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  1. Jon-Carr_92

    Research question can you help please

    She's certainly active on TV. Does it have to be wrestling? She's still involved to some capacity even though she's finished now. If she went away and did something else, then she wouldn't be active. Not sure I'd count The Rock as his last appearance was at WrestleMania XXXII and he's back to his movie career. So on that basis, he isn't. So I'm going to consider "active" if they are involved in the business in some capacity. Be they wrestling, managing, hand behind the scenes and so on Just got thinking how many Harts are involved. Bit of research. I got DBS Jr, Tyson Kidd being a producer and Total Divas cast, Natalya, Teddy, Mike & Matt (two of Smith's) are now wrestling and Pete Wilson (husband of Brooke who is one of Alison's daughters) So I got 7 active for them. Bret pops up now and then, but not sure if he may count.
  2. Jon-Carr_92

    Research question can you help please

    There's a couple more on the indies. There's Samu's son Lance who wrestles and Lloyd Anoa'i is still active. Sean Maluta from the CWC is Afa's nephew. So takes them up to 8.
  3. Jon-Carr_92

    Convention/Signing Appearences/Evenings With Thread

    Typical Con price I've found is around £20. Obviously, they're bigger names. So they will have to charge more. It's handy when they do sell photo ops in advance, so you can secure your place,
  4. Jon-Carr_92

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Yep. And they also got Reigns v Mahal. I'm expecting those chants during that one. But seriously though. It's been 4 years. We all gotta move on.
  5. Jon-Carr_92

    New wrestling figures!

    Puts me in mind of that Shawn Micheals figure they did of him when he did that Hulk Hogan skit in the run up to their match.
  6. Jon-Carr_92

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    The next one was August 12th I think, but that's when they're in Detroit. They are finalising a date from what I've gathered. The last one this year is November 11th.
  7. Jon-Carr_92

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I'm guessing they'll be doing the redemption story with Steffanie/Nixon Newell for this year seeing how she got injured before it started last time. In fact it happened not long after she arrived at the Performance Center. Anyone else been rumoured?
  8. Jon-Carr_92

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    Flash and Haskins are tagging in the Thunderbastard Tag Match. I really like what they're doing with the Tag Team Series. Round Robin Tournament to determine entry positions and the Tag Titles will be defended throughout. So if GYV lose, the team that beats them have to defend them up until Wembley. I think there's a possibility of a big name to boost sales. Wouldn't be a bad thing if not. 4,000 is pretty good going if true. Still 4 months to go. That's around what ICW Fear & Loathing got at the Hydro last year which was down from the announced 6,193 in 2016. I wonder what the final figure will be on the night.
  9. Jon-Carr_92

    The Kids

    I remember one time, we had my niece down for a bit and I felt so compelled to teach her the Daniel Bryan Yes Chant waith the arm raising. But it was a bit tricky as she was going on 2 at the time and yet to fully grasp language even though she was at the stage she was starting to recognise people by name. So me and my brother went through the list at the time and we tried Ryback's Feed Me More with the appropriate actions. Which was successful. She could do it completely unprompted because it was a lot easier to do. It was pretty much our thing for a while. A couple of weeks later, my sister actually thanked us for that because she broke it out at the children's liturgy in church and a few of the kids were apparently doing it as well. On the topic of Ryback, he had it dialled down very well. Easily imitable taunt. Had a chant to go with it. Really cool entrance theme and an distinctive finisher. The best part was when he got a Feed Me Shield chant going and it caught everyone off guard. He may not have been the most popular guy towards the end of his run, but can't say he wasn't over at one stage.