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  2. Robert Roode's moustache is the best thing from the Superstar Shakeup. Cory trying to put over its fertility powers was also pretty funny. Roode hasn't had a chance to do his heel stuff on the main roster yet, so this is good. He and Riccochet had a really tight match too, apart from one weird moment. Roode is so good - like Joe, all you really have to do is give him a decent feud and let him work. Love CBBC Bray, although I got a hint of Tim "Toolman" Taylor as well. I know it's corny, but I hope they just have him flip in and out of character during his matches, with the bad old Bray lurking underneath. It feels like the Joseph Park/Abyss thing and I loved that.
  3. Watched Back To Life a few days ago. It’s on the iplayer, from BBC Three and stars Daisy Haggard as someone who is trying to piece her life back together after 18 years in prison. Really good, Haggard is always excellent (and high on my list of non commercial/unconventional crushes), and the supporting cast including Geraldine James, Adeel Akhtar and Liam Williams (who was in another hidden gem called Pls Like) are all great too. Not laugh out loud, but there is a heart and warmth to it.
  4. Nah, I can't see that happening. He only lasts 60 mins per game these days, I think his legs will be gone before he can come close to Shearer's record. 2-3 more seasons at this level before he takes a nice lucrative deal in MLS or somewhere.
  5. I submit to the court: The Usos. A two minute backstage segment on a show filled with all the above good stuff and they still stood out. They are wonderful.
  6. Watched the first episode. I liked it but it's pretty odd. Seems to be the way at the moment with dark british comedies. This was almost slapstick at times with the James Corden type lad and tremendously dark at others and near devastating at the end. Did particularly chuckle at the old lady's line "if Churchill was alive today he'd be spinning in his grave".
  7. Loved the Bray thing as well, where it goes I have no idea. Wouldn't surprise me if they do a split personality thing where he has different characters on the go. Start of Raw was a mess, as mentioned already they announced the triple threats before Trips/Seth came out so watching them go on about it like they knew nothing was dumb, even more so Samoa Joe just randomly being on Raw without any explanation and of course the graphic spoilt that. As you would expect AJ/Samoa Joe/Mysterio was a good opener to the show too. As much as I love The Miz he feels very ordinary as a Face compared to a heel. Hopefully he turns heel again soon.
  8. It’s not inconceivable that Aguero could do it. He’s 30, so if he stays at City for another 5 years (remember when Jesus was his replacement? Lol), then he ‘only’ needs to average 20 a season for another 5 seasons.
  9. Good spot, I think I meant to type 860, not 486. Regardless, he was a hell of a servant to Celtic. Absolutely criminal that he got less than 30 Scotland caps.
  10. He actually played more than 800 games. Incredible player and person and the way he has been spoken about today from all sides is extremely rare in Scottish football.
  11. Joshua v Ruiz is the modern day Bruno Gardner
  12. Everly - A complete piece of shit. Fuck grindhouse and grindhouse revival. I'll let the director off though because he did make Mayhem, and that was great, plus I'm excited by what he'll do with the Point Blank remake. Mid90s - Just really, really bad. Nothing to do with the fact that I don't care about skateboards because it isn't really about that anyway. It's just an awful mish-mash of Harmony Korine / Larry Clark homage and Jonah Hill's own sense of humour. I don't mind Hill but never direct again, fuck. Greta - Enjoyable psychological horror. Isabelle Huppert just as great as the nutter as you'd hope. Chloe Grace Moretz actually seems to be a good actor all of a sudden after this and The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Maika Monroe does some stretches. Good stuff.
  13. Dont usually share my ebay listings on here but im selling something thats pretty rare, someone on here might even see this and realise they have one stored away in the loft. It was a UK only release and were only sold in very tiny numbers. One hasnt been sold for years as far as I have been able to see and had some cool interest in it on ebay so far: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163658447415
  14. Looking forward to this new Bray Wyatt character developing into WWE's own fully-fledged version of ZZZAP!, with Bo Dallas playing Smart Arty and Curtis Axel playing Cuthbert Lilly. Liv Morgan would be a great Daisy Dares and you can give Ricochet his big break by sticking him under the hood as Tricky Dicky. Bray can then absorb into the background and become the floaty, crafty pair of marigold-clad hands known as The Handymen.
  15. The WBSS have reached a deal with Matchroom and SKY to show the Taylor vs Baranchyk/Inoue vs Rodriguez bill in May. SKY are also airing the Donaire vs Tete/Prograis vs Relikh card that takes place this weekend. Cracking news.
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  17. There can't be many more ways/avenues for Alex Shane to try and make money out of British wrestling, surely?
  18. I like how Jericho knows nothing but thinks he's the expert at everything. Its glaring when you listen to his podcast on something you know a lot about yourself, and you can see he's just winging it, but doesn't want to admit he's clueless.
  19. Slick's vocals are way better than the original.
  20. If you look at the start there he also wrote Grab Dem Cakes which the JYD covered for The Wrestling Album, so there wuld have been some agreement in place probably.
  21. London heavy metallers Amulet have just released the first track off their upcoming album and have an, ahem, 5 star video to go with it: Burning Hammer.
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