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A simple thread premise that I’ll probably explain badly...which moments in wrestling history did the bookers get wrong, and what should have happened instead?

I’m going to go with Jinder Mahal’s title reign in 2017. There was this odd narrative at the time with people like Triple H, Road Dogg and Sam Roberts praising how great a job Jinder was doing as champion when really this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m guessing they learned their lesson in the end given that he fell back down to where he was pre-title win very quickly. 

Instead of Mahal winning the title, I think The Miz should have stayed on Smackdown and beaten Orton instead. He was on a red-hot streak as a bad guy at the time and was incredibly entertaining. Miz would have been a phenomenal champion and would surely have prevented Smackdown from having the slump in quality that it had that year. 

What moments in wrestling history would you have done differently?

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I think there would have been value in a higher profile use of Kane. 

Amongst the mid 2000 multiple title changes, Kane could have got his hands the Championship and been dominant throughout the rest of the year only to lose the title in the Armageddon cell match via protected means. This could have kept the Mania X7 title plans in place and elevated Kane to proper main event status in the meantime. 

Amongst the invasion storyline, a Big Red Machine being manipulated by Heyman in to doing the Alliance's bidding with his hands on the Big Gold belt could have been a fun sight to see also. 

Instead, I think Kane was already comfortably in to his 'fits up and down the card' role far too quickly. Obviously he wasn't Rock, Austin or Triple H but there was more to be done. 

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