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Favourite part of Beyond the Mat


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Such an entertaining and brilliant documentary capturing all levels of the business in a super hot period. 

So many great characters and moments.

My personal favourite is a bit ironic as it's a moment where Jake Roberts is in an emotional situation with his estranged daughter having just finished a telephone conversation and he breaks the mood inexplicably and hilariously by being distracted by chocolate on his coat :

"I dunno man, I dunno she's just acting real funky.... T'the Hell is this shit? Chocolate or something..."

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Just now, Love-Wilcox said:

Terry Funk at the Doctors. Especially now, knowing how much longer he'd remain active after his 'retirement'.

"On your right knee - your good knee - you should just about be able to get around in considerable pain for the rest of your life." 

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When Roland Alexander is talking about Mike Modest not having a contract and looks like he's about to burst into tears always makes me laugh.

But Vince's incredibly weird sip of water before smugly saying "we make movies" is definitely my favourite. 

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Sip of water, with a weird semi piercing glare, like any moment he's going to dislocate his jaw and swallow orphans whole. That big stupid desk. 

'We make movies.' 

Then he casts his next film star by getting him to chunk up in a bin. The absolute nutter, it's a proper genuine little real Vince trying to be absolutely normal and presentable, and looking classic Vince. 

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