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MLW announce new TV Deal


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Salina's next step will be interesting. AEW already have too many managers and factions and she might get lost amongst all the people there.

NXT would be an interesting destination but I fear she'll end up in the same purgatory that Malcom Bivens is in right now. 

NWA or Impact perhaps?

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12 hours ago, LaGoosh said:

Nope. The ending of the final season was Antonio using the magic gauntlet to give the ancient evil Gods he serves physical form. Aerostar, Dragon Azteca Jnr and King Cuerno travel back in time to bring Dario back to life to help them fight against his father. 

Jim Cornette would have a stroke reading that post

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3 hours ago, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

Wait, wait, wait El Jefe is back? Where can I watch this over here?

Free on YouTube (for now). Unsure what will become of Fusion when the company returns with the new stuff taped in Philadelphia, which I believe will be shown primarily on Vice TV.

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1 hour ago, Tsurutagun said:

As the MLW thread has been woken up. I feel duty bound to say that the Battle Riot match from 6 weeks ago was fucking awful. 

The masked Contra guys might have been the worst wrestlers I have ever seen

Nah you're wrong!  Did you completely overlook the return of the one and only Kimchee???

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