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  1. Do I agree with that statement entirely? No, it's too hyperbolic. I do believe that the 135lbs division is superior to the 205lbs division though, which has been weak for a good few years now. I also don't necessarily agree with the 5 names he picked as Jones's best opponents. For example, I don't think Glover is better than the 2011 version of Shogun or Machida. Why is it pointless and silly when many still believe that Jones is still the best fighter in the world? As examples, the UFC and Sherdog still have ranked number 1 P4P, despite him not looking particularly impressive i
  2. Correct. It was a major upset when he beat Barao - https://www.bestfightodds.com/events/ufc-173-barao-vs-dillashaw-786 I'd actually forgotten about Barao myself until your post.
  3. Can't wait for Lomachenko's fight this weekend: I don't get the same hard-on over him that a lot of boxing fans do, but he's one hell of a boxer.
  4. As a kid, I loved the video game based on the Ippo series. Apparently he's not as big in Japan as this dude was - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joichiro_Tatsuyoshi#Professional_boxing_record
  5. I really like Thomas Hauser's articles/books. Not sure what his issue was with Laila Ali. I would have thought he would have been supportive given that he was Ali's biographer.
  6. The narrator didn't apply that point to Gusty. In fact, he said that Gusty gave Jones trouble in the first bout by doing the opposite. The current version of Yan perhaps is one of the best fighter MMA has seen to date. He looked like a monster against Sterling. Eh? Santos and Smith didn't crack the top 10 at Middleweight before they moved up. Santos has also lost twice since running Jones close. Reyes has since been stopped by Jiri and Jan. Gusty lost his last two fights to an old Werdum and Smith.
  7. I first watched this video last year and forgot to share it. The title may seem a tad odd at first, but it really highlights how overrated Jones has been in recent years, how DC was tailor-made for him, and how the 135lbs division is vastly more advanced than the 205lbs division. The narrator could have also mentioned the decline of the Jackson Wink gym, but otherwise it's a superb video in my opinion. I've personally believed for a while that Jones, Gusty, DC, etc' ability do not match their reputations. If you can't be arsed watching it, the narrator's main points about Jones are
  8. Wrong thread. Anyway, here is a brief article detailing what a wanker Mike Tyson was in the early 2000s - https://www.secondsout.com/columns/thomas-hauser/the-new-mike-tyson
  9. Aye, Sky and Top Rank were pushing that narrative throughout the week. Too many differences between them imo. For example, since when was Pacquiao a monster body-punching?
  10. This dude is too bloody good: Oh, and as much as I give him shit, I am more than pleased that Anderson Silva won. Chavez Jr is a bit of a tit.
  11. I really like Chavez Sr, but I can't be arsed watching that tripe. For me, this weekend is all about Inoue.
  12. When you have followed boxing and MMA for the better half of your life, it's very easy to become jaded with both. I therefore try and limit my combat sports viewing to two card per week so that I don't get sick of either. Sometimes I have to make an exception. For example, last weekend there was a major UFC show, a Bellator card headlined by a fighter that I fancy the arse off, a Matchroom card on Sky, a Top Rank card also on Sky, and a Rizin show. I ended up watching all of them all, with the exception of the Rizin card and the prelims of the the UFC show. The schedule is usually
  13. I'm going to make my prediction early. I think Poirier wins for these three reasons: 1) Poirier is in his prime and competing in the right weight class. He is more durable and better defensively at lightweight than he was at featherweight. By comparison, McGregor is probably out of his prime and not the force he was at 145lbs. He has lost some of his punching power at lightweight, and has probably also lost some speed and durability due to not living the life in recent years. 2) As this excellent article establishes, Poirier's defensive improvement in recent years has enabled him to
  14. Herman is indeed the fighter with the longest uninterrupted tenure on the current UFC roster. He'll break Sanchez's record if he remains on the UFC roster for another year or so. Here's is an interesting article about Herman's split from Team Quest in 2010 - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2010/8/25/1650247/bloody-elbow-exclusive-team-quest
  15. This dude is the best interview in boxing. IFL should track him down. It's also nice to know there is someone in the world who rates Mayweather lower than I do.
  16. I like it when some of the best fighters in the world compete outside of the UFC. However, watching Figgy and Moreno fight last weekend made me wish that Kyoji was still in the UFC. I think he'd have no problem beating either Figgy or Moreno. Hopefully, he'll fight Pettis in Bellator soon. Another fight that I think he'd win.
  17. Not really. Tim Johnson is fine, but he isn't a fighter that I am going to get excited about watching. I support Moldavsky, but only because he's from Team Fedor. His bouts have been dull as fuck in Bellator.
  18. The July 31st card can't come soon enough. Bellator's next two cards look utter pish so far.
  19. Stots vs Magomedov is an excellent co-main event too.
  20. Yamauchi was robbed by the judges against Moret, whereas Pitbull Snr was bossing Queally until he got stopped via a cut. I assume those who contribute to the rankings system took those details into account. Still, the rankings are indeed a bit of a mess. Official MMA rankings tend to be a bit shit. Jon Jones is still ranked P4P number 1 by the UFC ffs.
  21. WBSS is back. Women's Super Featherweight this time round:
  22. Against all rational thought, I have this horrible feeling that Wilder is going to win.
  23. Hardy is already irrelevant. I just hope McGregor and O'Malley lose.
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