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  1. jimufctna24

    25 Years Deep: Favourite Moments

    I will keep this to just the UFC, and moments that have stood the test of time. - Chuck beating Couture in 2005. This was my first rewarding memory as an MMA fan. Chuck vs Randy was the first major MMA rivalry that I experienced in the moment. I had taken Chuck's side over Randy because I preferred his fighting style. I was chuffed when Chuck was victorious at UFC 52. - GSP knocking out Hughes to win the Welterweight belt in late 2006. Matt Hughes played me like a fiddle. He successfully pushed all my buttons. By the time he faced GSP, I was desperate to see him get beat. I exploded with joy when GSP took him apart inside two rounds. - Bisping's Indian Summer in 2016. No explanation necessary. I went back and forth with Bisping over his career. But it was hard to root against him as he defied the odds to finally win the Middleweight belt. Of course, his knockout win over Rockhold was the standout moment. Not a moment as such, but worth a mention: - The two week period surrounding UFC 100. I was heavily invested in the Lesnar vs Mir and GSP vs Alves bouts. There was a real buzz surrounding the company during this timeframe. My actual MMA fandom peaked in mid-2006. But it was this period when my UFC fandom was at its highest. Sadly, a number of moments that I enjoyed in the moment have since been soured. I jumped with joy when Griffin beat Rampage in 2007. But I went off Griffin as the years progressed. It's the same for McGregor's victories over Mendes and Aldo. It was a great ride at the time, but given Conor's most-recent antics. there is a niggling regret when I reflect back on those nights. It's the same for Couture's Indian Summer in 2007. Although I can't quite articulate why.
  2. jimufctna24

    Cain Velasquez - The Return

    Aye, AKA's training methods have probably ruined Cain. Similar to how Chute Boxe's training regiments cut short many of their fighter's primes in the 2000s. I also wonder if the wars with JDS used up some of Cain's mileage. Their third fight in particular was brutal. JDS has struggled to find his form on a consistent basis since their trilogy.
  3. jimufctna24

    UFC Denver: Zombie vs Rodriguez - Nov 10

    Yeah, that's insane. Scott Smith vs Pete Sell didn't rival it from an artistic standpoint. But it was just as unbelievable:
  4. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Adam Smith was on fine form last night. Why did he feel the need to tell us that Bellew's "Bomber" moniker is not a reference to the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing? Nobody in their right mind would have drawn that comparison until Smith mentioned it himself.
  5. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Well I had that 1 round either way before the stoppage. I gave Bellew rounds 1-3, and Usyk 4, 6 and 7. I had round 5 very close. Bellew looked fucked from round 6 onward. I am not sure if Usyk rattled him or Bellew had run out of steam (or both). The knockout was pretty brutal. Usyk has certainly built a profile for himself now. I look forward to seeing him at heavyweight. Bellew isn't half going on post-fight. He's a bit marmite is Bellew. But I have a soft spot for him. Crolla and Burns looked good. Burns in particular looked better than I expected.
  6. jimufctna24

    Cain Velasquez - The Return

    Cain at his best was perhaps the best head to head fighter in MMA history. He wasn't unbeatable as JDS demonstrated, but he was the closest thing to it when the stars aligned. I would favour a prime version of Cain to beat the best versions of Miocic, Fedor, Jones, etc. However, I don't think he'll ever get back to his best or even close to it. The injuries and lay-offs will have surely taken their toll. I think he'll be good enough to be competitive against the likes of Werdum and Overeem. I would slightly favour him to beat both. But I would favour Miocic to beat him. I might even fancy Bader to upset him as well, as baffling as that sounds.
  7. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Eddie Hearn's sales pitch on IFL a few days ago almost convinced me that Bellew has a chance. But I still can't see it. I think Bellew is a bit better than some give him credit for. Yes, Haye was a shell of his former self when Bellew fought him the second time. But his win over Makabu was very impressive. Crusierweight is clearly Bellew's best weightclass as well. He's much better at cruiser than he was at light-heavy. But Usyk is a scary man. "A likeable nutcase" sounds about right. Gassiev could get very little going against him and some think he's going to be a force at heavyweight when he eventually moves up. I think Bellew will have the odd moment. But ultimately, Usyk will stop him late or win a wide-points decision.
  8. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Aye, I had forgotten about GAD. I didn't need a reminder Porkchopcash.
  9. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    "Don't start mugging me off on my own channel" - 19:20 But aye, Patel is a right helmet. The Colby Covington of boxing, just much less talented.
  10. jimufctna24

    UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2

    I recall most on the Sherdog forum felt that Gusty should have received the nod. Interestingly, the Sherdog play by play team all scored round 2 to Jones, and 2 out of the 3 of them scored round 3 to Gusty. It's no surprise that opinions were all over the place. Personally, my scorecard was identical to your own. I had Jones winning 48-47. I had Gusty winning round 4 right up until the end when Jones landed that elbow. I always focus in on the end of the 4th round when I reflect back on the fight. "If Gusty could just have stayed out of danger". I always kinda forget that round 3 was very close and the most contestable round. I think the two fighters who match up best against Jones are Miocic and Gusty. Both have the size, boxing, and in Miocic's case, the wrestling to give Jones issues. Nevertheless, I still think Jones will sadly prevail next month. For some reason, I have visions of Jones taking Gusty down and doing a number on him. And perhaps smothering him in the clinch. I don't think Jones will want to fight at distance and allow Gusty to get into the fight.
  11. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Aye. Helwani Surely Floyd will demand that the fight be contested under straight boxing rules and with suitable gloves? There is now way he'll fight a kickboxer under mixed rules. He's too business savvy for that.
  12. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Excellent performance by Taylor. I scored all 6 rounds in his favour. The stoppage was a bit dodgy, but there would have been no way back for Martin anyway. Martin barely came out of his shell. Gutted for Burnett.
  13. jimufctna24

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    The Sherdog preview said the same. It's a valid point. However, I think DC is more mature and focused than Rockhold. I think he will take Lewis seriously and leave few openings. DC has only been rocked by elite Light Heavies, such as Jones, Rumble and Gusty, and only 1 of them managed to put him away. Against strikers more of Lewis's calibre, Nelson, Mir, etc, they could barely lay a mitt on DC. I think DC gets the job done inside 2 rounds by GnP. You can all have a good laugh at me if I am wrong.
  14. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I really really want Gusty to hand Jones his lunch. It would make for a lovely late Xmas present. Sadly, while I think Gusty is the toughest match-up for Jones at 205lbs, I still have this sinking feeling that Jones is going to beat him.