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  1. I don't fully believe this, by all accounts you have been running for a long time and aren't a moron. No one runs a business well unless they care about the bottom line and you're not playing at it. of course I have to run a profit that's business but personally money means nout to me I am a council estate boy and proud of my roots anyone who knows me will agree
  2. there is other venues very similar in Norwich open, space and are bigger
  3. stay a week see our show then you can judge us by our product not BS and rumours that do the rounds, good luck with show on 7th nothing against fans having a good time
  4. not yet buddy hoping to soon yep real crazy lol preferred George Clooney better likeness lol TBH have not been on set yet all my guys keep going down coming back buzzing
  5. its amazing how many people on here are experts about my business and motives. I don't give a flying fuck WWE are coming to Norwich to do a show good luck with that there is a lot of issues going on for years people are not party to and is my business but I aint wanking over a WWE logo. ICW Came to Norwich it was done amical they used my lads and I wished them all the luck in the world. There many other venues in Norwich who could cater for WWE including a 4000 seater but they chose a little 600 seater. WWE have never ever come to Norwich when they do its a show stacked with uk guys are Norwich fans not deserving of main roster makes me wonder. They have said they tried to call me, weird that their lawyers soon found my number at 12 midnight over the swagger incident, again weird that. I have accepted it now but I promise our fans I will blow them out of water with the show I put together in may. our attendances at weekend were fantastic and I never worry our fans will deserting us they are loyalist in country bar none. As for the thinking we are a tin pot fed maybe some of you should come to Norwich to and see our shows over 100,000 grand investment this weekend a movie with the rock a full time facility which is one of best in Europe some massive news to still come out fuck me we are really struggling but another thing with me I don't give a fuck about money its for my family and to leave a legacy that drives me on.
  6. Innocence started out as Sam Knees Valet in HEW and progressed through the WAW/Bellatrix academy and recently joined the main roster of both companies, she is impressive at 6ft tall with a very dominant persona the people at the top have great faith in her and believes she can go on to great things, Phantom is quite new to WAW But is already on circuit, recommended by Johnny storm he has impressed and his character is based on the phantom of the opera had some good matches in WAW Since joining
  7. oh believe we are getting paid VERY WELL thankyou its our life rights not channel 4s
  8. big news for WAW.
  9. Link to big news for WAW.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Ricky , I say this with the utmost respect - but you and your family are just a normal wrestling family. You are not superstars on Television around the world (with the exception of Paige). You are just a normal family , and the fact that a major Film is going to be made about your life.. it just doesn't seem real. We are a working class family from a council estate in Norwich proud of my roots if this film makes me a rich man I would not move, money does not drive me on the wrestling business does and I hope this movie helps not only WAW But the whole business any publicity is good publicity, right.
  11. filming has started and will take about six weeks
  12. link to Brighouse poster
  13. WAW Wrestling comes to the Civic Hall Brighouse Friday 17 march 7-30pm featuring Bushwacker Luke ex WWE and Lisa Marie formerly WWE/TNA Star also the Knight family will be represented with the UK Hooligans Rick Knight Saraya knight PJ and RKJ featuring also, Tickets are a bargain ten pounds available, WAW Ticket Line 01603 485719 0800 046 8164. online at reserve by Email next night 18/3/17 these stars can be seen in conjunction with LPW At harehills working mens club Leeds 7-30pm UPDATES TO FOLLOW
  14. it is buddy she will be facing Saraya Knight and LPW ladies champ Shax in a 3 way match I have seen Lisa and Saraya knight against each other before its pretty brutal LOL
  15. link to online ticket sales for this event, please note there is a booking fee