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General Pinochet's All New Domestic Football 20/21. Arsenal and Spurs free!!!

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You think you can tell him what to do? You think you can tell him what to wear? You think that you're better? Well you better get ready to bow to the master  

I know everyone is bored of me going on about Wrexham, and next season I'll make my own thread so people can avoid me going on about them like we did with the North London clubs, but here is their mis

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No. You've got your own thread. No PESing.


Actually other than Steve Justice, he's ok. He's allowed in here. All other Spurs and Arsenal fucking sub Old Firm twats get in the thread that's been made for you until you stop being annoying. 

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2 hours ago, Steve Justice said:

So that Ozil, eh?!

An easy scapegoat for the execs of Arsenal who took this decision.


Didn't he also want to find out where his pay cut money was going to ensure it was used to help avoid job losses? And when he wasn't given the reassurances he asked for, didn't accept the pay cut, therefore leading to the spin against him?


Like, if Arsenal are foolish enough to continue paying him a ridiculous amount of money, and not play him, then more fool Arsenal. 


Also, has there ever been any explanation as to why Arteta was like "nah we don't need him?" 


I'm a Forest fan, before anyone starts! 

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I hope so. Honestly, having lived in Walsall for a year I saw a lot of people I made friends with and how amazing being in Europe was for them and the games they were having. The teams strong, I'd say realistically only Inter or United stand a better chance than them as they've been playing so regularly too. 


I say all this and they'll go and bolt it tonight now. 

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I've never understood the wishing of another English club success in Europe, but I don't have an issue with it. 

Unless of course that club is your actual rival. The point of a rivalry is to want the exact opposite of success. 

If you don't want your rival club to have back to back relegations and dissappear into obscurity, you're doing it wrong. 

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