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Minor PPVs that don't deserve a thread *Spoilers*


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Forgot about the No Mercy show until I saw an ad on WWE Network late last night.


What a strange show with the main event on first. The match was decent with some good spots but suffered for me from being too spotty. It was almost entirely spot-near fall-spot-near fall. Liked that they actually used the "No DQ" aspect of the triple threat.


You knew this show was lacking something when the intro video and entrances went something like 12 minutes. String it out. Also when this match finished and you realised there was fuck all of interest left to come.


Miz-Ziggler was a really good WWE style match. Again a lot of near falls and kick outs but they told a story with Dolph's leg injury and allowed him to do his ridiculous over-selling for half the match. It's a shame the Miz's title reign is over but they'd booked themselves into a corner so it was fairly obvious.


Glad to see Luke Harper is back. Highlight of an otherwise dull match. Otherwise the Uso's losing was the only other thing of note. Surprised by that.


A peeve in that tag match. An Uso has Slater in the Tequila Sunrise or whatever its called. Rhyno comes into the ring and instead of breaking up the pin, he runs the ropes and hits a tackle. If my mate was in an excrutiating submission hold, my first instinct would be to stop him submitting as quickly as possible.


Meh stuff. But plenty of it to come, it seems.

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I was planning on watching this later but the fact that the main is on first seems bizarre. What match went on last then?


Edit: Looked on Bleacher Report. What the fuck did they do that for then? Any explanation during the show?

I don't think they explained it during the show but it was because the presidential debate was on at the same time as the main event so the viewing figures would have been even lower.

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They put it on first so it wouldn't conflict with the presidential debate. I think it's a good call for such an unimportant PPV because it really doesn't matter at all.


The triple threat and Alexa Bliss were the only things worth watching. Dolph and Miz was great but had the wrong winner for my taste

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Ah, good shout. Never dawned on me it would clash with the debate. In that case it's a good call getting it in early, particularly on a B or C show. They've still got their money from the network subscribers/ PPV sales (if that even counts for much these days) so it makes no odds if they switch off later on.


For what it's worth I quite like them changing things up and a title match being on midway through if it supports a bigger match going on last (Summerslam '92 being a prime example).


I've read the spoilers, the Doplph/ Miz result seemed obvious to me from the outset, would have liked to have seen what they'd have done with Dolph if it had ended differently. I think he needs a total character overhaul.

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Daft as this sounds, but that Glasgow Smackdown will be going head to head (sort of) with the Election itself. Maybe this is the start of loading that show up to make at least a tiny attempt to get people to pay attention when they'll be otherwise engaged. A Smackdown Night of Champions with all titles on the line or some shite. That's the only reason I could think why they picked that exact show seemingly out of the blue.

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