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  1. Apparently Scott Fitzgerald is on remand and is probably going to be sent down. It sounds like his boxing career is as good as over. On the lighter side of things, I can't wait to see this stud back in the ring:
  2. Thomas Hauser's 2015 articles on Mayweather and USADA: - https://www.sbnation.com/longform/2015/9/9/9271811/can-boxing-trust-usada - https://web.archive.org/web/20151016000105/https://www.boxnation.com/boxing-news/was-floyd-mayweather-really-dehydrated-the-fallout-from-can-boxing-trust-usada/ I reread these articles the other day. There is tons of information in them I either forgot or was unaware of. In particular, I forgot about the rumours that Mayweather tested positive for an illegal substance 3 times between 2011-2012 and that Pacquiao's camp tried to unearth evidence of the positive tests from USADA. I would also recommend the articles for anyone who is interested in the differences between VADA and USADA.
  3. 😀 Most media outlets scored those two fights against him. I personally had him edging the Condit fight. The rematch with Hendricks? As much as I loathe to admit it, I did score that one for Hendricks and was pleasantly surprised on the night when Lawler got the nod.
  4. I don't particularly like Masvidal as a person. But in regards to this weekend's fight, it is more that I don't want Usman to lose, rather than wanting Masvidal to fail. For my money, Usman is easily the best champion the welterweight division has seen since GSP. I always found Woodley to be an overrated fighter, and as entertaining as Lawler's fights were as champion, he didn't half get the benefit of the doubt from the judges at times. It would be a shame if Usman's streak was interrupted by fighter, who while world-class, isn't elite level (IMO).
  5. Rizin is back next month! They are running shows on the 9th and 10th of August. They will be using Japanese fighters only.
  6. The general consensus seems to be that Usman, Yan, and Volkanovski are all heavy favourites heading into this weekend. As great a fighter as Holloway is, Volkanovski should be favourite. Not only did he win the first meeting between the pair, but he's also one of the most under-appreciated fighters in the game. He's, at worst, top 5 P4P. You could make an reasonable argument that the likes of Khabib, Izzy, Usman should be above him, but who else? Cejudo is inactive for the time being. Jones has looked very vulnerable of late against middling opposition. McGregor hasn't beaten a top-level opponent since 2016. Gaethje is a stunning fighter, but was his win over Ferguson really more impressive than Volkanovski's win over Holloway? I have no idea why Cormier still appears in P4P rankings, let alone ranked above more deserving fighters (the UFC have him ranked above Usman ffs) Aldo has seen much better days and Yan is an emerging force. So Yan being favourite makes perfect sense. Usman? He is rightfully favourite, but I am not ruling out a Masvidal victory. Usman may find it difficult to control Masvidal. The fight will take place in the larger cage, which naturally benefits the striker over the grappler. Masvidal also has some pretty tidy takedown/ground defence. I am picking Usman, but I won't be shocked if Masvidal pulls off the upset (although I hope he doesn't).
  7. I am very thankful that Masividal stepped in at short notice. But still, fuck him, I hope Usman takes him to school.
  8. If this card was taking place at the Apex, they probably would have sidelined Usman. However: I was scratching my head before reading Helwani's Tweet.
  9. (1) Aye, Tito Ortiz called Ibarra a "thief" and Rampage made similar comments. Ibarra then sued both for defamation of character. They came to a settlement in 2015 - https://www.mmafighting.com/2015/5/21/8640003/tito-ortiz-rampage-jackson-and-juanito-ibarra-settle-legal-disputes Tito's comments in that article make it sound that Rampage was mistaken about Ibarra (or perhaps even lying about him). (2) I had it in my head that Rampage had the "religious experience" that led to him "finding god" just before the 2nd loss to Wanderlei (which took place in October of 2004). The article below says he became a "born again" Christian in 2004. So either of us could be right. - https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/12/rampage/307152/
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