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  1. Closed now thankfully, but Big Lil's in Leeds deserves a mention in any thread about awful pubs. The entrance alley alone was enough to deter most people from venturing in. It was the kind of place where you were searched for weapons on the way in, and if you're weren't carrying one you weren't allowed in for your own safety. The police had been trying to get it shut down for years, but the tipping point came in August 2003... One of the regulars was drinking in there one day when his ex-wife came in with another man. The landlord and the bouncer decided to have a £5 bet as to whether they could get the regular to attack his ex-wife's new lover, and goaded him until he did. When he did kick off the landlord and the bouncer dragged the regular into the alley outside while using a chokehold to render him unconscious, then kicked and stamped on his head resulting in his death minutes later due to skull fractures and brain damage. All because of a £5 bet! After being derelict for years it's been completely refurbished and is now the rather welcoming Headrow House, I saw Lemuria and Colour Me Wednesday there last year and couldn't believe the difference.
  2. Can you imagine if Northern Ireland politicians and their staff were required to have vetting? It'd be one way of reducing unemployment by several thousand. Even with just First and Deputy First Ministers you're looking at Paisley and the Ulster Protestant Volunteers and wearing his Ulster Resistance beret, Martin McGuinness and his well-documented IRA career, Peter Robinson and the invasion of Clontibret and the AK47 on the fact finding mission in Israel.
  3. I appreciate knowing the rules that apply to a given event can be difficult due to them varying depending on which state it's in and so on, but the Bloody Elbow are wrong in their scoring criteria. Here are the New York State Athletic Commission's rules that cover MMA. https://www.dos.ny.gov/athletic/pdfs/Official - NYS Athletic Commission.pdf The relevant parts for scoring are: As can be seen from (e), there's not even a requirement for a strike to be significant or damaging for it to be scored for effective striking, it's simply the total number of strikes landed. And as per (c) and (d) effective striking scores higher than control of the fighting area, it's incorrect to score a round for Caldwell if he takes Horiguchi but does nothing except lie there while Horiguchi punches him, as that doesn't score for effective grappling per (f) other than for the initial takedown.
  4. The Ritz (and the one-off special follow-up The Continental) shown on the BBC in 1987 and never repeated or released on video or DVD. Luckily some kind soul uploaded it to Youtube a couple of years ago. Full playlist for anyone interested - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB7YUkpPymhMrJYXOIaRjKCS1xjAliBEC
  5. Tamura

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    Sounds just like a normal WCW show.
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