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You've just bought TNA, what do you do?

Undefeated Steak

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There be some wishful thinking/fantasy booking in here, so don't say you haven't been warned.


The hypothetical situation is this: You've got modest backers and you've just bought out TNA. You can do exactly as you wish, within reason. You don't have to be too strict with your ideas but try and be somewhat realistic. You can't sign Undertaker, Vince McMahon and The Rock in your first month. You haven't got $10 billion to blow each year, you've got enough to keep the company afloat and bring a few wrestlers on board.


You're the boss. What do you do?


For me, the first thing that gets changed is the name. I don't care what it's called, anything's better than TNA.


The focus of the product would be shifted to a more adult audience. 16/18 year olds and upwards. This isn't about PG sucking but family stuff is WWE's domain. There's a gap for an edgier product with naughty words and blood. No ECW 96, just gritter stuff than what's on WWE TV atm.


There'd be two weekly shows. A one-hour live episode and a pre-taped B show. The B show would focus on more behind-the-scenes faux reality content. NXT and Lucha have proven that one hour shows are kings and I think it'd be better to have fans left wanting more than to have a two-hour show for the sake of it. There'd be a monthly PPV that could be streamed at a lower price.


We'd sign The Miz and make him the chickenshit heel of the company. Have him ducking and diving to retain the belt with Maryse each month. Given freer reigns, Miz could be an even better heel than he is now. Form a squad for him like JBL's cabinet (but better) to help him out. A bloody Miz rolling out the ring grasping his belt after his cronies have helped him still a win would be gold.


The announce team would be replaced. No idea who'd be put in their place but there'd definitely be a switch.


A 3-man tag title would be brought in. It's something that would differentiate the tag division from WWE's, and there are plenty of high flyers who I think struggle in singles matches but would fun in a 6 or 9 person clusterfuck. At the same time, 3-person teams would introduce a new dynamic and it'd feel fresh to a lot of fans.


For all that's overdone in wrestling, I'd like to see more tournaments. Without going overboard, you could get away with two or three a year, so long as they were all different. A 'main' FA cup, a tag tourney, and a women's tourney. Something like that. Give the winner a shot at that belt.


Something that wouldn't be 'official' would be an annual 'draft'. Each spring there'd be a clearout of 4 or 5 wrestlers and a new batch brought in. The new guys would all have backstories, vignettes and would be introduced to the fans. It'd be good on a kayfabe and real-life sense, as you'd push the weeks leading up to it as a chance for the bottom of the pack to work extra hard to avoid the draft. All the new guys would be pushed pretty strongly to freshen things up in the post-Wrestlemania months.


Speaking of the post-Wrestlemania months, we'd focus on making sure we had a hot product throughout these months and it'd be the time of year where we'd ramp up our advertising and marketing and promoting the fuck outta the company. What better time to bring new fans on board? I've no idea when Bound for Glory is but our Wrestlemania would be at the end of the summer, which would be a pay-off for the months leading up to it.


In an ideal world, Max Landis, Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter would be brought in as head of TV/creative. I think the three would all have an amazing chemistry and could create some brilliant TV. Heyman and Zeb would have on-screen roles too. You're not wasting their talents if you have them on your books. In fact, I think I've got my commentary team right there. They'd know better than anyone how to get their product over.


As for our Wrestlemania, I'd take inspiration from the WrestleKingdom events. As for looks and presentation, they're as good as it gets without being WWE.


The weekly shows would take a bit from Lucha Underground without going too far. The idea of the temple is great and it's something you could replicate in 'TNA' with an underground fight club atmosphere.


Your turn.

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Be internet based. All episodes of Impact free online. PPVs you have to buy online. Sell every show as a dvd online and sell merchandise online.


Impact filmed between the Impact Zone in Orlando and the Asylum in Nashville.


All PPVs filmed in the UK.


Start a TNA wrestling school, employ Kurt Angle, Al Snow, Gail Kim and Rockstar Spud to run it. Develop own stars from the school and put them onto the shows, if they get over keep them otherwise go back to the school and find another idea.


Keep 6 sided ring.


Stop gimmick matches until they mean something to end a storyline.


Don't mention WWE.

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With a decent budget I would do this. I would create a completely different product to WWE. It would be based around realism and take bits and bobs from UFC and old school territory day Wrasslin.


So I would buy TNA and immediately take it off TV/PPV for a few months. There would be meetings and what not for a few months with people in the know leaking bits and bobs to try and create some excitement. I would try and create working relationships with promotions in Japan, Mexico and the UK to allow workers to move freely between the different companies while staying under the IWC umbrella.


I would try to tempt the big names like Goldberg, CM Punk and Batista over with reasonable contracts and a virtually non existent working schedule. Maybe even Bryan but I wont put him on my roster.


