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  1. Talk about micromanagement, even down to having people write their induction speeches! Fuck me. Vince would be a fucking nightmare to work for. I bet 99% of the employees there can’t wait til he snuffs it
  2. They bought the wwc library and it was part of the deal! As we well know, when money is to be made, wwe has zero principles
  3. Anyone else have issues with meltzer calling the Gargano v cole match from takeover the greatest ever wwe match in the latest observer? It was great but you’re telling me it was better than bret v Austin at wrestlemania, savage v steamboat etc?! Not having that
  4. I’m sure the bog standard 74 year old man shopping at Tescos isn’t a billionaire though! It’s a lot easier to be ripped and look good when you have that wealth and aren’t eating shite paid for by a pension from working at the post office for 35 years
  5. anyone listen ‘I made my girlfriend watch wrestling’? Only one ep I’m so far but really funny stuff!
  6. Jesus Christ, I can't see for looking on the wwe network, I don't know where to start, with all the content available! Just wondered what you peeps would recommend to watch first from the ppvs?! Which are the crackers of the lot, and must see ppv's?! Or any hidden gems anybody has come across and forgot about! Watched Summerslam 98 the other day and forgot how good that was. I've got a free Saturday night as the wife's out and intend to sit down with some beer and OD on wrestling. Suggestions...
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