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  1. In the press announcement, Corgan laid this out as being a pilot series which he can use to potentially sell as a series. He admits that YouTube and Facebook cannot be viable long term. Lagana has an interview with John Pollock which will uploaded to Post Wrestling later today but it has already been revealed that WWE have spoken with them. If that goes further, it'd be an interesting attempt at encouraging fans to watch new network content that have no interest in 205 or NXT UK.
  2. I hope The New Day get drafted to Smackdown as if they end up on Raw, that'd really be a nail in the coffin of Kofi's credibility as the title reign would undoubtedly become a distant memory. If Kofi is on Smackdown there is at least potential for a story for him to try and avenge his loss. An 8-10 minute loss with a near fall for Kofi before slotting him back will at least give some closure to his time on top. His involvement this week made me long for Cena laughing off his losses as at least there some acknowledgment.
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