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  1. Ryan Bader might have just played a blinder by signing with Bellator. His stock his currently at an all-time high, and if he goes on to win the Heavyweight Grand Prix as expected, it will grow even more. If contractually possible, he could then return to the UFC with the promise of a title shot. The UFC's Light-Heavyweight division is wafer-thin. D.C won't be around much longer and Jones is AWOL. Gusty is the only elite level fighter competing in the UFC's Light-Heavyweight at the moment. Rockhold might join him, he certainly has the skills. but he's got it all to prove at 205lbs. The rest are either past-it, journeymen, or prospects. All of a sudden, Bader could be worth more to the UFC than anyone could have ever imagined. I'm far from a fan of his, but fair play to him. I do like the idea of a fighter leaving the UFC and improving their worth in the process (Horiguchi being another example from what I hear)
  2. jimufctna24

    UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs Till - May 27

    I finally got round to watching Till's fight with Cerrone over the weekend. I liked what I saw. He fights with a lot of self-belief. In that regard, he reminds me of a young Conor McGregor. Thompson is a tall ask for him though. While Woodley proved to be the better fighter of the two during their two-fight series, Thompson demonstrated that he has the game to beat Woodley on the right night. He gave Woodley a lot of issues in their first fight, and demonstrated a great deal of heart along the way. Of course, their second fight was a complete dud, and ruined any idea of a trilogy between the two. But still, Thompson is nobody's fool. His resume overall is very impressive (although I don't remember his fight with Rory at all). Logic says that this is too soon for Till, and that Thompson will be victorious. However, based on nothing other than intuition, I am leaning towards a Till victory. Therefore, I am going to go with Till via TKO.
  3. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    On Friday night I was telling anyone who would listen to me that Selby was going to box rings around Warrington. I predicted that Selby was going to win all but maybe 2 or 3 rounds. It's safe to say that I got it very wrong. I had Warrington winning by at least 4 rounds, maybe even more. Stevenson vs Jack was a cracking bout as well. Both looked on the verge of being finished at some point in the bout. I think a draw was the fairest result. I felt the SKY pundits were a bit harsh on Stevenson.
  4. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Another cracking post Wand. I can't add anymore to what you about Gatti vs Ward. I will add that Lewis vs Tyson has not aged well. It's a shame, because I remember being very excited about it at the time. I have come to greatly appreciate Lewis's genius in recent years. I rate him higher than both Klitschko brothers and on par with Larry Holmes. The current crop of heavyweights will have do to very well in their careers to compare favourably with Lennox. However, I don't rate his win over Tyson at all. I have read rumours that Tyson was heavily drugged up during that bout to the point of being a walking corpse, and the commission turned a blind-eye. It could be bollocks, but regardless, it was clear that Tyson was a shadow of what he once was in 2002. It was an easy nights work for Lennox. Lennox's wins over Golota, Ruddock and his two performances against Holyfield were much more impressive.
  5. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Liddell was at his peak from 2004 until 2006. He had finally fulfilled his potential by training properly. On paper, that version of Liddell could draw Jones into a striking battle, given his strong takedown defence. The blueprint to beat Jones is through boxing, something that Liddell was quite good at for MMA standards. Despite all that, I still think Jones would have wrecked that version of Liddell. Jones is just too big and has too much of a reach advantage. I just can't see past Jones landing an elbow or high kick at some point that would have left Chuck on shaky legs. The current version of Chuck would struggle to stay upright against a strong breeze. Gusty is the only Light-Heavyweight past or present that has the the game to beat Jones. It's not that Gusty is a better fighter than Cormier. It's more that styles make fights, and Gusty matches up with Jones much better than Cormier did. He has the boxing and height to give Jones fits - which he did when they fought in 2013. You could make a case that Gusty deserved to win that evening.
  6. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    The Diaz brothers have been up to their old tricks again this past week. Nate had an altercation with Clay Guida on Friday evening at an event in Los Angeles. It's been said that Nate pushed Guida from behind and then slapped one of Gudia's teammates who tried to calm things down. Earlier in the week, Nate posted on Facebook that Nick's IV was poisoned before his 2013 fight with GSP. TMZ caught up with Nick a few days ago, and he has this to say:
  7. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    The judges had it even at the time of the stoppage. One judge had Linares ahead, another had Lomachenko ahead, and the 3rd judge had it dead even. Personally, I had Lomachenko a few rounds up, but Linares certainly had his moments. I almost fell of my chair when he knocked Lomachenko down. He also had a very good 9th round. I don't think many spotted the body shot that finished Linares off. I was lurking on a boxing forum during the fight, and when Linares hit the deck, most were confused about what was going on.
  8. jimufctna24

    UFC 224: Nunes vs Pennington

    I was flicking between all sorts last night. I watched the Boxing, bits of Bellator, and a few fights on this card. The Machida KO was just stunning. That was the result I wanted. Machida is not a saint, but there is less of cloud looming over him than what there is with Belfort. I also consider Machida to be the better fighter out of the two overall (albeit by a small margin). I also really enjoyed Kelvin vs Jacare. Both fighters are a bit underrated, in that they don't get the attention that their talent deserves. They fight in a division that is full of very good fighters, and neither have had it easy throughout their careers. As for the fight itself, I would have been fine with either winning. You could make a case for either getting the nod, or even a draw (as Wand mentioned).
  9. jimufctna24

    Cage Rage

    Yeah, they used to put similar music videos on during the Cage Rage magazine shows. Here's one of their event promos:
  10. jimufctna24

    Cage Rage

    Sadly not. O'Donnell performed a rendition of "Sex on Fire" at one of his Birthday parties. I remember the video being shared at that time. He didn't do it during a Cage Rage event.
  11. jimufctna24

    Boxing Thread

    Aye, Kalle seems to be pushing for Eubank Jr to be the replacement. He said on IFL that it only makes sense for a boxer who has already boxed in the tournament to replace Groves.
  12. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Funnily enough, I had a look at Nick's MMA record the other day. It was more impressive than I remembered. The worst fighter he lost to was Joe Riggs. All his other losses in the UFC and Elite XC were excusable to an extent. He was never close to being the best fighter in the world, and he always had his shortcomings as a fighter. But he was also pretty darn good when matched with the right opponent. His wins over Lawler, Gomi and Daley were particularly impressive.
  13. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    He's been talking about moving up for a while. Even before the Romero fight he said the move was "imminent" because he was getting older and the weight cut was getting harder. Losing to Romero probably made the decision to move up easy for him.
  14. jimufctna24

    Cage Rage

    Legeno did get them a bit of press attention. The odd newspaper article, etc. You're right though, Cage Rage only made fleeting references to his acting career from what I remember. I got told that Legeno's rematch with Murdock was a work. I think his fight with Kimo was the other one where people suspected foul play.
  15. jimufctna24

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    GSP and Nate Diaz are in talks to fight at UFC 227. It's not really a dream fight in the conventional sense of the term. It's not a match-up that I have spent years mulling over. In fact, I think it's a very favourable match-up in GSP's favour. Unless he's digressed massively, I think he wrestlefucks Diaz for 25 minutes. However, I am still on-board if it does happen. It's still a massive occasion whenever GSP fights. He hasn't yet reached Anderson Silva territory, where it is no longer a novelty to see him fight. GSP has yet to go on a losing streak and his absence over the past 4 years has made the heart grow fonder for him. Edit: Ohhh, I like a Rockhold vs Gusty match-up.