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Not a particular hot or recent take but The End Of Heartache by Killswitch Engage still absolutely fucks.

Had it blasting out today and it's the best album of it's genre. It was also massive at the time and crossed over a fair bit, and I feel like I saw them every 3 months live over here around this time. Every time was great too. #HowardForever

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Mark Henry: Through The Ages.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTeMpbHCm-9NqCvn3rU6sRA/videos This guy has uploaded a load of punk/hardcore live shows from the 90's. Including bands like Converge/Ignite/Mineral/Jimmy Eat Worl

Hot and up to date takes from some albums I've listened/re-listened to this weekend: The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness First time listening to this, and I've nev

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Hopefully this is the right place to put this. One of my hobbies during Covid has been to learn how to record and mix music. I’ve wasted more money than I’d care to admit buying pointless plugins that promised to improve my vocals at the click of a button, and I’ve spent hours fretting over tiny little things that are hardly noticeable, but I’m finally happy with the end product. 

Have a listen here if you’re keen, would love some feedback on what has essentially been an obsession for a number of months.

(It also features many “Tories are cunts” elements, if that entices you further)

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