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Bowler 2 - Electric Boogaloo (The end of the UKFF)


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So, like a dickhead today I deleted a couple of PMs from my PM box as I've lost my phone and me and Frankie Crisp and Houchen are going for a night out on Sunday, so I thought it'd be easy to get in touch with me on here. And within hours, the famously technologically savvy Handsome Butch received these PMs.






So, Bowler's Back, and Better than Ever. Like the way he asks me to leave him alone after I don't think anyone's talked to him in fucking months on here, and has the gall to accuse me of creating a website. As a computer spastic I consider that bullying as he's making fun of my idiocy and I'm going to report him to the police. And he offered me out for a fight. And he's bigger than me!


Anyway, has anyone else been getting shite off him? Because if I have I assume someone else has.

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He must have another show in the piepline, so this will probably just be the start of the PM's saying that he has learned from previous mistakes and that we should all give him another chance to prove himself.


I'm generally not in favour of all the benefit cuts that the Tories are introducing, but in this case the sooner they cut the money to his family the better. From now on if Midlands based wrestlers want disability living allowance they should claim it themselves not take a chunk of the Bowler families.

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