momma which was cooling things down after Punk v Jericho.
  14. Hello all - first topic

    WrestleMania X8 always gets a chuckle. APA are making their entrance. JR: something along the lines of "The APA have to be considered favourites in this match." King: "Speaking of favourites, my favourite tag team in the WWF are in the ring right now." JR: "Who's that? The Dudleyz?" King: "No, Stacy Keibler's left leg and her right one."