Wrestlers would be given Freelance contracts, with the big names given 'Lesnar' style deals. So, lets say we sign Ryback. I would give him a 2 year, 7 PPV match deal. No house shows, just a contract based on the amount of matches and the TV/Build up work he would do. 


There would be a major press conference in Las Vegas to announce the International Wrestling Championship. The IWC would be based around 'reality' with Championships in weight classes and divisions. There would be realistic feuds based on Elimination bouts for title shots etc. I would announce the major first names in all weight classes at the press conference. 


I'll give you a few of the main names to see where I would go with it.


IWC World Heavyweight Championship (Openweight) - Batista, Goldberg, Ryback, Barrett, Kurt Angle, Lashley, Tarver, Okada, Cody Hall, Go Shiozaki, 


IWC World Middleweight Championship (220lbs) - CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Katsuyori Shibata, Drew Galloway, Johnny Mundo, Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, King Cuerno, Prince Puma, Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, Adam Cole


IWC World Lightweight Championship (180lbs) - Rey Mysterio, Mistico, Fenix, Zack Sabre Jr, Dragon Rojo Jr,


IWC World Tag Team Championships (Openweight) - Young Bucks, The Briscoes


IWC World Womens Championship (Openweight) - Cant think right now


IWC World Womens Tag Team Championships (Openweight) - Cant think right now


We would have Two 1 Hour shows each week on a decent network - The main show would be called IWC-Smash Hour, the other one would be called IWC:Pro Wrestling Live. Both of these show would be made up of matches with the no name no marks from the indies and younger talent from around the world. It would also be the places where commentators and others build the months PPV's with interviews and Vignettes. Before every PPV there would be a one hour special on the Saturday night called IWC-Before The Battle in a kind of HBO/Showtime 24/7 build up show but spending time going over every match. 


Both Smash Hour and Pro Wrestling live would take place from the same venue, in Las Vegas. The 4,000 capacity.


The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan 





There would be a PPV each month, and like UFC they would be called the same thing, IWC:Battle 1. 


And PPV's would also be different to WWE PPV's and be less conventional to Pro Wrestling in the sense that sometime the Heavyweight title would not headline the events. Some events would be headlined by the Middleweights or the Lightweight Titles.


We would try to hit the major markets around the US and the world for the PPVs. We would try and tempt Micheal Buffer along for the big matches. We would 'create' IWC PPV records like boxing and MMA records so that Buffer would actually have something to do. In time a wrestlers PPV record would actually mean something unlike Rybacks ridiculous WWE one I saw this week. What was it, 12 wins and 24 defeats. Farcical.


The ring set up would be WWE style but with red, white and blue ropes and major sponsors on the ring mat and turn buckles.


I would sign Jim Ross as a fulltime PPV commentator and IWC Contributor working each week building the events, speaking at press conferences etc.


I would audition for a IWC President, Mr Michael Tunney, the Nephew of the legendary WWF President Jack Tunney. He would be the promotions figurehead speaking at all major press conferences and used as the neutral authority.


So the first TV would be live from The Chelsea in Las Vegas on  Wednesday 1st June 2016. The first PPV-Battle1 would be held in Los Angeles at the Forum.


I would build the first big PPV as a social media event to determine who gets to fight for the main titles. Obviously I would skew things a little to work the matches that we think would sell. We would also have tournaments to determine the number one contenders in each division.


Battle 1 - Live in Los Angeles - July 23 2016

IWC World Heavyweight Championship

Goldberg vs Batista

IWC World Middleweight Championship

Adam Cole vs Jeff Hardy

IWC World Lightweight Championship

Mistico vs Rey Mysterio Jr

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Let the realisation set in that I don't have any money and I have no idea how to run a wrestling company.


Then realise that basically makes me as qualified as Dixie Carter so put myself on TV and win the World Title.

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I'd start by hitting the reset switch. Strip all the titles and organise tournaments. Heavyweights, Cruiserweights, tag teams and knockouts. Semis and finals would be on the first PPV of the new era. Following that champions and upper card guys fighting for contenderships would wrestle on PPV and TV would consist of the occasional squash, or young up & comers/other guys on the roster alongside press conferences, video profiles and the like about the folks who'll be on the PPV to try and make it look as legit as possible. I'd get shut of Matthews and Pope on commentary, try to get JR, Tenay and maybe somebody like Kurt Angle in to call the action. I'd try to ground it in realism and be an alternative to what WWE are doing.

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Let the realisation set in that I don't have any money and I have no idea how to run a wrestling company.


Then realise that basically makes me as qualified as Dixie Carter so put myself on TV and win the World Title.

This was beautiful

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I'd love for TNA's new investor to be revealed as Douglas Reynholm.

I swear if I had the money, I'd buy TNA and this is how I'd act with it. I'd bring in wrestlers for discussions and then kick off with them.


Me: "Ya fired"


CM Punk "I dont work for you"


Me: "Piss off. I'll work the re-boot show myself."

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