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  1. While it's obvious to anyone that the jury got it wrong, the caver got it completely wrong in the first place by suing in America not the UK. He saw dollar signs and sued for $190million, which is way more than he'd have got in the UK. Compared to American cases, British libel cases are much more in favour of the plaintiff as they reverse the burden of proof. If Sally Bercow can lose a defamation case for tweeting "Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*", Elon Musk would have zero chance either.
  2. Full Gear was the final straw for me. I've tried to give AEW a chance, watching most of the stuff they've done so far (I refuse to watch any match involving the Young Bucks as they are insufferable cunts). Some of the stuff they do is decent (Jericho has been phenomenal, at least until he wrestles) but the roster appears to be paper-thin and there's way too many people I've no interest in watching any more. Moxley versus Omega was awful, like watching that fucking terrible Asylum Match again. If you're going to use weapons like baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, then you don't have a match lasting a week and a half as the whole point is the weapons are more damaging than normal wrestling moves. As a side note "The Cleaner" with that stupid sweeping brush has to be one of the worst gimmicks around. I don't care if it was over in Japan, and I say that as someone that probably watches more Japanese wrestling than most fans. Would any of his fans from Japan have screamed blue murder if AEW had just dropped the nickname or given him a sensible one instead? I doubt it. (apologies for Garthing...) Possible my favourite point in the whole PPV was during the women's match (I think). Someone did a hair-mare and Excalibur decided to name-drop Kodo Fuyuki, a Japanese garbage wrestler who's been dead for 16 years so pretty much no fucker would have a clue who he was talking about. Jim Ross buries him with his reply of "What's that mean?" Excalibur is forced on the defensive and tells us Chris Jericho was in his stable when he wrestled in WAR (Jericho wrestled there from 1994-1996 for anyone who's interested) and the subject gets dropped very quickly.
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