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  1. Thanks for confirming my point. The longer the delay in implementing tier 3 restrictions, the more people get sick, and the more people die. I'm sorry, but the lives of people shouldn't be used as bargaining chips. Burnham could have saved lives and gone to tier 3 straight away.
  2. So you're saying he wasn't resisting because he wanted more money? Strange that's what every news article written about it is saying.
  3. It's a straightforward fact. For days and days Burnham has resisted inceasing to tier 3 until he got the money he wanted. Why not go to tier 3 immediately and sort out the money after?
  4. Technically that's fake news. Since the 25 million is a completely separate thing that pre-dates COVID-19. But it does put the amount offered to Greater Manchester into a rather grim perspective. I said as much five days ago, that details like this should have been sorted out before we even came out of the first lockdown. However this doesn't change the fact that Andy Burnham isn't some knight in shining armour in all this. The only reason not to agree to an immediate increase to tier 3 is that he knew it would take away any leverage he had. So he's perfectly willing to sacrifi
  5. You're missing the point entirely, which was made crystal clear by the last sentence of my post. It's not a binary choice of x being right therefore y is wrong. Simply because Johnson is wrong (which he probably always will be) doesn't make Burnham right. And to make it clear, I'm not suggesting Burnham is wrong for trying to get an appropriate financial package, I'm saying he's wrong for this lengthy stand-off that's going to cost lives.
  6. Only 40? That's a spring chicken on the WCW roster.
  7. I hate the Tories as much, if not more, than the average person in the street, but I think Burnham is in the wrong here. If the roles were reversed would people be praising a Tory Mayor of Greater Manchester (not that there's ever likely to be such a thing) for holding out for more money, or would they be criticised for letting people die while they argue about money? I'm guessing the latter. This whole saga has been dragging on for days and days already, and as every day passes the cases in Greater Manchester increase exponentially and so will the deaths. People shouldn't spend days negotiati
  8. Thanks. The general thinking among people involved at the moment is that it's a psychotic episode caused by an infection, which apparently is a lot more common than you'd think. She's on some antibiotics now with a view to tests if things don't improve.
  9. This seems the most appropriate thread, rather than creating a new one At present I'm a live-in carer for my elderly mother who has various health problems. She has occasional memory problems, like many older people, but over the past few days things have got really bad. A few days ago she phoned up my brother and was talking to him about my dad having an affair and how he'd "gone walkabout" and had been sleeping on the sofa. My dad did have an affair thirty years ago, but he's been dead for over ten years. This morning she was talking to me and mistook me for my elder brother, who hasn't
  10. At the moment, to use his own phrase from the Brexit fiasco, Johnson is proving to be an expert at "dither and delay". You didn't need to be Mystic Meg to know there was going to be a second wave of infections, since it was being talked about long before we even came out of the first lockdown. So why do we seemingly have no plans whatsoever? Plans for localised lockdowns and appropriate financial aid for affected areas should have been decided on ages ago. It's pretty straightforward, r goes above 1, take immediate action. No protracted discussions and negotiations over several days letting th
  11. There's no real benefit to him in making people scan in. If he gets flagged as being in close contact with someone who might be infected, he's going to have to close for two weeks. Considering he's probably lost plenty of money by being shut for months, the last thing he wants to do is have to close down again. And who says it'd be just once? You can just imagine him self-isolating for two weeks, re-opening, and getting flagged again in short order. It's enforceable, but if nobody is auditing compliance nothing will get done. Pre-COVID-19 people who believe in civil liberties
  12. WWF certainly took off, wrestling was doing quite nicely before Hulk Hogan. I suggest you read "The truth about smoke filled halls" article from 2002 by@JNLister. He presents a nice, detailed breakdown of the territories and how many people they were drawing each week, an average US monthly attendance for 1983 would have seen 850,000 paying fans in attendance, not including smaller independent promotions. He concludes that fewer people pay to watch wrestling or even watch it at all, fewer people earn a living from it, and that as a form of weekly live entertainment it's ceased to exist.
  13. Possibly going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing you haven't seen him fight before then?
  14. Considering he's been around wrestling for most of his life, you'd think he'd get it. But apparently Bret's still believing his own hype. Hogan was obviously limited in what he did in the ring, even in Japan where he showed he was capable of a bit more than normal. But being limited in certain aspects isn't a negative in itself, just someone that good bookers are capable of working around by hiding weaknesses and showing off strengths. There can be little doubt that the way Hogan was booked was a perfect example of the latter. His matches definitely weren't Flair/Steamboat or Funk Jr./Bri
  15. That would largely depend on how you define "making their own rules up". I, and I like to think a few other sane-thinking people, social distance as much as possible and avoid any unnecessary contact with other people. Just because Johnson, or whoever else has the talking stick on a particular day, says it's ok to go to the pub or the cinema or congregate in groups of six random people doesn't mean it's compulsory to do so. Sure it's not perfect and I'd much prefer to be doing normal things but I'm more than happy to make short-term sacrifices for the greater good. Johnson has got some brass n
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