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What would have been.....Ultimate Warrior

Armitage Shanks

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11 minutes ago, Brewster McCloud said:

That was my point! He never had any appreciation for the love of performing as a wrestler. He totally got the biz side of things, and that's why it's daft speculating about "what might have been" as he was never interested. You can lead a horse to water...

The "love of performing as a wrestler" can be kept for the dudes who light up the community halls in front of a few hundred people to be honest, the Warrior knew exactly what he was doing during his years in the business.

His aim, as was the case with virtually every other guy on the roster, was to make as much money as possible. He got a bad rap from a lot of his peers because he made more coin than they did, plain and simple.

It was never a case of leading a horse to water, because not only was he lead to water during his career, but he drank the fucking river dry.

He was a loonball by all accounts, and his personal beliefs where sketchy to say the least, but he got in to wrestling, made his dough, and got the fuck out. He spent many years doing exactly what he wanted to, where a lot of his peers were held together with tape and singlets trying to recapture the glory days.

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And to answer the OP's question, I don't think anything would have been done with him. He'd have done his HOF thing, appeared on Raw, then fucked off back to whatever he was doing beforehand.

He'd likely have had a bit more input in merchandise that was sold, and he'd possibly have been used as a talking head on future network releases, and maybe made an appearance at future HOF's and shit like that.

He didn't strike me as someone who needed the business.

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Maybe they'd have tried to do an interview for a new, non-hatchet job DVD/Bluray" Also talk to him about Sting for the Sting blurays?

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Some questions on Warriors 1998 WCW run and his contract ....









Does anybody actually know what the Warrios contract status was with WCW in 1998 ?

What deal did he sign originally with them?

I seem to remember he was under contract for a few months before he actually debuted ? I want to say he signed in May 98 and made his debut on Nitro in August 98?

Was it a one year deal or just based on a number of appearances ?

Was his contract terminated by WCW after Halloween Havoc or did they both just mutually come to an agreement to end it ?

Or was he paid out the remainder of his deal ?






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I may be wrong but wasn't Warriors contract a huge downside of a million dollars? So he got the money up front from the very start regardless of how many dates he did etc

He doesn't appear in the leaked contracts along with everyone else so he was evidently on something different to the roster at the time.

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Does anybody have a link to some of the art that Warrior during his retirement ? It used to be on his website . 

 A buddy sent me on a link to a pretty cool Punisher/Warrior canvas a few years back that I can’t seem to find since  . Was going to send it to a mate for his wedding present but it seemed to disappear off the net .

Anybody know what I’m talking about ?

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