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  1. I've long considered Ferguson to be overrated, but I don't doubt his toughness and durability. The question is, can Khabib and co withstand Gaethje's strikes in the same way? I lean towards no on that question.
  2. Jan is a quality fighter, a level above journeymen like Reyes, Cormier and Jones. But he wouldn't last a round against Nemkov.
  3. Highlights from last night's show: youtube.com/watch?v=dGibP8M5gF8
  4. McGregor is probably done as a serious fighter. It speaks volumes that he's chasing a boxing bout with Pac, a fight he has next to no chance of winning, and a bout with Sanchez, who would be one of the most blatant cherry picks in combat sport history.
  5. I caught the main two bouts, and enjoyed both for what they were. I expected Stylebender to win, but I didn't think he would win with such ease. I assume the winner of Santos/Glover is next for Jan?
  6. Aye, by pure chance I was reading Tanner's record only the other week. It popped into my head that his fight with Grove was one of the weaker main events of that era, and there was therefore a chance that Grove would have been sent to the prelims for his next fight.
  7. I don't get the same hard-on over Lawler that most do. But if Perry managed to beat him, it would be almost as sad as when Schuab beat an ancient version of Cro Cop.
  8. Kendall Grove. He beat Evan Tanner in the main event of the TUF 7 finale. In his next fight, he beat Jason Day on the prelim portion of the UFC 96 PPV. There are probably a few other examples. I just can't think of them.
  9. Dana White - "He is the most special fighter I've ever come across." Just a reminder that Dana once claimed that Phillipe Nover reminded him of GSP and could be the "next Anderson Silva". That said, I hope Chimaev dominates all of the top UFC Welterweights with the exception of Usman.
  10. Why isn't there an Out Of Context Twitter account for Steve Collins? After all, Collins did beat Eubank and Benn twice each, and had three times the charisma of both as well.
  11. Apparently Khongsong is a massive puncher. Fingers crossed he doesn't cause an upset.
  12. Ebb, perhaps we could use this thread to discuss all three of Bellator's shows in Italy? It makes sense, given that they take place over the space of 7 days.
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