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The Death of AEW


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In 2019 AEW held it's first PPV and announced it had signed an exciting television deal. The #2 promotion in the US had a wild ride. 

Let's look back at the highs and lows of AEW and share our memories and decide who killed AEW.

* Stephen Amell World Champion - In the history of world champions Stephen Amell might not be the worst but nobody could believe when the former star of The Arrow won the World title. Amell actually had a decent match but the writing was on the wall for AEW at this point. 

* Endless Bullet Club Reunions - Remember when the Bullet Club were cool? With Omega, Cody and the Young Bucks on board a Bullet Club reunion was inevitable. The company went through several incarnations, including two warring factions during the second ever Bullet Club civil war, but were never able to capture the freshness of the original group in NJPW. Cody laying down for Kenny Omega after a 30 minute match was seen by many as a turning point in AEW's fortunes.

* Push the Chinese! - The Chinese contingent of AEW were an early highlight on TV but they struggled to get any spots on the PPVs as older stars like Cima kept being pushed. 

* Attitude Era stars - While AEW fans were initially warm to the Attitude stars it soon became a problem. The war between Cody and the Attitude era guys only highlighted how dull the 22 time World Champion was. While Cody had classic matches against the likes of Gangrel and the Godfather the Attitude stars would never stay around for long.

* The Bullet Club Screwjob - The ironic call back to the Montreal Screwjob, where Earl Hebner was meant to call for the bell but fell asleep after flogging merchandise all night, was meant to turn the ratings round. The angle was ruined when Bret Hart, the greatest wrestler ever seen by anyone, who was live on commentary, broke down and cried "let it go." 

* Hulk Hogan - Everything.

Let's celebrate the good times and the stupid times of AEW. 

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29 minutes ago, King Pitcos said:

Kevin Dunn used to be the big internet heel, he was to blame for everything bad he’s barely mentioned these days. Vince has stolen all of his heat.

2022 - AEW sign Kevin Dunn to be creative and an On-Screen personality ala Russo '99

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2 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

I blame Vince McMahon.

Vince didn't screw AEW, AEW screwed AEW.  Signing Tom Magee off the back of that Network special was ill advised.

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"Vince McMahon appeared at the end and said WWE needed a lethal injection of poison, turning his chair and revealing the letters AEW" (09/19)

"The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega debuted and lost to a reformed 3MB after Jinder Mahal hit Omega with a sitar" (10/19)

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6 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

As AEW makes late WCW look like Tolstoy, MPPTTDDD addresses the forums concerns.


I'll happily play the Frank Drebin role. 

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