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  1. Peppa Pig is naff. Paw Patrol is tolerable.
  2. Agreed. Bas and Mauro were simply a good fit together. Their chemistry can't be attributed to their friendship or their working environment. Mauro was mates with Franky Shams - yet those two never really gelled together on commentary. Moreover, Mauro seemingly got on well with Showtime's crew, whereas Gary "Jerry" Millen treated him like crap.
  3. Cejudo is quite clearly Dave Rubin's mini-me.
  4. Mauro's commentary style has always been a bit Marmite. For some, his enthusiasm is overbearing and leaves them reaching for the mute button. For others his passion adds meaning to the spectacle - "if he cares so much, it must mean something". Personally, I am in the latter group. However, I always felt Mauro was better in Pride than he was in Elite XC and Strikeforce. Working in front of a larger audience - Stirkeforce/Elite XC broadcasts on Showtime and CBS drew far more viewers than Pride PPVs - didn't bring out the best in Mauro. His commentary became a bit forced in the late 2000s. In particular, he had tendency to cram in needless pop culture references into his observations. He's recently rediscovered his form in Bellator, where he brings out the best in Big John. Without Mauro's professionalism pushing him into taking his commentary gig seriously, Big John becomes complacent alongside Goldberg - who clearly doesn't give a toss about MMA anymore, and just enjoys receiving an easy pay cheque and hanging around with his buddy.
  5. I love these two mental fuckers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFmX6Bh1PGM
  6. At the risk of tempting fate: (1) I doubt Ferguson vs Gaethje will actually happen. (2) If it does, I think Ferguson will win. Elsewhere, these two plebs are still at it:
  7. Ahhhhh, fuck Khabib vs Tony, I wanted my Moose/Lima and Bader/Nemkov double header πŸ˜‰
  8. The British Boxing Board of Control have suspended his licence. https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/11965817/british-boxing-board-of-control-suspend-licence-of-billy-joe-saunders-for-releasing-video-which-appeared-to-condone-domestic-violence
  9. I wonder why they didn't mention his third encounter with Arlovski? Or the literal stinker with Assuerio Silva? In all seriousness, that was a decent little watch. Timmy omits a few details about his release from the UFC though. The UFC told his manager (Monte Cox) that they had no plans to renew Sylvia's contract once it had expired. At the time, Timmy had only one fight left on his contract, for which the UFC planned to bury on the prelims. It was only after all this came to light that Sylvia asked for his release.
  10. The version of Gomi that fought in the 2005 LW GP against the version of Penn that fought Florian and Sanchez in 2009, would have been something to behold. Prime Gomi's body punching and cardio would have given any version of Penn issues.
  11. When K1's parent group (FEG) later hooked up with former Pride executives, they continued to milk Sakuraba's name for every last drop, despite his various injuries. Billy Robinson speaking in 2014: Of course, Sakuraba isn't blameless himself. He should have retired much earlier. His comeback fight against Aoki in late 2015 was one of the saddest spectacles I have witnessed in my 15 years of following MMA.
  12. A brief look back at Royce vs Ken 3 - https://streamable.com/s7kv0
  13. Bellator have uploaded some of Nemkov's most recent fights:
  14. Details for those who can't be arsed reading the full article: And his mugshot:
  15. That Gomi apparently spent the week before the Nick Diaz on the piss. The story goes that it was Gomi's first ever trip to Vegas, and given that he was always fond of a pint or seven, he was very eager to embrace the Vegas nightlife. It's thus little wonder that he came into that fight with little strategy and was blowing out of his arse after 5 minutes. Throwing caution to the wind will lead to a fighter getting tired at the best of times. Doing so after spending a week on the piss is just asking for trouble. I still love the mental piss-head though.
  16. Bader wrecking has-beens with his dipping left hook:
  17. Aye, Bas Rutten is doing something similar.
  18. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/03/dana-white-says-he-has-location-for-ufc-249-confirms-closed-door-event I still say this isn't happening.
  19. I knew Wand would show up eventually πŸ˜‰ There was something unlikable about Pico when he first debuted in Bellator. However, he is saying all the right things these days. He seems to be enjoying himself at Jackson's MMA, and wants to rebuild his career steadily this year rather than be an alternate in the FW GP.
  20. That fight spawned one of my favourite boxing Youtube videos.
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