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The Smackers Thread

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2 minutes ago, Yakashi said:

Such a shame there was no crowd for the new day. You can tell how much the team means to them.

Will be a rough 6 weeks until they’re back together.

Or forced to fight each other for the honour of red/blue t-shirts!

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Don't forget: the clocks changed last week so if you want to record Smackdown you probably need some professional help.

What a Mark. 

Rob Gronkowski's ring entrance in an empty arena was the most embarrassing and cringy thing I may have ever seen as a wrestling fan. And thats coming from somebody whose parents were in the room when

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It remains a miracle that New Day ever slipped through the net in the first place.

During a time when the goal seems to be rinsing every act of any type of authenticity, boiling them down to one-note catchphrases Michael Cole can shout during their entrance, it’s crazy how real they feel and how much the emotion and connection between the three of them shines through.

It was absolutely the right time to split them up and they’ve done it in the best way possible. Big E can go on to create the next boom period as Universal Champion and then I can spunk my balls off when they do a long, drawn out tease for the inevitable reunion.

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I thought it worked well having some wrestlers among the heads in the thunderdome, don't know why they haven't been doing it all along. Also seeing people do the YES hands thing on the screens was the first time it's felt like the virtual audience were remotely connected to the show, nice one D Bry. 

Hope Corbin gets something to do, he barely got mentioned in the draft.

"When I was by your side when you won your first women's championship, who was by your side?... me"  _Sasha Banks 

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