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  1. Shabliy is now fighting Alfie Davis in May. I assume Primus is injured. @wandshogun09 was it you who mentioned Shabliy a few months back and how you wished he'd signed with the UFC as originally planned? Or am I thinking of another Russian/ACA fighter?
  2. I know it was a legitimate fight, but it was still a farce. Briggs had a previous brain injury that left him physically and mentally unwell. He shouldn't have been in the ring.
  3. They're both gobshites. So I will be happy whichever way it goes really. Can't see BJS winning more than 3 rounds. He's never looked particularly impressive at Super-Middleweight.
  4. Huh, Warren called this on IFL a few days ago:
  5. Aye, I remember Jordan Breen saying not to expect much out of Oliveira. Breen didn't think much of Oliveira's performances in Brazil.
  6. Oliveira was actually considered to be a joke before his UFC debut. He wasn't expected to beat Efrain Escudero or last long in the UFC. That perception didn't last long.
  7. I like the Aussies. But their boxing events can be grim as fuck:
  8. Larkin is moving up to 185lbs btw. Shame in a way, because I wanted to see him fight Amosov.
  9. I really like Usman and consider him to be in the top 3 fighters on the planet. But I can't get excited over him fighting Masvidal again. It's probably going to be another 50-45/49-46 tonking in Usman's favour. In other words, a completely needless rematch, which will only serve to bolster the bank balances off all involved. The alternative scenario. which would probably be Masvidal somehow winning by knockout, is even more depressing. I don't want Masvidal to be champion. His shtick isn't the worst in MMA by a long way, but it still does nothing for me personally.
  10. Anderson is probably top 3 in the world at 205lbs. I would personally rank Vadim, Jan and Anderson as the top 3. Jan probably should be ranked at number 1 based on his recent wins over Stylebender, Anderson, and Reyes. Jan's record before those fights was actually nothing special, but those 3 wins probably trump Nemkov's two wins over Davis and his win over Bader. Still, in my heart of hearts, I believe that Vadim has been the best 205er on the planet for a few years now. Certainly since 2019 when Jones really started to decline/under-perform.
  11. The Daley vs Homasi bout was a barnburner. Yagshimuradov had his moments in the first round but was otherwise dominated by Anderson. Mads Burnell was the star of the undercard. That was about it really. I am quite confident that Nemkov beats the winner of Romero vs Rumble.
  12. Starburst will always be Opal Fruits to me. And Egg Shen will always be Ebb.
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