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WWE Day 1 Thread


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So this show is tonight. Main event was scheduled to be Reigns vs Lesnar for the Universal Title. However as per Twitter, Reigns has tested positive for Covid so the match is off. Brock has now been added to the WWE Title Match with Big E defending against Lesnar, Rollins, Owens and Lashley. Should be an interesting show! 

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I'm guessing the plan would have been either Brock winning by DQ/Count Out to set up a rubber match at the Rumble or the telegraphed Heyman/Reigns swerve to screw Brock. I don't see Brock winning, maybe tease something for the future with E or Lashley but I'm banking on either Seth or KO winning

The card as a whole looks decent, New Day/Usos should be another stellar match to add to their history, RK-Bro/Profits should be a good match as well as should Edge/Miz. Becky/Liv might be ok, but Liv needs to go over otherwise her push will be pointless while I don't think anyone cares for Drew v Moss, would have been better switching that for the Ricochet/Cesaro v Sheamus/Ridge match thats on the pre show

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32 minutes ago, simonworden said:

Call me paranoid but the Reigns Covid incident seems a little convenient. It's like they've just heard the Rock tell them for the 100th time he isn't going to do Mania and it finally sunk in so they need to prolong the feud.  

I don’t think tonight was ever supposed to be the feud ended between the two. It’s been highly publicised the feud’s likely being stretched out to Mania

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Watched it due to a broken sleep pattern.

Liv Morgan looks an absolute goon now. Becky winning clean - after trying to get her foot on the rope but being too far away - was that company epitomised.

Brock winning is hilarious. Assume he’ll lose to Lashley after Reigns interference to realign the WM match.

That lad getting his nose knackered in the pre-show wasn’t good.

Owens’ little Lesnar dance whilst stood over him was the highlight.

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7 hours ago, Liam O'Rourke said:

WWE have known since at least last August that it was Roman Vs. Brock at Mania, with no Rock in the mix.

Is this some sort of inside scoop from a source? Or are you working off the same info as everyone else (Meltzer et al)? I imagine you're correct but just wondered if it had been further confirmed by someone. 

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