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Other AEW shows discussion (Dark, Elevation, BTE, whatever else)


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4 hours ago, The King Of Swing said:

Yeah Elevation is a fun, breezy watch but like Dark ultimately unimportant in the grand scheme of things. 

I mostly watch Dark for Taz and Exalibur just pissing about on commentary. 

Joey Janela has been consistently bloody awful lately, cutting cringe promos about his nipples and claiming to suffer migraines which is in poor taste imo since I believe Mickey Whipwreck recently revealed he suffers terribly from them among other health issues, which has gotten so bad he's no longer appearing in public. 

Kiss will better off away from the clown. I'll miss their tag music though. 

Yeah this stuff was before Whipwreck so I'm not taring Janela with that. He's actually shockingly took an interesting turn doing this obvious eventual turn. Still looks fucking rank mind. 

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I've never watched Elevation until after watching that Wardlow finish. Ended up watching the full episode, it's a nice pain-free watch. Also, as a result. both my Mrs and our 16 year old daughter are both now a bit in love with Wardlow, so that makes three of us.

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I watch bits of Elevation and Dark, I quite like that the majority of the matches are squash matches with a couple of competitive bouts thrown in there too.

Zicky Dice was on the other week getting murdered by Archer, spotted him in the crowd this week too. Hopefully see more of him I quite liked him in the NWA, he had a different look and reminded me of somebody out of the 80s.

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