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Games that should get remakes.


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I've spent the better part of the last 24 hours rallying through the HD remake of the fucking excellent Resident Evil 4. And it got me thinking, what other games deserve the modernising treatment? Now, I know some spoilsports aren't happy with the amount of remakes coming out, they think it's "lazy" but nobody's forcing you to buy them, and why wouldn't people want to play the best looking versions of old classics?


Konami and Capcom in particular have got alot of grief for the ones they've done lately, but for me there hasn't been enough, where's MGS: The Twin Snakes, Konami? On the fucking GameCube, that's where! And if you manage to track down a copy you'll be paying much more than you would for a current game. And why can't Capcom give us a shot of the GC remake of the original Resident Evil (and the second and third, while they're at it) what about Dino Crisis?


Speaking of Dino Crisis, what happened to the series? I know there was a shit 3rd game, set in space, but that doesn't count. Why not give it another try? Did the dickheads at Capcom suddenly decide "You know what? A survival horror game WITH DINOSAURS!!! is a bad idea, especially now that we can make games with photorealistic graphics." What's Sony's excuse for not doing another Syphon Filter? Afraid of making some of the best action games on another generation of console?



I think y'all get the point already, what game series need to be remade/revived?

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If the lazy thing is directed at a recent post of mine then i meant it in another way, i'm all for remakes as long as they're done well with more than just a tiny bit of polish and keeping old ugly textures. (See Halo for example, amazing remake with all new graphics/textures even if it wasn't a game i cared to see remade)


Also, i've heard that Syphon Filter is getting a new game under it's belt so get ready for that. Personally i'd love to see a full graphical remake of the original Deux Ex or Knights of The Old Republic as Deus Ex especially looks god awful today. Shenmue would be top of the list as well, spruce up both games for the 360 please, Sega?

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Dino Crisis 1 on the PS1 is a great game. Does feel a lot like Resident Evil and captures the feel of what good games were like in the mid-late nineties. Speaking of Resident Evil, I feel this is a game that should definitely get a reboot as I feel it has strayed too far away from it's original premise. I have no problem with action sequences and getting rid of the camera angles and tank controls, as they were implemented in order to get the most out of limited hardware. However, I think the problem with Resident Evil 4 onwards is that they lose the sense of being an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. When you have a juiced up out of his mind Chris Redfield punching a boulder in 5 then it doesn't quite have the same effect as being a rookie cop on the first day of his new job as Leon in 2.


Would also love to see Final Fantasy 7 upgraded. Not a full remake, just an identical game (with untouched sound and no voice overs) but with greatly improved graphics.

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If the lazy thing is directed at a recent post of mine


It's not. It's just a complaint I've seen alot lately.


Great news about Syphon Filter, if true. Even though it must have been a good ten years, at least, since I've played them, Gabe's voice is still one of the most iconic in gaming for me. And there still hasn't been a weapon in a game more fun to use than SF's tazer. Frying people for minutes long after they've died should be available in all games!

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I've always thought that a re-boot of the Twisted Metal franchise would be great, especially with online gaming. One of my favourites growing up. Someone make this now!


You now only have 2 wishes left...




Yes! Great news. Also, the soundtrack for it seems pretty fun too.

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Why they've not brought this back is beyond me. It'd be ideal for online mutliplayer shit. Someone please enlighten me as to why this hasn't happened? I remember it being a massive game in the 90's.


I worked on a re-boot of Road Rash, but it got shitcanned. The original isn't as fun as you probably remember it, I suspect.


There are a whole bunch of issues with reboots.


1 - updating the game mechanics. Take Syndicate for example - they couldn't just have swopped isometric for 3d and kept the same gameplay style, it would have felt antiquated and alienated younger players. A lot of "classic games" don't have enough depth to suit modern audiences either.


2 - audience. Usually there's a core bunch of fans of any video game, but often nowhere near enough to guarantee a game is going to do well, particularly worldwide. We may all know old Bullfrog games like Dungeon Keeper over in the UK, but worldwide the sales of the original games were relatively small and they're just not so well known.


3 - IP. There have been so many buyouts and bankruptcies over the years that the legal status of a lot of well-known franchises is dubious at best. I suspect, for example, that's why we've not seen another Blade Runner game.



There are 3 games that desperately need a new chapter though


Syphon Filter

For reasons stated above, and the game mechanics are modern enough to adapt into the Uncharted-esque game world



The comedy FPS has been abandoned in recent years, which is a pity as Timesplitters 2's multiplayer was as good as any.


Star Wars Battlefront

The 3rd one was abandoned a couple of years ago, which is a shame as, again, the multiplayer was clever and different from other games, and slightly predated broadband so hardly anyone played it online. I did once when I got my 360, and it was AWESOME.

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