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  1. Jon-Carr_92

    The 2019 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

    Another good job and a great time had. Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the club!
  2. Jon-Carr_92

    Royal Rumble 2019 discussion

    It wasn't on a Royal Rumble PPV, the show was Greatest Royal Rumble. So you're right in that it's not canon. I guess they count the eponymous match on the offical list due to the significance of it being the 50 man one. Its not implausible that a regular sized one could last as long as it did. The longest 30 man one was 2002 which was only a few seconds shorter than the 40 man one. But if you want, put an asterisk next to it along with 2011 and 1989 since they didn't have the traditional number of entries. I know there's been Rumble matches through the years that have had a DNS. But let's not muddy things up. It's just a one off after all. Anyway, photo of the setup in progress is online and as Daniel Bryan said in an interview last year, they're coming out of the dugouts which should look great. Got the curved entrance way like WrestleMania XIX had. Not embedded for those who want to save the surprise. https://twitter.com/kenton_la/status/1088730152958341120?s=21
  3. What's the biggest paid outdoor show ever done by a British company? Worth remembering PCW's outdoor shows on the Flag Market were free to attend. Best of luck with this.