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The All New Post a pic of yersen.

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This is from a while back, but me two years ago vs me a couple of weeks back. Down to 110kg now. Got some checkups next week.  I need a new hi-viz as mine is getting a bit scruffy. 

Cheers, @Onyx2. I've lost about 3 stone (20kg) since my Diabetes diagnosis in February of this year, but from when I started under the sleep clinic a few years back it's actually closer to 8 stone I'v

It's not as great as it sounds. Three heads of long hair means that his plug hole will be in a right state.

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Excuse the Instagram resolution. My head is mashed, I've been down an autism rabbit hole this past week or so,to the point that when I should gave been doing some essential stuff for my NVQ, I actually ended up researching Executive Dysfunction and realising that was the reason I wasn't doing it. Anyway, I digress. I took a quick selfie yesterday. Back to work for a day tomorrow, so assuming no further locking down occurs hi-viz duty may be resumed soon. 


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On 3/28/2021 at 1:14 PM, Frankie Crisp said:

I’ve got new bins, about ten years after I needed them. Everything is in HD.


That’s a Zoom screengrab; I’m not auditioning for Blind Date.

Are they readers or see-ers? I have to get readers soon.

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1 hour ago, PowerButchi said:

Pimps up, Hos down




I have an unreal amount of love for this.

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