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  1. Yes, it was live (including prelims) on BBC iPlayer.
  2. Dan Miragliotta made the right call, during the fight and afterwards, although you could argue he should have seen the foul live he did the next best thing. Stopping the fight for a replay during a potential fight ending sequence is the worst possible idea, it's why in football the linespeople let play go for potential offside now and let VAR deal with it since there's no way to turn the clock back if the player happened to be onside. If Dan Miragliotta breaks the action for a replay then decides it wasn't an accidental headbutt it's already too late, Holland has been given time to recover and social media will be up in arms. So he let the fight carry on, then checked the replay to see if the fight ending sequence was a direct result of an accidental foul, and having decided Holland was clearly severely compromised as a direct result of the headbutt correctly called it a no-contest.
  3. Selected excerpts from the MMA Fighting article. Only in America could damaging a car be a more serious crime than smacking a woman in the face...
  4. Tamura


    It's possibly exacerbated by Brexit, but the problems in the industry are long-standing and have been getting worse for a long time. My mate has an HGV class 2 licence, but says there's no way he'd drive for a living again. Long hours, poor conditions (there used to be a lorry park with facilities in most towns, not any more), time away from home and so on. The fact he seriously injured himself in a traffic accident didn't help matters either, he struggled to cope with knowing even the smallest lapse of concentration meant he could easily end up killing someone and be sent to prison. Not that many young people want to become truck drivers, so you're looking at an ageing workforce where people who retire or leave to work elsewhere aren't being replaced by a younger generation. I don't think there's a simple solution to all those problems, since for starters any pay rise would almost certainly have to be funded by price rises across the board, and that's not going to be a popular move. Hopefully it all gets fixed soon, I've almost run out of Ardennes coarse pork liver pâté.
  5. Does Flair actually think this is some kind of defence? People have heard about this incident for years, Flair's antics on the flight aren't something that suddenly came to light only in 2021. It's almost as bad as Tommy Dreamer's "I’ve never seen him try to force his will against anybody" line. Can you imagine someone standing up in court as a character witness in a murder trial and saying "I've never seen him try and murder anyone". It's a complete and total non-defence, saying someone couldn't possibly be guilty of doing something just one time because they don't do it all the time. Can you imagine a defendant taking the stand and saying "Well I couldn't possibly have sexually assaulted that one woman, because if I was that kind of person there would be more victims". It's hardly beyond the realms of possibility that Flair stepped a long way across the line of acceptable behaviour one time when drunk, and it's equally just as possible that he has no memory of the incident. How many people haven't had hazy memories of what went on the night before after a heavy drinking session? How many people haven't done something when drunk that they wouldn't consider doing when sober?
  6. According to various media reports (and I don't mean wrestling newz sits, I'm talking proper Japanese media) Hakuho is retiring. He retires as the winningest riskishi in history, holding the records for most wins, most championship, most undefeated championships, most playoff wins, most consecutive championships and most wins in a calendar year. A bit more about this in my comments on the tournament, bit difficult to talk about what's next for sumo without talking about the tournament results.
  7. This isn't a difficult concept to understand. It's not "you can be mad at x" or "you can be mad at y", it's "you can be mad at x and y".
  8. Since it's not a binary choice, how about they get mad at both? The rape culture from the time talked about by RVD shouldn't be completely ignored simply because Tommy Dreamer turns out to be a caveman.
  9. Except I'm not suggesting people should be more angry at RVD than Tommy Dreamer. The focus seems to be entirely on Tommy Dreamer's excuses for Flair's behaviour, and completely ignores that it was apparently normal for wrestlers to drug and rape unconscious women.
  10. So with all the Tommy Dreamer brouhaha I assume most people missed that in the same episode RVD said (and I'm paraphrasing from memory) that it was normal back then for wrestlers to drug women then rape them while they were unconscious?
  11. Tamura

    Gig Etiquette

    It's only acceptable if you want to show off your original 1987 tour shirt to show all the Johnny-come-latelys that you were a fan before they were even born.
  12. Maybe I'm being a bit thick, but there's nothing on there about sumo at all, or how to sign up or anything. Day 5 spoilers
  13. The recommended games from the magazines were given cooler names too. The Spectrum's "Crash Smash" sounded way better than a "Zzap! SiZZler".
  14. Tamura

    Gig Etiquette

    While referring to pubs/nightclubs in general and not specific to gigs, I will defer to Coventry's finest Geoff Thompson, martial arts instructor and former doorman with plenty of experience of violence. Is your spot in the third row worth defending to the point of violence? Why not just go and stand somewhere else instead? Some people may not want to be walked all over and decide that's where they are going to draw their line in the sand. But the sensible people will be ones that decide starting trouble when outnumbered three to one isn't the best idea, no matter how many big lads might jump in on your side. There tend to be a few arseholes no matter where you go, I find the best option is giving them a wide berth not confronting them.
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