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  1. Interview with Borics: I'm currently leaning towards a Caldwell victory. But I would prefer Borics to win.
  2. You are a hater. #MacLife #McGregorisinoccent #McGregorwinstherematch
  3. Exactly. The only reason the rematch is being discussed so much is because Dana is floating the possibility of it. Pretty much anyone who is more than a casual MMA fan is more excited about Khabib vs Ferguson. It's a fresher and probably a more competitive match-up.
  4. He managed to have a sustained period where he got the better of Khabib, hence why he won the third frame. I don't think anyone Khabib has faced, except Tibau has had that sort of success against him. Iaquinta had a nice flurry at the end of the forth round. But again, Khabib seemed to be having issues with his hand in the later rounds. It's also not like Iaquinta has a record of stopping fighters like McGregor has. The grappling comparison you draw also sells McGregor short. As Jack Slack wrote in the aftermath: Barboza is not a bad defensive grappler. He did everything his coach told him to do against Khabib. That's already happened. But I take no notice of that. No one, on here at least, is claiming that McGregor is going to win the rematch. All I am saying is that he has a slightly better chance than you, and some others, are giving him credit for.
  5. Of course. But I would give McGregor a better chance than almost all of them. I give Ferguson a bit better chance. Possibly Gaethje as well. That is about it.
  6. Eh? McGregor does have some weapons that could give Khabib problems on the right night: - McGregor had success in the third round when he put Khabib on the back foot. - He did slow Khabib down a bit with front kicks. - He does have relatively decent defensive grappling. - Conor is also a very dangerous striker. He has scored knockdowns on every opponent he's faced north of 145lbs, bar Khabib. Now, does that mean that McGregor will beat Khabib on the average night? No, of course not. Khabib beats him much more often than not. But MMA often throws up random results, where a fighter with few advantages over his opponent somehow wins. As examples, Uriah Hall > Mousasi, Serra > GSP, etc. This isn't a slight on Khabib. More of an acknowledgement of McGregor's skills and how MMA fights often do not go to script.
  7. Khabib has a very good jab. Conor, at the least, was able to deal with it for a round or so, and even win the round. Iaquinta didn't take round off Khabib, and had a harder time dealing with the latter's jab. I also got the impression that Khabib had injured his hand in the latter stages of the Iaquinta fight. MMA Math does not really work either. Cerrone beat Iaquinta quite comfortably. Whereas McGregor beat Cerrone in 40 seconds. That would imply that McGregor is another galaxy to Iaquinta, and draw your comparison between McGregor and Iaquinta into question. Styles make fights. The rest of your paragraph is just a rant against the annoying McGregor fanboys that pollute Twitter. I don't see any of the like on here.
  8. - McGregor defended well against Khabib in the opening round. Much better than others fared. - Yes, he got dropped in the 2nd round, but that had a Randleman/Cro Cop vibe to it. In a straight striking bout, Conor would most likely beat Khabib. Likewise, Khabib would massacre Conor in a straight grappling match. Under mixed rules, where both grappling and striking are allowed, things can get a little wild. Wrestlers can feint takedowns, open up a strikers' defence, and then drop them with punches. Which is exactly what Khabib did. - Of course, under mixed rules, Khabib is the better fighter. Everyone knows this. But that does not mean that Conor is not elite. It just means that there is one fighter better than him in his weight range. Are there more fighters better than him? Possibly so, we will find out in the next few years if he sticks about. - McGregor had some success in the third when he put Khabib on the back foot. He probably even won the round. The only fighter to have taken a round off Khabib in the UFC, other than perhaps Tibau.
  9. He had some very tough opponents on the way up. A young Max Holloway, Poirier, Mendes, etc. Eh? Not in the same league does not just mean "a level below". It's like saying that Stoke City are only a level below Liverpool. I clearly did not make out that McGregor is close to Jones or GSP. Khabib beats him 7 or 8 times out of 10. I've not really thought about the Masvidal fight, but I struggle to imagine McGregor getting a result there. Happy?
  10. You could have picked a better name than Iaquinta. McGregor would have few problems with him. It should be remembered that McGregor beat Mendes. Sure, Mendes had a short camp, but McGregor helped tire Mendes out with kicks to the body and eventually outlasted him. McGregor also could not use his counter striking game as well in that fight because of his ACL injury. Khabib was also made to work hard to get McGregor down to the mat. Of course, a Clay Guida or Jim Miller has the game to beat him. They match up with him well. But I don't think McGregor is any more vulnerable to takedowns than Anderson Silva was in his prime. In fact, McGregor probably has a more adaptable striking game than Anderson - given that he can lead as well as counter. In short, McGregor is an all-time great in my view. He's a two weight world champ, one of the best strikers in MMA history, and has a very impressive resume of wins. He's not in the same league as GSP or Jones, but who the hell is?
  11. That makes sense. When I first heard the news, I assumed that Whittaker was battling depression again. However, if you listen to Dana's interview, it sounds like the issue is with someone close to Whittaker, rather than Whittaker himself. Regardless, all the best to him.
  12. All this brings up an interesting question about Mike Goldberg. Did he start to phone it in as time went on? Or was he always crap?
  13. I think Dana is expecting Khabib to beat Ferguson. Hence his assumption that the McGregor/Khabib rematch will be on the table in a few months time. I don't think the UFC will scrap Khabib vs Ferguson. It's seemingly set in stone for April. The only way McGregor jumps Ferguson in the queue is if the latter gets injured. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.
  14. He's one of the best strikers MMA has ever seen. You don't walk through the likes of Aldo, Alvarez, Cerrone, etc, without being something a bit special on the feet. If I had been in a coma for 3 years and woke up just in time to see this fight, without any knowledge of McGregor's numerous transgressions, I would have been buzzing after that performance. Instead, I feel a lot of regret. I absolutely adore him as a fighter. As a rule, I prefer strikers to grapplers in modern MMA, and McGregor, in addition to being skilled in both kicking and countering, is never in a dull fight. Yet, I can't support the cunt, because well, he's a cunt. Who is next for him? I can see him being matched with anyone out of Khabib, Masvidal, Gaethje or Diaz. I also think Tony Ferguson is in the frame. If Ferguson can upset Khabib then I am sure the UFC would be very tempted to match him against Conor. Time will tell.
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