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  1. Agreed. He's always had power and is still very dangerous in the early stages of fights. His issues are that he gets knackered too easily and his chin isn't what it used to be. When he gets tired and/or stunned, he tries to control his opponents on the mat while he has a breather. But if he can't score a takedown, then he is there for the taking. I think DP and Gaethje would stop him after a few rounds.
  2. That's been going on for a while. Chandler himself has been beating that drum. Of course, the same was said about Ferguson and McGregor. I and others said it about Gaethje. I can't imagine Chandler would give him much bother. His gas tank isn't the best and he's nothing special on the feet. I saw something similar to that a few days ago on Twitter. The theory is that DP's resume at lightweight is overrated because he's not faced many grapplers. And the one grappler he did face, Khabib, smashed him. I don't buy it. You can make similar arguments against pretty much any
  3. One of my favourite editions of Rizin Confessions to date! Sakakibara can still fuck off though.
  4. Moving away from McGregor a second. In less than 3 years, Poirier has done the following: - Stopped Eddie Alvarez. - Stopped Justin Gaethje in a proper tear up. - Won a clear decision over Holloway by showing tremendous heart in the final round. - Knocked out McGregor inside 2 rounds. All of these are top-level wins. Funnily enough, it's the Holloway victory, the only 1 of the 4 where he didn't win via stoppage, that's probably his most impressive performance. You would be hard-pressed to find a better resume than that over the past 3 years or so. He isn't
  5. They could also do McGregor vs Ferguson. That fight makes sense (from a sporting perspective) DP vs Oliveria should be next for the vacant belt. With Chandler vs Gaethje for the number 1 contender. Although I would also be happy if they booked DP vs Gaethje 2 for the vacant belt. Of course, they won't book all of these fights, and perhaps even none of them. I think there is an excellent chance they book McGregor vs Poirier 3.
  6. Jack Slack wrote this book about him a while ago - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Notorious-Life-Fights-Conor-McGregor-ebook/dp/B06XNLKMRJ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=jack+slack+mcgregor&qid=1611482221&sr=8-1 I haven't read it myself, but given that Slack is one of the best MMA writers/analysts in the game, I can imagine it's an excellent read.
  7. I've been described as a Bellator bummer on here in the past. Chandler, Lima and Pitbull have been their 3 most hyped fighters in recent years. Yet, I only really rate one of them (Pitbull) and I'm a fan of none of them. I hope Hooker smashes Chandler tonight.
  8. 100% The momentum was with Holloway going in the latter stages of the fight, a period of the fight where Holloway is usually at his strongest relative to his opponent. Yet, Poirier managed to rally. He clearly won the final round, which earmarked him as the clear winner of the fight. It's the best win at lightweight in recent years, with the possible exception of Khabib's win over Gaethje.
  9. Lennox Lewis and Emanuel Steward on Vitali Klitschko's awkward style: Emanuel Steward (2005): β€œHe does have the skill. And he’s very effective in an awkward way. He has an unusual gift that I’ve watched it in training, that really sets him out greatly. Not from being big, he has a little bit of the clumsiness to a degree, he’s not as physically coordinated as his younger brother. But he has this unusual sense of feeling a punch before it comes – but can still move in an awkward direction as far as to neutralize it – and throwing a weird punch at the same time. I saw him do that in the gym
  10. At least Tony Soprano didn't have that annoying voice and stupid smug grin.
  11. It's difficult to get a read on how good McGregor is at this stage of his career. His last top-level winner was over 4 years ago against Eddie Alvarez. Since then, he's only fought twice in MMA. The first of which, he was mauled by Khabib, a defeat that has become more excusable with time. Gaethje and Poirier, two top-level fighters, were defeated by Khabib in similar fashion. The second of which, McGregor smashed through Cerrone, who while a decent fighter, isn't anywhere near an elite level fighter at this stage of his career. Therefore, the Poirier fight will probably tell us whe
  12. I just realised how much I want to see Izzy vs Jiri.
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