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King Pitcos

New wrestling figures!

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It seems these have been in hiding for 46 years.

Titanes en el Ring figures from 1973. Came in chocolate and made by Felfort. They apparently had tonnes of merch, most of which is unlikely to have been seen by Europeans. 

Some interesting info here as posted on the WFigs site (easy to c&p from Spanish using translate). It talks about the rarities of each wave/range.










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Some really good likenesses there. How do they do it with the heads/faces? Do they mould them themselves, or take ready made ones from other figures and add clay or some shit to make their features?

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We decided to do an ECW wrestling figure special. We look at each figure from the original OSFTM line and discuss follow up series with ECW stars in other companies, along with unreleased prototypes. We also discuss other ECW merch, including the horrific computer games!

We’re joined by our new broadcast journalist and ECW golden tongue... Joel Gertner. 

There’s also a cameo from the King of Old School, Steve Corino.

Here’s the video link:

And here’s a link to our general Twitter post. We’ll more than likely be announcing an ECW competition soon!


Also, we always appreciate a follow, like & a sub on YT etc. We’ve plenty of fun things in the pipeline, in video form, podcasts and live events.

cheers all👍

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29 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

Hope you can get Curt Hawkins attention with that, he'd love it! 


It’s interesting, there’s a pod show called Fully Poseable who have a decent following and were about before Zack & Curt started theirs.

Zack & Curt have been accused of stealing content and having a dig at collectors who unearth treasures before they do.

There’s like a bit of a battle going on between the FP fan base, who are arguably more serious collectors, and Z&C’s fan base who are more WWE fans so to speak.

I must apologise at this point for starting this post with “it’s interesting”.

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How long until the Mankind/Chef Boyardee Mattel Elite comes out I wonder

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