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  1. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Yep, that's my rationale for slightly favouring a McGregor victory. That and McGregor's power being more of a factor at 155lbs than it was at 170lbs against Diaz. I wouldn't blink if Ferguson beat him though.
  2. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Jones can sell a fight like no other - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj5ec0pS1XI I would rate Aldo and GSP clearly above Anderson. I don't see much of an argument for Anderson being rated above GSP. I agree about Khabib. However, I would slightly favour him to beat Ferguson. It's a much more friendlier style match-up for McGregor.
  3. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I think you are preaching to the choir here David. From a fan's perspective, I think most would like McGregor to fight an Edgar, Ferguson or Khabib, rather than chase mixed rules bouts with boxers or piss about with gangsters in Ireland.
  4. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Aye, same here. But I get the impression that Conor changes his mind like the wind.
  5. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    A nice normal few days in MMA: McGregor is claiming that he offered to step in to face Edgar at UFC 222, but the UFC didn't have enough time to generate the money he was asking for. Elsewhere, Ortiz and Liddell are both campaigning for a 3rd fight with one another in the UFC. Both are claiming that the other is ducking them.
  6. UFC on FOX: Emmett vs Stephens - Feb 24

    I can forget the WEC ever had a Light-Heavyweight division. At the time, it was seen as the bastard stepchild of the promotion. Stann, Cantwell, and the rest were not perceived as top-flight operators, or can't miss prospects. Most fans didn't complain when the division was scrapped in late 2008 along with their Middleweight division. WEC was mostly about the lighter-divisions. The Featherweight and Batamweight divisions were exclusive to the promotion. They also gave exposure to countless future stars at Welterweight and Lightweight. I get what you mean when you say it was like a pro wrestling indie promotion. It was for hardcore MMA fans. The name Paulo Filho may not have meant much to the average UFC fan at the time, but he certainly did to hardcore MMA fans. Carlos Condit was someone who I had heard about from reading about Rumble On The Rock shows, but I didn't get to see him fight until he started fighting in the WEC.
  7. UFC on FOX: Emmett vs Stephens - Feb 24

    Amazingly, Aldo and Torres never reigned at the same time. Just as Aldo was about to reach the pinnacle, Torres started to decline. In many ways, it could be argued that Aldo replaced Torres as the WEC's consensus best fighter. Aldo beat Mike Brown to win the Featherweight belt in November of 2009. Aldo was on the rise before winning the belt, but his reputation as a fighter didn't peak until he won the belt of Brown, and followed it up by slicing Faber to bits on the WEC's only PPV in April of 2010. Torres had lost his belt some 3 months before Aldo beat Brown, and lost to Benavidez the month before Aldo beat Faber. Thinking about it a bit more, it was the Benavidez defeat that was the death nail of Torres's aura. The Bowles fight was a crazy brawl, and Torres had Bowles in a bit of trouble before getting caught rushing in. It was tempting to write that fight off as an anomaly. A bit similar to how some quite unfairly reacted when Weidman beat Anderson the first time. However, when Benavidez wrestlefucked and subbed Torres in his next outing, it was clear that Torres's time at the top of the sport was on very shaky ground. Torres's reputation peaked around 2008 and early 2009. In addition to the reasons already mentioned, another reason for his reputation was that his record was very easy on the eyes. At the time, it was rare in MMA for a fighter to have amounted 30 plus fights on their record, and have only 1 defeat to their name. It was the sort of record you only really saw in boxing.
  8. UFC on FOX: Emmett vs Stephens - Feb 24

    Aye, I don't think many predicted Barao's demise. At one stage the UFC were so confident in Barao's ability that they hyped him as the world's best fighter. He was that highly rated, that when he rematched Faber there was a feeling that the outcome was inevitable. The same applied for when he fought Macdonald in London. I do think that lighter-weight fighters have a relatively short shelf-life. Those divisions tend to evolve pretty quickly. Barao isn't an isolated incident either. I always remember Frank Mir saying that Miguel Torres was as close to a perfect fighter as you could get. He was 37-1 and a P4P kingpin until he literally ran into Brian Bowles in 2009. He never had the same aura after that fight. Either he regressed or the division evolved - or perhaps a combination of both. People don't remember Torres so much because his rise and fall took place in the WEC. Unlike Barao, Cruz, Aldo, Dillahsaw and others who have reigned in the lighter-weight divisions, all of the key moments in Torres's career took place outside of the UFC. However, for a time, Torres - like Barao - was somewhat of a reference point in MMA. In addition, Barao is a bit like Aldo, in that they have both amounted a lot of miles on the clock at a relatively young age. I am not sure how Barao trains, but the beatings he received from Dillashaw surely took years off his career. Therefore, it seems unlikely that his career will rebound.
  9. Boxing Thread

    In retrospect, it seems quite obvious that Eubank was going to be exposed. As stated, he does things his own way, and seemingly doesn't listen to anyone. However, it was not known before Saturday that this was going to be such an issue. Beforehand, those more qualified to have an informed opinion on Groves vs Eubank did not predict that Eubank would lose. Elliot Worsell had been present when Eubank sparred with Groves on numerous occasions. Adam Booth had a brief stint as Eubank's trainer, and was also Groves's trainer for many years previously. Neither predicted a Eubank defeat. Booth leaned towards Eubank winning, and Worsell said it was too close to call. I was unaware until fight week that BJS had half-arsed his preparation for his fight with Eubank in late 2014. That might explain why BJS lost rounds in the second half of that fight. It wasn't so much Eubank coming on strong, it was more that BJS faded. An in-shape version of BJS - like the one who fought Lemieux - would presumably beat Eubank quite easily.
  10. UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Medeiros - Feb 18

    Yep, that offer rings a bell now you mention it. They were indeed great shows. Strikeforce was ace around that period. The only show from that period I remember being shit was the one from Nashville where Hendo fought Shields with a bad back and Mayhem got into a post-fight brawl with the Diaz brothers. That one was shown on Bravo I believe.
  11. UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Medeiros - Feb 18

    I don't remember Strikeforce charging PPV over here. Must have slipped my mind. I do remember Bravo showing some Strikeforce shows and the Fedor vs Arlovski Affliction show. I agree about it being a treat to watch such events on TV. I would always wait to watch events on TV, provided they were shown on a 24 hour delay.
  12. UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Medeiros - Feb 18

    For years, I associated Sunday evenings with MMA. Bravo used to show UFC events on a 24 hour delay; meaning that they were usually shown on a Sunday evening. Also, back in the early-ish days of torrents, it used to take until Sunday evenings to download UFC/EliteXc/Affliction shows. It's much easier to watch shows live today. The problem with shows being held on Sunday evening in the States is that most people in the UK won't get to see them until Monday evening. When they are held on Saturday or Friday evenings people often don't have to work the next day. Therefore, they can watch the shows live, or the next morning. Not many in the UK are going to stay up until 6am to watch a fight night card then drag themselves off to work a few hours later. It's also rare these days that the UFC do a show on a Sunday evening that has much relevance. It's usually a small fight-night show, so it's not an occasion that fans associate with big fights or anything. The UFC aren't the first to host shows on a Sunday. The WEC used to run shows on a Sunday night as well. In fact, they also used to run mid-week shows as well. I remember it being a right ball-ache when it came to avoiding results for those shows.
  13. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I think Bisping will end up fighting Rashad towards the end of the year.
  14. Boxing Thread

    "The British version of Ali vs Frazier" - Mick Hennessy.
  15. Boxing Thread

    Get-in George. I had it 116-112 to Groves. Some online had it even wider. Naz is currently ripping Eubank Jr to shreds.