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  1. I don't think Open GPs work in this day and age. The MMA talent pool is too deep for size not to be a factor. The only way it would work at the highest level was if they somehow created a field with the best heavies (Miocic, Ngannou, DC, JDS), the best light-heavies (Jones, Gusty, Bader), and threw in a token middleweight who wouldn't be completely dwarfed by some of the field (Romero). Miocic would probably still win such a tournament. But the light-heavyweights would at least be competitive with the heavyweights most of the time.
  2. That's right, we live in a world where Alexander Emelianenko (a heavyweight) could possibly end up fighting Cole Miller (a featherweight/lightweight).
  3. The Manhoef fight opened the live broadcast as well. I think they wanted Sakara to go on last in the arena. You didn't really miss much. I had the live broadcast on as background noise more than anything. It was the same with the taped show on Sky. I flicked through almost all of it, until Nemkov came on. Elsewhere, the promotion uploaded this a few days back.
  4. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/27807201/the-top-25-mma-fighters-25 AJ McKee heads ESPN's top fighters under 25 list. Gallagher barely makes the top 10. I'm very excited about McKee. Provided he beats Campos in December, which he almost certainly will, it's probable that he will face either Caldwell, Pitbull or Borlics next year in the latter stages of the FW GP. Those bouts could be where he establishes himself as a top fighter.
  5. Regarding his MMA career: He's still chasing the rematch with Khabib. Thankfully, the UFC seem committed to booking Khabib vs Ferguson for the spring of 2020. Therefore, McGregor will probably have to wait until next summer at the earliest for another crack at Khabib (or his first crack at Ferguson). Gaethje's manager claims the UFC wants to book McGregor vs Gaethje in the meantime. Nevertheless, I think McGregor will try and duck that fight. A loss to Gaethje would spoil his big payday with Khabib. I think the UFC, perhaps on ESPN's behalf, will want to book McGregor vs Khabib 2 as soon as possible. Not just because of the money it would generate, but also because McGregor will probably get himself locked up eventually. Thus, all parties will want to cash-in while they still can. In short, it's same old shit really. The only difference is that Gaethje is now the fighter in the frame to fight Conor, whereas a few months back Aldo was rumoured to be next in line.
  6. There was also this report of another incident a few days ago:
  7. Aye, Usyk did the business. He did his usual of starting slow, figuring out his opponent, and then upping the tempo in the mid-rounds. A solid debut at Heavyweight. I really hope Usyk doesn't fight Fury down the line. I don't want to choose between them.
  8. I flicked through both Bellator shows, picking out certain fights and fast-forwarding others. Nemkov looked really good. He completely dominated Carvalho on the ground and standing. Another nice scalp for him. I'm becoming a fan. Elsewhere, it's surreal that Manhoef, Sakara and Baby Fedor all picked up wins on the same card in 2019. I hadn't seen the latter two fight in over a decade.
  9. Cain has officially retired from MMA. He's removed himself from USADA's testing pool. If someone would have told me in 2012 that the decade would end with Miocic as the Heavyweight GOAT and Cain on the scrap heap, I would have told them they were bonkers. Yet, here we are.
  10. Just a reminder that the Italy card is on CH5 tonight at 10pm. Bellator also have a 2 hour block on Sky Sports Mix starting at 2am. I assume that could be highlights of the portion of the show that Nemkov headlines.
  11. Horiguchi vs Asakura 2 is now official for December 31st at Saitama Super Arena. The Rizin BW belt will be on the line. Here is Asakura's fight from this morning.
  12. I'm going to be brave enough to admit that I thought that Scott Harrison was the bee's knees as a teenager. Seriously, I was that clueless about boxing in my teens (and most things tbh), I probably would have told you he was best boxer in the world in the mid-2000s. In retrospect, he was probably a step below elite level. Ring Magazine ranked him between 3-5 at Featherweight in the mid-2000s, below the likes of Marquez and Pacquiao.
  13. I wonder who would win between Brock and Cain in a legitimate fight these days? I've always felt that Cain at his best blitzes Brock with relative ease. However, with Cain's decline, could Brock now upset the odds and avenge his 2010 defeat? I honestly wouldn't be sure one way or another.
  14. Can't wait for Audley vs Danny Williams 3 to be announced next:
  15. At least Tito has finally found someone who is as crap as him at trash talk.
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