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What was your first? Mine was this beauty!




I remember buying this one in the newsagents as well, and trying to hide my thorough embarrassment at the time.




I used to get a depressing amount of my WWF news from these magazines, having never had Sky or the Internet back then.


For instance - confirmation of Hogan's return!




What are your memories of these heady days of pioneering mat journalism?

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OK, so I actually got ahold of it ages later when I was buying/stealing all my mates magazines and Hasbros, but it was still my first. In fact, so much later, I think Flair was champion at the time.

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Mine was the Bulldog one as well. Glorious, it was. Got it from Asda in Small Heath and looked longingly at everything in the merchandise catalogue inside.


I remember the Undertaker/Nailz one being really late coming out, I'm not sure if I missed it. If not, though, I got every issue up until the one with Val Venis in 1998. I'm not sure why I didn't get that one, I think I just found the WWF magazine shit that I bought out of habit by that point.


The one with the WrestleMania VIII results was one of my favourites, although looking at it now, it's very Powerslammy.




I remember buying a load of older WWF magazines (about 87-90) from a car boot sale as well and spending most of a Butlins holiday reading them in the chalet. It's no wonder I always got picked last in PE.

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