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Jimmy Boy

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It'll come as no surprise to anyone who follows her on social media or has listened to her in unscripted interviews, but the new episode of "Chronicle," that's focused on Becky Lynch proves that she's absolutely first-class at knowing her character inside and out and being able to ad-lib like a champion. It's utterly fascinating watching her doing everything they don't like people doing - coming up with her own stuff and allowing herself to flow and develop naturally. It's also not at all a coincidence that it reaps such massive rewards. She's the walking example of how broken their system is and how quickly someone can stand out as something special when given the freedom to do so. I've no doubt whatsoever that every last thing that's made her the star she is today came out of her own brain and mouth and was then incorporated into the product by the writing team after the fact. For everyone else it's the complete opposite and that's why she feels like a diamond in an otherwise river of shit.

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