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  1. Rogan is a part of the UFC's furniture. Attacking him would only be a step down from calling out Lorenzo or Dana. With his podcast, he also yields quite a bit of power. He's probably not someone you would want to get into a flamewar with.
  2. I was quietly looking forward to GSP vs Bisping. Both the fight and the pre-fight hoopla. The only reservation I had was that it kept the division on hold. I agree that GSP has more of a future at Welterweight. The prospect of another interim title doesn't warm the cockles though.
  3. Yeah, I usually agree with Woodhall, but he was way off last night. I was a bit surprised that the ref didn't wave it off when Walsh staggered up from the first knockdown. His fate was sealed then and there. Brook vs Spence next weekend. I'm looking forward to that one.
  4. I think you're a year out Wand. It was by the close of 2000 that Sakuraba was 4-0 over the Gracie's. I only remember that because I recall Royce vs Sakuraba happening in the 2000 Grand Prix. It would have been 2001 where it would - and probably - should have happened. It would have been like the final boss in a video game. Rickson's last fight was in May 2000, so he wouldn't have had a massive lay-off had he agreed to fight Sakuraba in early 2001. I agree about Bas being a the worst match-up for Rickson. That was why people howled when Rickson would talk about Cro Cop. He'd have little chance of getting Cro Cop to the mat, and he wouldn't last 5 minutes with him on the feet. At least with Fedor there was an outside chance of it reaching the floor, if Fedor fancied sitting in Rickson's guard as he did with Nog. With Cro Cop? No fecking chance.
  5. Aye. Sakuraba would have given him fits. Out of the 3 mentioned, Sakuraba was the most realistic match-up as well. Bas was nearing retirement. Franky Shams was about to take a lengthy sabbatical. It only made sense for Rickson to fight Sakurba - especially as Sakuraba was fast earning the nickname of the "Gracie killer". For that very reason, it only made sense for Rickson to call it a day.
  6. Source: MMA Weekly Very generous odds.
  7. Certainly. I never really knew what to make of Rickson. He was a bit before my time. By the time I got into MMA in 2005, he was very much yesterday's man. The general feeling was that he was protected to keep the Gracie clan's declining aura alive. He was the last line of defence against the notion that MMA had evolved since the mid-90's. Few were fooled though. When Rickson commented that he'd beat the likes of Cro Cop and Fedor - his comments were wildly met with howls of laughter. A bit like when Hulk Hogan claimed that Andre The Giant was 700lbs at Wrestlemania 3. There were a few people fooled though. Before UFC 60 in 2006, a small portion of the MMA fanbase predicted that Royce was going to tie Hughes into knots, which obviously didn't happen. After UFC 60, even the most ardent Gracie fan had to accept that the sport had evolved. Rickson was pretty much forgotten after that. Other than an appearance in the EA MMA video game, and the whole "Rickson by armbar" craze on forums - he doesn't get much of a mention that much these days.
  8. "Kick, punch, it's all in the mind"
  9. I think it was Daley who got Cage Rage booted off Sky Sports years ago. He said something like "cunt" or "pussy" in a live post-fight interview.
  10. Welcome back mate. I've missed your colourful commentary. I also favour Jones. Despite a lot happening outside of the cage since their first fight, I just can't shake that it will be more of the same in the rematch.
  11. If Daley had gone on absolute tear outside of the UFC, then Dana would have changed his tune very quickly. Say if he had cleaned up in Strikeforce, or held a Bellator title for an extended period of time. Even now, If a slot opened up on a UK card, I am willing to bet that the UFC would book Daley to fill it if he was available. Dana brought back Tito Ortiz in late 2009. This may not sound that significant now, but at the time, it beggared belief given the feud between the two. Dana will drop a grudge and abandon his morals if there is money to be made.
  12. Aye, Wright is firmly tucked into MVG's pocket on TV.
  13. Nice one. I'll have a proper look at this later.