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Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas! One of my mates bought me Alexa's figure and newest t-shirt and my girlfriend got me a plush Pikachu and a bottle of JD. Bacon, mince pie, first drink.

Our Christmas just kind of fell into just the pair of our laps and I've never cooked a whole bird so I'm doing a bake in the oven with turkey steaks and veg, some ready made luxury stuffing, some oven crisp potatoes (not really roasts but probably some garlic in there) and some cranberry/onion/stock based sauce. It's not really Christmas dinner but its got all the flavours. She won't give a shit, she's Polish.

Didn't want to jinx it with a post in the relationship thread like last time but I'm dying with excitement. First Christmas just me and a girl (well, woman of nearly 31) and it's still early days but... yeah. Haven't felt like this in I don't know when.

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Just me on my own today, watching lots of films, got the girls coming over tomorrow but they’ve had their presents today at home because we like to keep a routine.

Feel alright at the moment, just a bit bored to be honest, but can sense a trigger around the corner.

Food wise, I can’t really cook tbh so I was going to settle for a ready meal but I pulled myself out of a funk yesterday and am cooking myself a sausage, roast veg, pepper oven bake thing, which I’m looking forward to.

Oh, I got a slow cooker. Well made up with that.

Merry Chrysler

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