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This was me on 15th March. Ashamed to admit - 24st 2lbs. This is now. 17st 2lbs. Still a long way to go but I'm up for the challenge!

Me again. Had an eye on today as it's 1 year since my first weigh in at MvF. This is the result. 108lbs. A bit proud of myself, mostly embarrassed at what a fat cunt I was. Still, onwards and not outw

After years of hearing like a Roman emperor I had the sudden realization that I was the fattest person in most rooms. At only 5'7 I weighed nearly 20 stone. I was virtually a perfect sphere. Earl

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22 hours ago, Ralphy said:

Whenever I ride my bike I question just how bradley wiggins ever fathered any children... Bollock burn for days

Padded lycra shorts mate.  For those of us with imposing packages, they’re a must.  Keep it out  of the way and protect your arse.

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And a helmet. The amount of people out and about without helmets is pissing me off. Had a run in with a bloke the other day. He was cycling along a bridle path that I often walk the dogs on. 

Due to the huge amount of people on it I walk them on a parallel farmers field and then cut back onto the path. I stopped at the edge of the field to put the dogs on their leads. One of them, my 25kg 8 month puppy got excited and darted out. The  bloke was no where near but still hit the brakes and stared at me. I ignored him as I was fetching the dog back. 

As he got closer he said "should keep and eye on him mate, accident waiting to happen"

I replied "fair enough but if you are going to lecture about accidents waiting to happen you might want to put a helmet on" 

He sat for a few seconds before bellowing "fuck off" and peddling away. 

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Having managed to put on all the weight I lost since Christmas I have set myself a target. In a moment of madness I said I would do a 5k run on may 17th.

Keep in mind my longest run up to now has been 2k, with breaks, and I am hugely fat. I mean, crazy fat. Near 20 stone. 

In order to force myself to do it I asked for some small sponsorships for a local cancer charity. Figured I wouldnt back down that way. The 50 quid target was smashed within a couple of hours. Now I'm bricking it. Best crack on with running tomorrow.

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This just happened. 


It's a bit of a lie actually. I've done "Couch to 30 Minutes" managing 4.5k but it's quite hilly round my way. I'll get there though. 

I hate running. Fucking loathe it. Except now... I kind of don't. There's definitely something in the mental health aspect that's amazing to clear the bonce, and hey it's supposed to be good for you too. 

I'd really like to keep it going. 

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@ReturnOfTheMack Good luck, and @Onyx2 congrats!

I'm really missing running at the moment. It's pretty much impossible to stay 2m away from people round this way so I've knocked it on the head until lockdown is over. Not been for a run for 4 weeks now and I know that first time back is going to absolutely destroy me. It's a great way for me to catch up on podcasts and music too so can't wait to get back at it.

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Posted (edited)

Well done @Onyx2 that’s great stuff! 

It really does make you feel better. Maybe not while you’re doing it and you feel like your lungs are about to drop through your arse but I always find when I get back from a run or a long jog, have a shower and then relax, I feel much better in myself mentally and physically. I used to run regularly in my teens and it stayed a habit through to my mid 20s. I slacked off big time when the kids came along and only ran very occasionally. I’ve been getting back into it during this lockdown and I’m loving it again. It was never a weight thing for me, I’m a midget and never really go above 10st anyway but I find it’s good for clearing my head and I always feel better after. Even if you can’t do running, a good walk can have the same effects.

@Lorne Malvo I’ve been going last thing at night and/or first thing in the morning to avoid that. I’m also a shit sleeper though so I’ve found running late at night then getting back and hitting the shower then bed has helped me get some better kip. 

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7 minutes ago, wandshogun09 said:

 I’ve been going last thing at night and/or first thing in the morning to avoid that. I’m also a shit sleeper though so I’ve found running late at night then getting back and hitting the shower then bed has helped me get some better kip. 

I've been meaning to go early morning when the streets are likely to be dead, but my sleep pattern has been completely fucked during lockdown so I need to sort that out first.

I have been working on kettlebells the past few weeks just so I'm not sitting on my arse doing fuck all for weeks, and I'm enjoying that. Already started to look a little more toned and losing the little beer podge I had. It just doesn't seem as rewarding to me as going for a good long run though.

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On 5/17/2020 at 8:36 AM, ReturnOfTheMack said:

5k run done. I say run, more jogging at a pace slightly quicker than walking. But fuck it, I'm proud of myself.


Still loath running though.

That is exactly what i do, and have been doing for a bit, i find it much better for my body and capabilities. I did a walk and jog combo today for 9.97 miles, dont normally jog much, it was hard but enjoyable 

I estimate the actual jogging part was around 3.5 miles of the total mileage 

i do find exercise a little counter productive though, in my case. My meds make me very hungry, and when i exercise im even more hungry, so generally eat too much

lock down have given me (given myself) a bit of a podge belly, i do wish cake, biscuits and chocolate didnt exist, oh how i love them so 


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I made my goal this week. I have been walking with increased weight in my backpack. I now have a 25kg bag of cement in there. 

Took the plunge and brought a proper 20kg jacket a few days back to reduce the weight pulling on my back 


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now i am able to see my friend for socially distanced walks, since yesterday morning (friday), i have done 25.10 miles, some walking with him, some by myself

I am getting fat and feel very bloated, but sadly i dont think ive the willpower to cut out chocolate or biscuits, quite frustrating really

11.39 miles yesterday, 13.72 today, a total of 58,937 steps in that time

My friend has done just under 8 today, and around 6 yesterday, he has hardly ever done it before so i think i have inspired him into a new hobby 






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My brother's in his 40's and has had to take a lot of time off work due to sore joints in the last few months. He's been to the doctor, but can't go to the hospital for x-rays because of Coronavirus, so can't confirm if its arthritis, but he thinks it is. Is there any readily available medication he can take to help? He can't have ibuprofen as it doesn't agree with him. Unfortunately his job requires a lot of lifting so he can't really switch roles. Any advice appreciated!

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