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  1. I'm surprised they've put Jim Barnett in, although since it's WWE I really shouldn't be surprised at all. He's the Harvey Weinstein of wrestling, if the rumours of how Tommy Rich earned his NWA title reign are true...
  2. Third and fourth place go to this duo.
  3. While cynicism regarding crowd funding is justifiable given a certain wrestler expecting fans to pay for their mum's car, it's hardly fair to tar everyone with the same brush. Kurtis Chapman didn't start the fundraiser, and he's even not in a rush to get any money from it until he's spoken to the insurer. Crowd funding is an excellent way of helping out people in genuine need, sadly there's so many do-gooders start one at the first sign of trouble without even bothering to find out whether the person actually needs any help.
  4. I understand where you're coming from better now, but I really don't agree. During his brief and unsuccessful NFL career he wasn't on minimum wage but he definitely wasn't earning life changing amounts of money. If he was going to go into another professional sport I'd have expected him to have tried to prior to starting wrestling, and people with the ability to play at the highest level in two different professional sports are very rare indeed. He started with WWE with no prior pro wrestling experience and no name value, I just don't see why WWE would pay over the odds when signing him to a developmental deal. He needed a job way more than WWE needed him.
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