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Forum Awards 2021 - Off-topic Poster of the Year

Frankie Crisp

Forum Awards 2021 - Off-topic Poster of the Year  

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    • Chris B
    • JNLister
    • Keith Houchen
    • Mr_Danger
    • Astro Hollywood

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16 minutes ago, air_raid said:

Hopefully it’s not too late for you….


Remember that old poster who used to have a meltdown come awards season whenever they were nominated? They signed up again under another name, was blatantly them, and asked why their new account was included in the Dolt runnings? 

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1 hour ago, Perry said:

So calling someone an arse kisser in a throwaway comment is equivalent to having a meltdown on a forum?

Plenty of people have voted in these topics and explained why they chose who they did. So the original question was why you decided to be a dickhead and make a shitty comment at my one in particular?

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