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What are you looking forward to in Wrestling?

Silky Kisser

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Could be 2 weeks or 2 years from now, it doesn't really matter. But what are you chomping at the bit to see in wrestling? 


For me, it's a Kevin Owens face turn. 

It's some smart mark glorified wankfest, but I just can't wait to see the crowd pop for it. Having only ever seen him work in WWE, I'm wondering how good a babyface he could be. Seems like he would have bags of fire and usually throws himself into everything he's given, so I hope it happens at some point. 

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The Oedo Tai girls (not Martina) from STARDOM coming to WWE, they’re all in their early 20s so it’s bound to happen, would love a proper female stable running a muck.


Have Kairi Sane turn heel and start dressing in black like Black Beard and lead the group.



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Short-ish term ;

AJ vs Miz or AJ vs Orton. AJ has benefited tremendously from having a strong heel to work with in Joe and moving on to either "The A Lister" or the renaissance of psychotic Orton would provide matches I want to watch.

NXT UK starting to air.

Rey coming back. Loads of good matches for him and he's still got a lot to give.

Alexa vs Trish, actually the "one more match" I'd have wanted for Trish, I was absolutely delighted when it was announced.

Shawn wrestling again. Still an element of "I'll believe it when I see it" but seeing the old goat give it another whirl will be brilliant.

Mid-term ;

Io vs Kairi before Kairi gets moved up, Kairi vs Asuka after she does.

Another full NXT tour over here.

Introduction of Womens tag belts to give either the Iiconics or Mandy & Sonya something to get their teeth into.

Toni going full time NXT.

Sasha finally turning heel.

Naito getting another run with the IWGP title....? Probably wishful thinking.

Cena coming back.

Long-term ;

Asuka vs Io.

Seth getting another chance on top. People fucking love him, go sell them t-shirts.

The Rock meeting Elias.

The Undertaker going into The Hall of Fame and hopefully doing an out of character talking heads doc.

Finding Vince's secret memoirs from beyond the grave, as discussed.

Ziggler retiring.

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Stealing AR's format - 

Shortish term;

This weekend's Fight Club Pro shows.

NXT TV building nicely

New Japan's Power Struggle and King Of Pro Wrestling

Catching up on the last few Beyond shows and the Scenic City Invitational

The PWG BOLA preview videos



Stag do at OTT or WXW

Watching how the Golden Lovers partership/feud progresses

Starting my deep dive in 90's All-Japan

Wrestle Kingdom and New Years Dash

Inevitably getting caught up in the 'Mania build, starting with the Rumble

Trying to watch the big WrestleMania Weekend shows; Spring Break III, NXT, Mercury Rising, WrestleCon and the big ROH/New Japan show at MSG

Pre-ordering the PWG BOLA Blu-Rays



Finding a way back into regular WWE programming

Trying to catch a wrestling show or two on the honey moon

All In 2?

Watching PWG BOLA 2018 just in time for the BOLA 2021 card to be announced

Matt Riddle vs Brock Lesnar



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Velveteen v Cena

Velveteen v anyone not named Ziggler

Joe v Cena

PCO v Jun Kasai

BOLA 2018 coming out

Women's wrestling in the west keeping on improving

Io v Asuka

Shayna Baszler on main roster

Janela's Spring Break 3

DDT doing Mania weekend

Nakajima 4 GHC Champ

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Vince fucking off. I don't wish death on the crazy old bastard but I do wish he'd completely disappear so we can see what the next evolution of WWE is. It's been polished and polished for years into one man's vision and it desperately needs to break free from it's shiny cocoon. 

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Short-term, for the TV product from WWE to improve (see Smackers last two weeks as example). Mid-term, Vince to concentrate fully on XFL and take time away from WWE, with a view to "retiring" in the early 20's. Longterm: NXT UK to become fully established in it's own right, not as an NXT regionalisation, and for NXT to continue to expand it's horizons with "performance centres" around the world. Paris, Mexico City, Calgary [ALBERTA, CANADA] etc. For WWE and NJPW to establish some form of working relationship, be it talent sharing, or knowledge of each others regions and talent scouting.

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2 hours ago, TildeGuy~! said:

The Oedo Tai girls (not Martina) from STARDOM coming to WWE, they’re all in their early 20s so it’s bound to happen, would love a proper female stable running a muck.

Rookies. Currently well down an already depleted STARDOM roster. I'd be surprised if at least 2 haven't retired in the next 3 years, which'd be a-typical for that promotion. If any of them prove to be any good, they'll be singles wrestlers before too long. "Bound to happen" could be stretching it.

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PROGRESS this weekend in that London

Joe Vs Cena

Taker bringing back the biker character

Matthew Riddle in NXT, then maybe on Smackdown (Riddle Vs Joe?  Riddle Vs Nakamura?)

Ambrose going full on unhinged Jon Moxley heel on the Shield, or at least as full on as they'll allow.

Naito winning the IWGP title.

Rusev Day.

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Riddle's incoming in-ring debut, seeing whatever PAC does on the indy scene, seeing Meiko Satamura live again (hopefully), Omega/Tanahashi at the Dome (and just that show in general) the new wave of indie talent coming through in America, making a crack at getting into modern day NOAH/AJPW/DDT, SANADA's inevitable babyface run, the prospect of Kitamura and Hiromu making returns, Fale continuing to piss people off.

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