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  1. He's also claimed that he would beat Mayweather in a rematch. He claims that he had Mayweather under control in the early rounds, until Floyd changed his style. Conor has become Chael Sonnen circa 2014. It's very easy to dismiss or ignore everything he says these days. Don't get me wrong, I would be interested to see him fight in the UFC again. But that is where my interest in him both begins and ends.
  2. Agreed Wand. Bisping on Paulie. It's a bit rich of Bisping to bring up spitting, given that he spat at Rivera's corner back in the day. But a fairly entertaining rant, nevertheless.
  3. I was also a Liddell and Griffin supporter. Thus I could never get behind Rashad when he was at his peak. In fact, I disliked him for a good few years. However, in retrospect, the problem was with me, not with him. There wasn't really anything wrong with Rashad. I was just butthurt that he beat fighters that I liked at the time (ironically, I later grew to dislike Griffin). TUF 10 marked a turning point for Rashad's reputation. He came across much better than Rampage did during filming. He was not only a better coach, but also came across as a better person. In retrospect, it is slightly baffling that the fans remained in Rampage's corner after the show, and when the two later fought in Vegas. In the next few years a lot of fans slowly dropped old grudges, and rightfully began to appreciate Rashad's achievements. There were still a few bumps along the road. For instance, he made a silly remark in the build up to the Phil Davis fight, and there was a month in 2011 where the MMA community rallied behind Tito Ortiz at his expense. A large portion of the MMA community were also lukewarm to his feud with Jon Jones. But by the time his career hit the skids in 2014, he had generally become liked by MMA fans. His resume speaks for itself. I think his best moments were the legendary knockout of Liddell, the grappling masterclass he put on against Davis, and the comeback victory against Griffin. He is also probably the best fighter to have won The Ultimate Fighter reality show. However, his relevance to the sport should additionally not be overlooked. He was one of the biggest names in the UFC's initial boom period, and while I don't quite get as nostalgic for that era as I do for Pride's later years, it was an era where I was deeply invested in the sport. He will be remembered as part of that era. His dismal performances in the McGregor/Rousey era will largely be overlooked. So aye, a richly deserved addition to the UFC HOF. He would have been a glaring omission had he been passed over for induction.
  4. Tete was scheduled to fight Donaire in the semi-final of the Super Series, but pulled out days before the fight.
  5. A lot of rounds could have been scored either way. For example, SKY scored round 2 for Baranchyk, but I felt Taylor won it. Nevertheless, I had Taylor winning by 2 points at least in the end, perhaps 4 points. The knockdowns in round 6 put him clear. 117-109 was a bit rough on Baranchyk though. Just heard that Saunders won. He apparently got buzzed in the 6th round, but dominated the rest of the action. Also interesting that Harley Benn, who entered the night undefeated at 6-0, lost to a journeyman, who entered the night with the unfortunate record of 0-16.
  6. David would be singing a different tune if Jones vs Cormier 3 was topping the bill. The prospect of DC breaking down in tears again would have him masterbating frantically.
  7. Aye, fair points. The rules were very different back then as well. Especially in RINGS and Pancrase.
  8. I get where the comment is coming from, even if I am not sure whether I fully agree with it. Miletich's first 15 fights came against non-names. His decision wins over Burnett, and to a lesser extent Townsend Saunders. are highly disputed. Most feel that Burnett in particular should have received the decision. He lost to Tamura, Nakao, Newton and Pele (although the Tamura fight was meant to be close) On the other hand, the Lindland loss tells us very little. Miletich was fighting a much bigger man and arguably the best 185er of the mid 2000s. He also has legitimate wins, as mentioned, over Carter, Alessio, Patino, and Pederneiras. I don't think anyone would dispute his impact as a trainer though.
  9. That some question whether Pat Miletich was ever a world-class fighter in his own right. From the MMA Encyclopedia book:
  10. Jones' camp will probably baulk from fighting DC at Heavyweight entirely. Remember, it was under Jackson's advice that Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen at short notice in 2012. It's not that Jones ducks other fighters, far from it. But his camp won't advise him to take unnecessary risks. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Jackson/Winklejohn camp were lukewarm to the GSP vs Anderson superfight back in the day.
  11. I think the Jackson and Winklejohn camp give Jones some very good advice, both during and between fights. Jones has the sense and talent to make the most out of their guidance.
  12. Really giddy about the Taylor vs Baranchyk fight this weekend. I haven't supported a boxer with this much enthusiasm since the Hatton years. Froch and Haye came close (yes, I know, Haye was a pillock), but there were chunks of their careers that I didn't follow religiously. I have followed Taylor throughout most of his rise to the top. I love his fighting style and he comes across as a top bloke in interviews. Fingers crossed he prevails on Saturday night.
  13. There is a casual league, where you just pick the main card fights. I imagine that would be easier for many of us to manage. Perhaps our camp could join that next season? David's call, obviously, as he set our camp up.
  14. I am going to have to stop making picks based on nostalgia. Lil Nog and Alves let me down.
  15. She also suffers from anxiety. Although, it never really shows on fight night, where she is usually very collected, even in defeat. She is not like Rousey, who clearly couldn't take losing. I think Namajuna could get the belt back if she really wanted to. She was beating Andrade up before being slammed. But whether she feels the need to is another matter. In other news, Anderson Silva stated before the event that BJ Penn is the greatest MMA fighter of all-time, followed by Big Nog and Royce Gracie. Does he still think it's 2004 or something?
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