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    Covid-19 Megathread

    If you're using a computer you can always install Fluff Busting Purity, which hides many crap things on Facebook and also has custom filters for your news feed. Just add "Boris" or "COVID" or whatever else and it automatically hides all posts containing those terms. You can even set it to hide posts with specific words by specific people, in case you're fed up with one person's constant posts about their dog. https://www.fbpurity.com
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hd9Bg6rHoE After watching the video he has got some kind of clause like that in the contract, and his problem right now is that he can't personally cancel Wrestlecon as he'd be on the hook for a shitload of money. So he's having to wait for other people to ban gatherings of x amount of people or something similar, then he can announce it's cancelled and be legally covered. Losing his house is technically a separate issue he says. As can be reasonably expected he's already paid out a lot of money he received from ticket sales, and if he has to refund everyone that's when he might lose his house. While I can fully understand people wanting immediate answers from WWE, Wrestlecon, and Tampa city officials and so on, everything is a giant clusterfuck right now and nobody wants to blink first as whoever does is liable to take a significant financial hit. I can appreciate people whose plans are in chaos right now not having too much patience though...
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