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  1. Jon-Carr_92

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I've seen it happen in person and it still sticks with me. Guy I knew had it pretty severe. He cut his throat on the fall. Not nice at all. He was ok, but he passed away about a year later from SUDEP. He went off in his sleep one night. Whilst I never really talked with him much, I do think about him a lot of the time as I remembered him when he briefly attended a youth club I went to. Horrible, horrible thing to happen to anyone in any way.
  2. Jon-Carr_92

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    I feel Progress' Chapter titles latelty don't seem to have much imagination outside Camden. It's almost always a pun on a local band. In all the time they've been running Manchester, I'm not sure they've ever had one that isn't one. I just do the Birmingham Chapters as they're the only ones I can feesibly go to and they started out with Chapter 42: Life, The Universe & Wrestling. They saw the opportunity with the Hitchhikers reference and too damn right, they were going for it. But since then, it's just been the band references. Chapter 51: Screaming For Progress as in Judas Priest's Screaming For Vengence. Sure as hell cant complain as Judas Priest are epic and the graphic with the Progress Eagle in place of The Hellion was brilliant. Terrific show this one. This was when Walter won the Atlas Championship from Matt Riddle the first time. Chapter 61: Don't Touch Me...Don't...Don't Touch Me: A lyric from Fit And You Know It by The Streets. This was one of those ones I had to look up to find out what it's referencing. First time seeing Will Ospreay after breaking out in Japan and after he won at Wrestle Kingdom. Chapter 73: Fourth Shade Of Green: A play on Third Shade Of Green by Ocean Colour Scene. Didn't quite understand what the extra shade in reference. This wasn't the best Chapter I've seen to date, but was glad I finally got to see Toni Storm wrestle. Chapter 86: Corrupted Harmony: The next one in March plays on Napalm Death's Harmony Corruption album. Looking forward to it as I finally got an elusive Front Row seat as each time I've gone online at Noon to secure my ticket, I go for it and click through only to be told they sold out, so I settled for the Gold or Spandau Ballet Section (Get it?) as I call it. Whilst not much love has really been lost for Progress. It's tricky to see what direction they'll go in next. The Wembley show's buildup wasn't the best, but it certainly didn't let Will Ospreay and ZSJ's absence due to NJPW needing them and people were even more gutted over the latter with some Ultras getting rather hostile about NJPW for doing so when that's simply the risk any promotion takes booking someone signed to a company that has right of first refusal re: Indy bookings. One talent a show doesn't make. They salvaged it perfectly with the 3 And In series over the US Tour and the 2 Chapters in between. Although I found the final flawed as they put Tyley Bate v Mark Haskins in a match together to guarantee Walter had a challenger and Jimmy Havoc got his planned match with Ospreay sooner rather than later when he also need one more win when surely it would've been fairer doing it as a Triple Threat with them all.
  3. Jon-Carr_92

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    The 10 bells they generally reserve for those employed in some form at the time of their death,
  4. Jon-Carr_92

    What if?

    What if Triple H didn't get injured prior to The Invasion and how would he have fit in? It's one thing they couldn't get all the big WCW names seeing how they were contracted to Time Warner and they opted to sit their contracts out, but of all the guys in WWE at the time, he was the biggest guy who wasn't around.
  5. Jon-Carr_92

    The Official ICW Discussion Thread

    The last 2 F&Ls did have some A List imports which was aiming them at a more casual fanbase who wouldn't normally watch it. They had Kurt Angle, Finn Balor as a guest replacing Mick Foley, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam for example. This year's seems more aimed at their regular fans. The big names they have are British Strong Style and Noam Dar on loan again. Progress didn't go down that route when they did Wembley when they just as easily could have and they still got a very respectable turnout nonetheless. Both drew very well on their first go at an arena show in their own right.
  6. Jon-Carr_92

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Surely that means getting the ball rolling on next year's Royal Rumble Lottery running because wasn't the rule @Glenryck Pilchards made if a number has been drawn, you can't choose it. I'm guessing the male runner up would get it instead.