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  2. Perhaps but its Fast & Furious. That scene could easily be in the middle of it due to the mental scale of their set pieces.
  3. If I recall, The Wraith was just some cunt in a crash helmet, and not the coolest thing on earth as the poster shows there. Sometimes the artwork paints a fantastic picture that you cant live up to. Like this for example. Robocop? And he's a vampire? Sign me up. Sadly its some some asian gentlemen in a pair of Grandmaster Sexay goggles I believe. A major disappointment.
  4. Hype, a pulse pounding adrenaline rush hype boner. Yeah It's pretty spoiler heavy. Of course the plot of a FF film is wonderfully the same every time just with all new ricockulous action set pieces.
  5. Yep, Double posts do that to me as well.
  6. It looks like it gives away a good chunk of the climax, though. That shouldn't happen ever.
  7. Why would anyone watch that trailer? You know it's going to spoil so much.
  8. Impossible. It has the Stath in. All the best bits will be every bit with the Stathe. Pedantry aside, it basically gives away a couple of the high spots, an abrievated version of a full throwaway fight and the general jist of the plot
  9. Where is this bio and who wrote it? Tommy Robinson calls himself a journalist too.
  10. PowerButchi

    Chippy Tea

    Its conservatively white and butterly liberal.
  11. It's one of those All The Best Bits trailers, isn't it?
  12. Thunderplex

    Chippy Tea

    Battered Cod, Fallowfield. Frigging amazing. 4 rounds of bread and a tin of dandelion and burdock not pictured, but also chomped.
  13. Egg Shen

    Boxing Thread

    think i read his base pay was $5 million. It was something like $4.5 million more than his previous highest purse.
  14. His gimmick for decades has been β€œWWE sux it should be more like Japan.” The Young Bucks named a finisher after him that they did in matches in Japan, and are starting a promotion starting Kenny Omega from NJPW. Dave is at least seventy-five notches too far along the spectrum to be able to be impartial in the face of that.
  15. Frank Deford once said that Meltzer was the most accomplished reporter in sports journalism. That's some pretty good backing considering Deford had over half a century with Sports Illustrated.
  16. Today
  17. Silly goose. Any word on how much this has cost Miller? Hearn said they'll have a new opponent announced next week. Hearn also said he's looking to strengthen the undercard.
  18. Weirdly, said meeting is shown as a CGI cutscene in one of the WWE2k games in career mode. EDIT: Here you go:
  19. "If he was a real journalist..." Although he is, a quick check of Dave's bio would've confirmed that for you! Where is Dave "actively participating" with/in AEW? I've missed that so I would like to check it out.
  20. Someone Great is as awful as Devon says. It’s like an Instagram post threw up a film. Got to look at Lakeith Stanfield and Brittany Snow though.
  21. I admire those that still can watch it all and not feel burnt out by it. I nearly forgot all about the show at the weekend, which tells you all. MMA is still my favourite sport; weekends action solidifying why once more. When I was younger I'd watch a lot of the YouTube content and all the shows, but now I wake up Sunday morning, have a coffee and some fookin' boilers, then stick on the recorded show. Sometimes I'll watch the full show. but most of the time, these days, it's a case of skipping through until the last two fights (unless a scrap looks good in x1000). I was really enjoying GLORY a few years back, but I never watch it now because I find it hard to give up more time to combat sports, as it means neglecting other interests (like staring at my screen waiting for David to post).
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