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  1. I watched Harley Race do a diving headbutt and finish countless matches with no problems afterwards, yet he still said on record it fucked up his body. It's about long-term damage, not whether it has immediate consequences.
  2. William Shatner clearly enjoying himself at Galaxycon.
  3. Sorry, never noticed your reply until now. Shows are almost certainly available depending on what you're looking for, but not at clearance prices except for DDT/Hustle which I still want rid of.
  4. You don't need to be old to remember those.
  5. I have this Necro DVD, possibly the one you're looking for. Best of Necro Butcher 1999-2000 IHW-Insane Hard-Core Wrestling IHW-Necro's debut vs. Damon Richards-Jan 1999 No DQ IHW Tv Championship (Death Wish 1999) IHW-Necro vs. Damon Richards-Mar 1999 2/3 Falls IHW H***C*** Title (X-Treme Combat 1999) IHW-The Kongs (former WCW) vs. Necro Butcher & Hellhammer-Apr 1999 Nonsanctioned Death Match (IHW 1 Year Anniversary) <---craziest match I ever promoted TASW-Texas All Star Wrestling TASW-Music Video-Necro Butcher vs. "the Late" Brother Icarus (who died two years later)-Brass
  6. I actually think the Askren/DJ trade was a positive one for the UFC (and for ONE FC as well). At the end of the day, their business is built around promoting fights, they aren't trading card collectors hoarding the best fighters in the world. It's probably an sad indictment of the UFC's overall inability to promote one of the greatest fighters of all time, but DJ was never a draw. What fights were left for him? Other than a potential trilogy fight against Cejudo, none at all. He had no interest in moving up in weight, and he probably beats any flyweight who isn't called Cejudo. With Cejud
  7. I watched the broadcast with foreign language commentary, which might have been a blessing or a curse. It says a lot for Joe Fournier versus Reykon that during the first round they thought it more important to cut to some "celebrity" (I have absolutely no idea who he was, but he had a face I'd probably pay good money to see repeatedly punched) in a yellow jacket taking selfies with the commentary team. Reykon was abysmal, and understandably so considering he's a singer with no apparent boxing background who's in the match as a result of a nightclub argument with Fournier. The less said about F
  8. Sale price is finished, these shows and many more are still available for sale at regular prices, message me for details. Unless you want the DDT or Hustle shows, happy to sell them at 50p per disc still. 50p per disc, postage is not included. Unless otherwise stated, everything direct from TV to DVD so perfect quality. If you need matches for any show just ask. 50p DVD clearout part 1 - CZW/Chikara/PWG/IWA Mid-South/more 50p DVD clearout part 2 - Shoots/comps/Mexico Apache Pro/Army Samurai TV 11/9/4 (taped 30/8/4) Samurai TV 6/5/6 (taped 14/4/6) Samurai TV 11/9/6 (tap
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