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MLW announce new TV Deal

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Shinsuke Nakamura is the new Lord Tensai.

That’s an odd thing to say if you’ve seen any of Nakamura’s work in the last three years.

You'd have thought somebody who has the nerve to call themselves the King of Strong Style would have offence that doesn't look even pisser weaker than Booker T or Dolph Ziggler. He couldn't even have

26 minutes ago, kidzero said:

Is mlw any use these days I watched the 1st 3 weeks of it on freesports then got turned off for one reason or another 

I'd say it's a decent enough watch still, Contra, The Harts and The Dynasty are all great value and Selena is a top class heel at only 22(?). The problem's are mainly in the undercard and matches like I mentioned in the previous page, there's maybe too many guys like Ace Austin who I just don't get at all and Jimmy f'n Havoc.. but at least he has Selena with him to make it bearable.

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They aren't a bad shout if you're after an extra hour or so of wrestling every week, but the piped-in crowd noise bothers me too much to actually invest in MLW. Otherwise, they've got a decent talent pool, good production values and aren't afraid to try new ideas, which is a mighty big shame.

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On 1/1/2021 at 5:12 PM, Merzbow said:

I'd already pretty much stopped caring about the reboot until..


Shame it's filmed on a shaky phone and you know he'll have none of the Lucha Underground magic.

With el Rey gone now do you think WWE could buy the lucha underground library?

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Posted (edited)

Pretty sure the LU ownership/rights situation is incredibly convoluted and complex (which is part of the reason it failed) as MGM, United Artists, El Rey, Robert Rodriguez and Univision in Mexico all own various chunks it so I can't imagine buying the library any time soon will be an easy or cheap task. Hopefully one day it'll end up on the Network. 

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