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  1. I had Pac winning by 2 points (115-113). I gave him rounds 1 (10-8 with the knockdown) 2, 4, 5, 10 and 12. I gave Thurman rounds 6-9, and round 11. I scored round 3 even. Overall, it was a really good fight. I enjoyed Whyte vs Rivas as well. I scored that one 116-111. Elsewhere, Chisora is claiming that Dave Allen was in a bar at 2:30am in the night before the fight.
  2. Deary me. Now, if Sonnen or even McGregor made these statements we would know they were trolling. But I can actually believe that Tito is really this delusional. Bless him.
  3. If I had to pick anyone it would be Claxton. But even he has a rough draw. To win he'll have to beat Sanchez, the winner of Curran/Borlics, the winner of the top quarter (which is relatively weaker than the other quarters), and then the winner of the second half (which will probably be either Pitbull, McKee, or Caldwell). Edit: Huh, I was incorrect. The tournament order is not fixed. In other news, Coker has said there is a possibility of a cross-promotion year-end show with Rizin at Saitama Super Arena. Coker has said that he'd like to book Fedor on the show if everything falls into place. A co-promotion show with legends like Fedor, Barnett, Rampage, mixed in with current greats like Horiguchi, and a few loony Japanese freakshows would certainly have my interest.
  4. I agree, As I already stated, I think Dean probably just goofed on this occasion. My point was more that sometimes people enter the cage in no condition to perform. And that the commission and their medical professionals aren't always have the ability to prevent that. The rest of your post I actually agree with or at least can agree to disagree at this stage.
  5. Of course they don't. But some commissions are more liberal than others. Again, it's not always a case of corruption. People make wrong judgement calls sometimes. Even qualified people. In the days leading up to the event pretty much everyone thought it was a mismatch. The only argument in Liddell's favour was Ortiz's theory that Chuck was sandbagging in the pre-fight workout. You said yourself here that someone of Chuck's age and condition should not really be fighting - While Kimbo's heart was checked and recorded as normal, other information was not disclosed by the Texas commission. Such as the unknown medication the fighter was on that wasn't disclosed in the paperwork provided. And his EKG results. Besides, DADA 5000 was arguably the bigger health hazard on the night. Correct. The commission was unaware that Belfort was even using TRT. As far as the Ontario commission was concerned, any details related to testosterone exemptions were spelled out in the contract between the UFC and its fighters, That's obviously not the commission' fault, but it shows that under certain circumstances fighters can enter the cage when they shouldn't be allowed to.
  6. You have said it yourself. On that particular occasion, the frameworks in place were not stringent enough to deny someone a licence who really should not have been fighting. It might not have been corruption, but it was incompetence. Moreover, even though Liddell passed the tests, the commission still had the option of denying him a licence to fight Ortiz. They could have concluded that the fight was a mismatch and not sanctioned it. Overall, the CSAC has been known to be quite liberal when it comes to approving fights. I can think of cases beyond the CSAC as well where questionable fighters have been sanctioned to fight. Should the Texas commission really sanctioned the Kimbo vs Dada 5000 fight? Or should the Ontario Commission had sanctioned Belfort to fight Jones in 2012 after his questionable lab test? Fighters do, for whatever reason, occasionally slip through the cracks and enter the cage in little condition to perform. In his case, I have no idea whether Ladd was fit to fight or not. If pressed, I would say that Dean simply goofed in the heat of the moment.
  7. Forgive the double post: I can see the title changing hands a few times throughout the tournament. Pitbull will do well to win it. He's a very good fighter, but he's got a tough draw.
  8. Shame about Whitaker. He's always been someone that I have heard a lot about, especially his defensive skills. Sadly, I have never really read up about his career or watched many of his fights. Two PPV cards in the UK this weekend. There is the Matchroom card on Saturday evening, headlined by Whyte,vs Rivas and then Pac vs Thurman on ITV Box Office in the early hours of Sunday morning. I might cough up for the Matchroom card if I can find someone to go halves with me. It's at least on at a decent hour. But sod paying for Pac vs Thurman. It's a good fight, but I am not paying twice in the same weekend.
