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Pat Patterson has passed away

Nick James

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Very sad news. Though we'll never see the much-talked about tournament in Rio de Janeiro, he was the first holder of my favourite wrestling title. He was great fun as a stooge; I very much enjoyed playing as his character in SmackDown 2. And the man came up with the concept for the Royal Rumble, the single match I look forward to most each year, for which I will always be grateful. RIP.

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1 minute ago, TomJones233 said:

LIterally never implied it was a bad thing.

It sounded pretty insincere.

Must be hard for old Vinny Mac, I'm sure he is aware of his own mortality but when so many people you have been friends with and worked with for the best part of 40 years (probably longer) it must get you thinking when is my time up?

I loved Pat as one of the stooges, but more so he was the first intercontinental champion, my favourite championship.

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No one else could do a better stinkface ;p. RIP Pat.

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Pretty sad on the face of it. As already mentioned, he's one of the brightest guys in wrestling, his idea of how to tell a story is ingrained in the wrestling most of us grew up with, the Royal Rumble is an incredible legacy. Along with Gerry Brisco, I always found him a hoot on screen. I obviously missed his prime by a long way and I've never really caught up but even in comedy matches and skits long after he always sold his arse off and threw a great punch.

It seems everyone in wrestling is a scumbag and Pat has his fair share of rumours and accusations. I'm never sure what's true, what's jealousy and what's related to him being openly gay. I hope none of it is true. He's too much like a friendly uncle and it would be a shame to spoil that impression.


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