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  1. Boxing Thread

    Here is Big John's reaction in the ring after the fight.
  2. On This Day in MMA History

    That is one of my favourite MMA shows ever. I was lucky enough to view it only 4 days after it occurred, and without reading spoilers. The two stinkers that Noah referred to were cut from the version I watched (I believe it was the Bell PPV version). I was treated to a thrill ride from start to finish. I was firmly in Barnett's corner. Out of the 4 remaining participants in the Open Weight GP, he was the one I liked the most. Sadly, it wasn't quite Barnett's night,in the end. It was Cro Cop's night to shine, and without question, the peak of his career. It was Pride at its very best. If this would have been their last stand in Japan, it would have been for the better. They would have gone out on an incredible high, instead of the whimper they went out on in April of the following year. 11 years have gone so fast.
  3. Boxing Thread

    Mick Hennessy's meltdown last night was gold. It's on IFL if anyone wants to see it. I had Hughie winning by 2 rounds. It was a very close fight, and the 118-110 scorecards were very dodgy. However, Mick didn't half overstate things. He claimed Hughie's performance was Ali-esque, and that he had wiped the floor with Parker. I felt Campbell won most of the middle rounds against Linares (rounds 4-10). However, I still scored it to Linares by 1 or 2 rounds based on his work in the first 3 rounds, including the knockdown, and the last 2 rounds. It was a fun fight.
  4. UFC Fight Pass: OSP vs Okami - Sep 22

    Gomi was someone who passed me by a bit. I never really cared that much about Pride's 160lbs division. I was much more invested in the UFC's 170lbs division. At the time, the UFC's 155lbs weightclass was on hiatus, and Pride didn't have a 170lbs class from what I remember. In retrospect, I probably should have viewed Pride's 160lbs division as the home of the best Lightweights in the world, and paid a bit more attention to it. My first exposure to Gomi was watching highlights of him taking apart Pulver. Looking at this record, he also had stoppage wins over Sakurai (who famously made a mess out of Frank Trigg), Kawajiri, and Ishida; all of whom were top Lightweights for that time. He never really topped the P4P list though. He was in Fedor and Shogun's shadow in that regard, and eventually GSP's (although Sherdog did award him joint fighter of the year in 2005 with Shogun) The Diaz fight is probably what I remember him best for. Diaz and Hendo upset the odds that evening. I remember being shocked after reading the results. It was that fight that turned me into a full-fledged Diaz fanboy. That's a shame in a way, because I probably should have appreciated Gomi a little bit more than I did.
  5. Boxing Thread

    As tedious as Khan can be, I would still want him to deck Saunders.
  6. Boxing Thread

    Saunders called out Amir Khan after the Monroe fight. I'm sure BT and Warren would love that fight to happen. I don't see it happening though. Khan is too hard to deal with.
  7. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    "The greatest Light-Heavyweight of the night"
  8. Boxing Thread

    God bless you Teddy.
  9. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    “I’d love to [move up]. Trust me, I’m getting a little tired of these weight cuts,” Rockhold said. “I feel much better at 205, and I feel like I can do very well in there. I’ve got some business here [at 185 pounds].” He went on to say that he won't move up until D.C moves on. However, I do like the idea of Rockhold moving up, whenever it happens.
  10. Boxing Thread

    I had it 7 rounds to 5 in GGG's favour. Canelo was quite fortunate to get a draw, but it wasn't a horrible decision. Canelo won rounds 1, 2, 11, and 12. You could also argue that he won 1 or 2 other rounds. Canelo didn't do enough to make a reasonable argument that he should get the nod; but he did just enough to scrape a draw if the judges were feeling generous towards him. Regarding the 118-110 scorecard; was it incompetence or was there something awry? This has happened before with Canelo fights. One judge gave him a draw against Floyd, which he didn't deserve. I also read on Eastside Boxing that one of the scorecards for his fight against Lara was lopsided in his favour, and a bit dodgy.
  11. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    I like the idea of Rockhold moving to 205lbs. Middleweight is stacked enough as it is. Light Heavyweight is in dire need of fresh faces and match-ups. Rockhold would give the entire division a much needed shot in the arm.
  12. Boxing Thread

    It worked out well for me, as I was watching the ITV show until 11pm. But yeah, Warren doesn't know how to pace his shows. Oh well, the night is young for those of us planning to watch GGG vs Canelo.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Thanks for the clarification. My Brother was convinced he had to pay for it.
  14. The "Jon Jones gone screwed up again" thread

    A lot has been written in this thread, and I will digest it all when I have the time to properly go through it all. However, for now, I really don't know how to feel about Jones's career. I get the feeling that for most of his career, he was fighting on an even playing field, and his success was purely down to his talent. That's not to say he was always a 100% clean fighter, if ever; more that the goalposts were different back then. Sherdog staffers claimed in 2010 that around 70-80% of fighters were on PED's. Since then, the goalposts have shifted. These days, it's a different ballgame in many ways. That being said, I can't really look at Jones in the same way again. There always be that suspicion in my mind when watching old fights of his. I can't really view D.C as highly as I should do either, which isn't really his fault. That knockout loss left quite the impression. It's a shame, but one of the best rivalries in the history of the sport has been tarnished.
  15. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    I'm torn on who I want to win the main event. I like the idea of GSP beating the game, so to speak. We have seen so many great fighters be caught out by the sport before calling it a day. Fedor has lost to fighters who would have struggled to last 2 minutes with him in his prime. Anderson has lost 4 of his last 6 fights. GSP initially got out before we saw him slide in any serious way. Yes, he was lucky to get the nod against Hendricks, but when he could create separation between himself and Hendricks that evening, he boxed circles around him. I find it hard to root against Bisping though. I have gone back and forth with Bisping over the years. He's not always been the most endearing of characters, but his story is one of the best in MMA history, as Wand demonstrated in the opening post. I am chuffed that he's finally in a mega-fight as well. Whatever is said about him as a person, he's always played it straight as a fighter. He's rarely, if ever, taken the easy path in his career. He's also one of the very few fighters who I would be surprised if they were flagged by USADA. Not only has he never been caught out by drug testing, he's always spoke out against it. It wasn't a surprise when Frank Mir got popped for PED's, as he was always very diplomatic about the issue in interviews. Bisping has never sat on the fence about it. There are interviews as far back as 2012, where he talked out about it. You have to believe that the game was rife with PED use back then. Overall, I'm looking forward to this one. It's a weird match-up, but one that interests me. The press conferences and interviews leading up to the fight should be gold. Both know how to play their respective roles to perfection.