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  1. Lil Nog is a fighter who I have sadly overlooked over the years. He was always in someone else's shadow. His brother came along first and always had the higher profile. He played a supporting role in what was arguably the best fight in Pride's history, but it was Shogun who ultimately won the fight and took the starring role. He also competed in a stacked division. He was a top fighter in the mid-2000s, but so were Arona, Shogun, Wanderlei, Liddell and Couture. It's a shame because he did prove himself to be on a similar level to those fighters. He never got tripped up in Pride by gatekeepers (Overeem, Nakamura, etc). He scored wins over a faded, but not shot, version of Sakuraba. Most notably, he subbed Hendo in 2005. After that fight, Hendo went on to become the world's best at 185lbs for a brief period. His run in America has been okay. He's mostly only lost to top contenders and rarely been tripped up by gatekeepers. There is no shame in losing to Bader, Davis and Rumble Johnson. He was also in his late 30s when a few of those losses occurred. I can't say I have much interest in watching him fight these days. But I probably should have appreciated Rogรฉrio a little more over the years.
  2. Just caught the highlights of the main event. Chuffed for Pettis. I've always had a soft spot for him. I've never really dug deep to find out why Pettis declined. Was it injuries? Was it training habits? Did fighters simply figure him out? Etc, etc. What I will say is that he's had a tough run of opponents since losing to RDA. He's faced Holloway, Ferguson, Alvarez, Poirier. All of whom are top fighters or close to it. The worst fighter he has lost to since losing the Lightweight belt is Barboza, who is still a very good fighter in his own right. That run of opponents would have exposed any fighter who had regressed slightly, or had shortcomings in their game. I also like the idea of Aldo vs Pettis. That match-up was a MMA fan's wet-dream in 2013. It was pencilled in to happen at 145lbs at one point.
  3. Cody isn't the brightest bulb in the box. It's possible that he blurted that out without thinking of the consequences it would have for his camp. Faber was much more careful with his account of the situation. Perhaps to protect the image of himself and the gym. Of course, it's also possible that TJ's and his trainer made an honest mistake on this occasion. I read a quote yesterday where TJ said that he just takes what his trainer advises. We'll see how this one plays out.
  4. There is speculation that the announcement of Cerrone vs Iaquinta might pave the way for McGregor vs Diaz 3. McGregor mentioned the fight in an interview and Helwani has hinted that it's a possibility. I presume Conor wants to make some dough fighting Diaz before chasing the Khabib rematch. But Diaz is a very risky fight for him. He only just beat him in the rematch.
  5. There have been several accusations made against Dillashaw in the past: Garbrandt: Holdsworth: Faber (when asked about said allegations) Faber's response is a bit murky. But he doesn't exactly refute Garbrandt's accusations. Faber had stated about a year earlier that TJ resembled โ€œa prepubescent little teenager right now because USADA came inโ€. Could it be a case of sour grapes and hyperbole? Maybe, all of the accusations come from the Alpha Male camp. But Dillashaw doesn't have the best reputation.
  6. His trash talking was fucking horrible. He was even worse than Ortiz and Covington in that regard. In fairness though, he was put on the spot a lot of the time. I mean, he was never going to come out and admit that he fought scrubs and that Fedor would kill him. His resume does have some quality wins on it. The 2nd win over Arlovski was impressive (as mentioned). Monson was arguably a top 10 heavyweight, certainly in the top 15. Monson went on to beat Fujita in Pride. Vera was also a decent win at the time. It's easy to forget that Vera was a hot property in 2007. Sylvia's win over Ricco was decent as well. Ricco went on to give Big Nog a competitive fight in Pride. You are ultimately right though. Couture beating Sylvia did usher in a new and better era for the UFC's Heavyweight division. Other than Gonzaga and Mir, the division changed completely between 2006 and 2008.
  7. Aye, his 2006/2007 fights and the pants-shitting are probably what he is best remembered for. His fight with Monson and the third fight with Arlovski were horrible. The Vera fight wasn't up to much either. However, most of his UFC fights before 2006/2007 were decent to watch. They were usually 1-round shootouts (Ricco, the first two fights with Arlovski, Tra Telligman, McGee, etc). He also had a decent brawl with Cabbage in 2002. But few remember those fights because they came before the TUF era kicked in. The only fight of his that people really remember of his prior to 2006 is the Mir fight, where he got his arm snapped.
  8. I agree with most of this Although I can't wait for Wand to see the bolded later on.
  9. Tim Sylvia's Twitter is a riot at the moment. - He's claiming that Couture, Hendo, Shogun, Nog, Serra and others fought on PEDs (even though they never tested positive for illegal substances) - He's saying that he would slap Dana's "teeth down his throat" if he could "get him in a gym with him". - He's claiming that the UFC is a popularity contest for those who kiss Dana's backside. The trigger for all this was Bisping's induction. It seems that Big Timmey thinks that Frank Shamrock, Jens Pulver and himself are more worthy of induction. He has a point to a degree. Pulver and Shamrock should have been inducted years ago. Shamrock was a pioneer of the game in the late 1990s and was also the world's best fighter for a stretch of time before Sakuraba hit his stride. Pulver was the UFC's first Lightweight Champion and had a nice run where he beat Penn, Uno and Hallman (three legitimate contenders at the time). Timmey himself? A case could be made that he's as worthy as Bisping. He was the UFC's best Heavyweight for a while, and he defied the odds by regaining the title from Arlovski. Only he and Cain have regained the UFC Heavyweight title after losing it. However, he didn't have the same fairytale career as Bisping. He also didn't spearhead the UFC's expansion into a new market. While you could argue that Bisping was never the best Middleweight in the sport, the same could be said for Sylvia at Heavyweight. The likes of Fedor, Big Nog and Crop were always better than him. Ultimately, Sylvia will never get in because he has a reputation for being the face of the UFC's Heavyweight division when it was a bit shit. That, and the reputation he himself has for being a bit shit. It's harsh, because he was a top 5-7 Heavyweight between 2003-2008 and not as crap as most make him out to be. But that's that really.
  10. I have been reliving my late teens a bit recently by reading about and watching some Pride stuff from 2005/2006. Check out the pop that Cro Cop gets in the fighter parade (5:00). He's even more over than Wanderlei, Yoshida and Fedor.
  11. Askren is the best thing to happen to MMA in a while. He's a breath of fresh air. I hope Till wins tonight. Askren vs Till would be mega.
  12. That was a sad fight in many ways. Fedor had surrounded himself with a fresh bunch of yes-men and hand-picked Fabio as his opponent. There was also speculation that it was Fedor who called all the shots in relation to the judges, etc. The fight should have arguably been stopped in the first round when Fabio had Fedor in all sorts of trouble. In other organisations, it probably would have been stopped. In the end, the fight was clearly a draw, but the judges gave it to Fedor. One of Fedor's darkest nights (along with the Big-Foot loss). The whole thing should have been beneath him. Fabio was the moral victor and came out of it smelling of roses. I have family members who have high hopes for Gorman. He's based only 2 miles from my house. It will be interesting to see how hard Maldonado pushes him .
  13. After searching, it was a HBO investigation. The methodology wasn't perfect. But the results were still worrying. -https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2528207-hbo-real-sports-report-blows-the-lid-off-mmas-domestic-violence-problem
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