  9. The CSAC's procedures have come under scrutiny in the past. They have been accused of all sorts of malpractice, incompetence and corruption. And let's not forget that Chuck Liddell of all people fought in California last year. I am not saying that Ladd should not have been allowed to fight on Saturday evening. But I wouldn't automatically assume that the CSAC and their doctors made the correct call.
  10. I live just outside of Nantwich. I asked my Dad if the local population card about Gorman's career. His response was that "they don't give a toss". Probably for the best after that performance. Dubois looked pretty good though. Aye, that was the feeling on a few forums I lurk on. I only caught the second half of the fight. Jennings landed some decent shots and certainly won a few rounds. It was at least better than the Hughie Fury vs Samuel Peter fight on Friday night. What a shitshow that was.
  11. Does Yarde stand a chance? I haven't seen him fight before.
  12. That's why I like that Bellator have their Champions defend their titles throughout the GP tournaments. If they plan to do a tournament, they can do so while still giving their number 1 contenders a title shot (as they have done here). It does make for some weird tournament brackets though. As it potentially leaves one side of the bracket much weaker than the other.
  13. That week was probably the height of my UFC fandom. It was such an exciting time to be a fan of the promotion. It felt like the sport was growing with every passing day. They uploaded this video during fight week, which really exemplified the momentum that the promotion had gained over the previous 4 years. As Wand pointed out, the UFC promoted the show brilliantly. The countdown show was the best the promotion ever produced. I'm not his biggest fan by any means, but Rogan was a fantastic talking head throughout the show. His hyperbolic ramblings fit the occasion. The main talking point of the show was of course the Lesnar vs Mir rematch. The highlight of which being the scene where Lesnar finished viewing a tape of the fight fight, and subsequently proclaimed that justice would be served in the rematch. He thereafter smacked a door as he left the room, which eventually tumbled down (see below). However, I do not remember UFC 100 as a 1-fight show. Rather, I remember it as a 3-fight show. The anticipation for the Bisping vs Hendo fight had been excellently built on the TUF 9 series. The two personalities contrasted nicely with one another. Whereas GSP vs Alves was a mouth-watering co-main event. Alves had recently shrugged off and punished top-level wrestler Josh Koscheck, and savaged Matt Hughes in a way that no other fighter had done previously. By contrast, GSP was a pound 4 pound kingpin, who was arguably the best all-round fighter in the game at the time. His stock was at an all-time high after beating the highly touted Jon Fitch and mauling fellow P4P kingpin BJ Penn. It really seemed like the irresistible force vs unmovable object. Wand has already reviewed the show itself and I have little else to add other than my own viewing experience. I made sure to watch the weigh ins. I specifically remember doing this because it was the only time I have gone out of my way to watch a UFC weigh-in. I can probably count on one hand the amount of UFC weigh-ins I have watched over the years. Amazingly, however, I didn't stay up to watch the show itself. I can't even remember if it was shown on the RacingUK channel or not. I instead opted to watch the show on a 12 hour delay on my Playstation. Overall, I really enjoyed the event. I was a huge fan of both Lesnar and GSP at the time, so the results pleased me greatly. The buzz around the promotion continued in the week after the show. I recall The Sun Newspaper's website running a massive article on the event. I think it might have even made the website's front page. The UFC continued to prosper for the next 18 months. There was the record setting TUF 10 series, the Rampage vs Rashad feud, Anderson vs Sonnen, etc. I personally preferred the Strikeforce promotion at times during this timeframe, but there was little question that the UFC was the biggest game in town. This boom period for the UFC lasted until late 2010, when Brock lost and the promotion started to lose momentum. I seem to recall that the UFC 122 card, headlined by Okami and Marquardt, marked the end of the UFC's initial boom. It was around that period where people started to wonder if the promotion had hit its peak and was starting to cool of a bit. Nevertheless, if I had to pick a show that exemplified the UFC's first boom period, it would probably be UFC 100. It had the two biggest stars of that era (Lesnar and GSP), a grudge match that had been built on the thriving TUF series that was a hallmark of MMA's first boom (Bisping vs Hendo), and a stacked undercard full of memorable faces from that era (Bonnar, Alves, Coleman, Danzig, etc). It was a great time to be a fan.
