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Most impressive guts in wrestling

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Hi guys


This was a suggestion in the Vader post.


Who has/had the most impressive gut?


A few to kick us off:








Big Show






Adrian Adonis



Bam Bam






For some reason it wouldn't let me post direct pics

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Some of those mentioned in the first post are fat [like Bam-Bam and Quake] but don't necessarily have a 'gut' as I would consider it due to their overall size. 

A gut looks out of place in my opinion - like, it's a fat stomach on an otherwise ripped or regular looking guy.


Example: Chris Hero - now there's a fucking gut! Rowdy Roddy Piper in 2006 - gut.

Any gunts? Am trying to think of a decent wrestling gunt...

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Dusty had a heck of a belly-welly. All the better for a rag-taggin on while you're riding your bithicle and taking your plunder to the pay windah, if you will daddy.

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JRPO, you ask excellent, excellent question.


Vader's gut was wrought of iron. That episode when of Simpson's when homer gets a cannon fired at his gut, that was inspired by Vader's adementine darby.


UK wrestlers of yore also sported some impressive midriffery. Big Daddy and Giant Haystack's were both keen proponents of being fat as fuck via enormous, protruding stomachs.

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