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  1. Iitd be good to get Thomas Wolfe, Damon Leigh and Big Joe on a show, those three are so funny at futureshock wrestling.
  2. Progress needs Big joe,Thomas Wolfe and Damon Leigh, those three have reinvented themselves and are amazing at futureshock just for characters alone, I watch them .
  3. They need to book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe, those three work well together as bIg and brave
  4. Allstar needs Thomas Wolfe, Big Joe and Damon Leigh, Big and Brave would rock the camps
  5. This show should book, Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe, Big and Brave stable are funny
  6. This show needs Big Joe, Thomas Wolfe and Damon Leigh. Check their stuff out on futureshock
  7. Rev pro need Big Joe, Damon Leigh and Thomas Wolfe. Having watching their stuff on Futureshock, they've all re invented themselves and deserve recognition
  8. Hes a good choice to play Hogan
  9. Hoping Roman Reigns comes back with good news on Monday
  10. The Everton fan surely a mate of Brooksides
  11. Arn Anderson was one of the last old school wrestlers. Now with the newer guys like Helms, Dutt, Abyss they've shifted gears from the 80s/90s wrestlers to the more clean cut wrestlers.
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