  14. Lots of fight announcements: Bader vs Kongo for September 7th (meh) Pitbull vs Archuleta for September 28th (FW title and first round of the FW GP) Moose vs Machida 2 for September 28th (hmmmmm) I've warmed to Bader in recent years, but I could do without seeing him against Kongo. I just hope that Bader doesn't lose in a stinker.
  15. I have a theory on Kimbo vs Dada5000. Irregular betting patterns emerged in the days leading up to the bout. I believe that the pair had planned to fix the bout and share the profits gained from the bookies. They thus didn't bother to train properly, if at all. All they had to do was put on a show for 30 seconds or so, before one landed a punch and the other took a dive. However, as information about the irregular betting patterns leaked out to the public, the fighters were placed under scrutiny. Hence, they were forced to fight honestly. Something their bodies could not withstand. I'm not saying that Shamrock and Coleman will pull a similar stunt. But I can imagine they will come to a gentleman's agreement before the bout and go easy on one another.
  16. Breen's views on Jones are pretty interesting. Especially the bolded. The full article is here - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/7/8/20685353/progress-regress-tale-of-two-champions-ufc-239-jon-jones-amanda-nunes-mma-editorial There are also some interesting titbits about Nunes.
  17. I am quite chilled when it comes to MMA fighters and their political views. Some of my favourite fighters/personalities have either supported candidates or shared political views that are in contrast to my own. Mousasi said he would have voted for Trump had he been American. He later did somewhat of a u-turn after Trump's endorsement of a travel-ban threatened to harm his career. Bas Rutten is also heavily conservative. I've seen him re-tweet the likes of Ben Shapiro and Candice Owens. Askren is meant to hold very right-wing views as well. I think he's in with the Front Row Brian/Alex Jones lot. Of course, I find it a bit disappointing when I watch a Bas Rutten instructional and he starts complaining about the welfare state, but I have always been able to somewhat overlook such instances. I am kinda used to it. I've grown up with the impression that most MMA fighters' political views lean to the right. Of course, there are limits. If Rutten opened one of his instructional videos in Nazi garb, I would look elsewhere. As for Cerrone, I have never been a fan. I have had a slight dislike of him dating back to his WEC days. He's always rubbed me the wrong way. Exciting fighter though.
  18. According to his Twitter Gross writes for a website called the "Athletic". I sadly haven't been keeping tabs on him. Although, I will eventually get round to buying his book on Ali and Inoki.
  19. Aye, it looks like Jordan Breen has left again. He's popped up on BloodyElbow. I still enjoy Kevin Wilson's "Film Room" articles though.
  20. In fairness. Rothwell did overreact on that occasion if memory serves correctly. I am sure there were a few dodgy comments about him. But I don't see an issue with discussing a fight that hasn't been officially announced. Or reporting rumours from other websites. We all do that to some degree. As for the Sherdog forum, aye it's still pretty dire. I only check it a few times a week. You do get some decent contributors, but the majority are either boring trolls or oddballs.
  21. This takes me back. It leaked out in the months leading up to the Afflication show that Rothwell was to fight Arlovski. The Sherdog forum wasted no time discussing the fight, despite it not being officially announced. Rothwell logged in and had a proper meltdown over "keyboard warriors". Even fellow MMA fighter Ronald Jhun chimed in to tell Rothwell to calm down. I haven't been following Hardy's MMA career closely. But I have read that he has a bit of potential, sadly. It's also not like Heavyweight is a division where it's hard to get a foot in the door. A bit of talent can go a long way in the division. Hopefully Adams extinguishes the hype before it turns into anything more substantial. I heard he was unlucky to get the nod in his UFC debut.
  22. If you remember though, he looked average in his win over OSP. Yet, he followed that performance up with arguably the two best performances of his career (DC and Gusty). This was his 3rd fight in the space of 7 months. Perhaps he needs a break to recharge the batteries. Unlucky with your Β£30 wager btw. It looked on after Rockhold got knocked out. Aye. Askren has always had a decent chin. He's thus never been afraid to take a punch while in pursuit of a takedown/clinch. If last night's knockout does have a psychological effect on Askren, then it could send him on a losing streak. Thankfully, Askren has always struck me as being mentally strong. So hopefully he rebounds.
  23. Khan's fight in Jedah will be shown live on Channel 5 on Friday night. Coverage begins at 9pm.
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