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  1. Dana White has been named as a victim in a sex-tape extortion case - https://www.reviewjournal.com/investigations/ufcs-dana-white-named-as-extortion-victim-in-sex-tape-case-1999477/ I bet he's shite in bed.
  2. And Sakuraba even gave a decent account of himself against Igor. He managed to score a few takedowns on the much bigger man. Sakuraba's single leg was a thing of beauty. The fight was initially declared a draw, and an extra round was called for to decide the victor. It was only then, after fighting for a total of 105 minutes in a single night, that Sakuraba's team decided to throw in the towel. Today, Sakuraba would be a welterweight, whereas Igor would probably be a light-heavyweight or a massive middleweight. Thus, the modern-day equivalent would be GSP having a 90 minute grappling match with Maia, then fighting Yoel Romero or Paulo Costa for 15 minutes. Madness. Yep, notice how heavily taped up his right knee is in the picture above. The guy was actually held together by medical tape for much of his career. If you check back, his knee was taped up for the Belfort fight in April of 1999. For me, Horiguchi is the greatest Japanese fighter of all-time. I believe he's currently one of the world's best fighter - but because he fights in Rizin and lost his last bout - perception is yet to catch up to reality. The most successful would probably be Gomi or Aoki. The former had an incredible run between 2004 and 2006, where he would have probably been perceived as the P4P number 1 if not for Fedor's presence (btw, I agree with you that P4P discussions are mostly stupid). The latter built up an incredible resume between 2006-2012 - scoring multiple victories over world-class lightweights - even if he never did much for me personally. Yet Sakuraba is still easily Japan's most iconic fighter. And I don't see that changing any time soon.
  3. That reminds me. Does anyone remember years ago when Rampage implied that Bisping used drugs? Rampage was apparently not implying that Bisping used PEDs. Instead, he was implying that Bisping used recreational drugs when he was a DJ.
  4. Lennon Jr. Buffer does little for me. Neither does David Diamante.
  5. The UFC have also managed to poach Rizin BW Champion Manel Kape - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/3/31/21201755/ufc-signs-rizin-bantamweight-sensation-manel-kape-champion-mma-news That pretty much confirms that Horguchi will rematch Asakura for the vacant title later this year.
  6. Add Fitzgerald to those currently suspended by the BBBofC. He'd just got out of rehab and moved down to London. However, it appears as though he returned to Preston on Monday night, which is when the incident with his ex-partner occurred. There are some grim pictures of his ex-partner on Twitter that show the damage the assault caused. It really is a sad state of affairs.
  7. Penn also couldn't take a body shot very well. It was something that I missed at the time, but when Jack Slack looked back at Penn's fight with Diaz and his rematches with GSP and Hughes - he noticed that Penn became winded in all 3 fights after sustaining a few shots to the stomach. I'm not saying that was the only reason Penn slowed down in the Hughes rematch. The rib injury was probably legitimate. But the body shots that Hughes landed in the 3rd round, which you noted in your write-up, probably slowed Penn down further. That weakness in Penn's game was related to his complacency. Perhaps had he trained more seriously and dieted better he would have been less vulnerable to body blows. But that was BJ Penn for you, a flawed genius who should have achieved a lot more as a fighter. Btw, I am really enjoying reading this thread. I'd forgotten a ton of stuff. Such as Jeremy Jackson getting thrown out of the TUF house and later getting convicted of rape.
  8. There were also strong rumours that Keith Hackney was going to be part of the cast. Hackney was best known for this: And this:
  9. Agreed. Bas and Mauro were simply a good fit together. Their chemistry can't be attributed to their friendship or their working environment. Mauro was mates with Franky Shams - yet those two never really gelled together on commentary. Moreover, Mauro seemingly got on well with Showtime's crew, whereas Gary "Jerry" Millen treated him like crap.
  10. Cejudo is quite clearly Dave Rubin's mini-me.
  11. Mauro's commentary style has always been a bit Marmite. For some, his enthusiasm is overbearing and leaves them reaching for the mute button. For others his passion adds meaning to the spectacle - "if he cares so much, it must mean something". Personally, I am in the latter group. However, I always felt Mauro was better in Pride than he was in Elite XC and Strikeforce. Working in front of a larger audience - Stirkeforce/Elite XC broadcasts on Showtime and CBS drew far more viewers than Pride PPVs - didn't bring out the best in Mauro. His commentary became a bit forced in the late 2000s. In particular, he had tendency to cram in needless pop culture references into his observations. He's recently rediscovered his form in Bellator, where he brings out the best in Big John. Without Mauro's professionalism pushing him into taking his commentary gig seriously, Big John becomes complacent alongside Goldberg - who clearly doesn't give a toss about MMA anymore, and just enjoys receiving an easy pay cheque and hanging around with his buddy.
  12. I love these two mental fuckers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFmX6Bh1PGM
  13. At the risk of tempting fate: (1) I doubt Ferguson vs Gaethje will actually happen. (2) If it does, I think Ferguson will win. Elsewhere, these two plebs are still at it:
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