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Class and shit t-shirts - off-topic edition!

Devon Malcolm

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We went to Scarborough over the last bank holiday weekend. Seen a biker gang on our travels, each of them wearing one of these:


Only it had "❎ - BLM" at the bottom.

Depressingly, have seen a good few of these in and around Nottingham as of late.

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2 hours ago, Scott Malbranque said:

Don't understand the logic of this carry on:


This got bought for me when I was 16. Weirdly by a family member. Who clearly didn’t know me well enough at all. And it was a pointless thing to wear considering there was nothing legendary where that arrow was pointing unless my hand was telling stories. 

Maybe they thought it would help me get laid. But I was never going to put that to the test. 

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2 hours ago, cobra_gordo said:

It is indeed real. There's a bunch of bootleg shirt companies on Instagram, saw that one recently but can't for the life of me remember which company makes it.

It looks like something Kwyjibo would design.

I've been getting really into bootleg shirts recently. Theres some great people out there like Hell on Shirts, Final Boss, Pizza Eaters.

I got these shirts recently






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