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  1. I think a lot of people are being very unfair here. Daniel Edler says the police are taking no action, so therefore he's innocent. Just like Jimmy Savile was whenever the police took no action against him.
  2. While I can't disagree he didn't have a significant stint anywhere, he did have a cracking 2/3 falls match against Chris Hero at GPW Hostile Takeover in 2004, or so I thought at the time anyway. It was originally supposed to be Hero against B-Boy and people (or perhaps just me and the person I was with) were looking forward to it after their semi-final match in IWA Mid-South's Ted Petty Invitational and the Stylin & Profilin show a couple of months later. Only in typical BritWres style the promoter never bought B-Boy a plane ticket so he was never going to turn up, but he carried on advertising him and we were given Claudio as a late replacement.
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