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  1. gone to number one in UK proud as, yes lots of paige dark side has not been shown but remember this was based on the 2014 documentary and also we have a seven year contract so its a possible fwmf 2 if needed thanks for the positive responses to the film
  2. yes more updates coming very soon tickets going well all 75 pound ringside now gone
  3. i had lens ring when he went to USA and sold it to RDW on his behalf months later
  4. Mick Foley has been announced and Paige yesterday told media she will be there.
  5. tbh guys i have seen it couple of times now very happy with it dont have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy it and it dont take the piss out of the business.
  6. Its just been announced WAW will be running a super show at Carrow Road home of Norwich City June 2nd 2019. it will be on the pitch and WAW are hoping to smash their attendance record of 2000. Already signed up is Norwich City legend Grant Holt who is now training and Wrestling with the WAW, Many more wrestling stars and celebrities are in negotiations to be part of this massive event, Coming on the heels of the Movie fighting with my family this could be a big year for WAW., Tickets for this show are 75 ringside 50 vip area 15 general box office NCFC WAW 07768 528 301 UPDATES AS THEY HAPPEN. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2018/december/grant-holt-wrestling-carrow-road/?fbclid=IwAR1gtNe2mRffvhR5SHzhBO8Vb-JDUvhscC7olZqCDnKhlksIxIDUDCVmL9E#.XCSlTvsND-B.facebook
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