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  1. Au contraire. She very much appreciates my botoxed face and trout pout. So much so that she commissioned an oil painting of me. Get yer facts straight smart arse.
  2. Katy B. "Crying For No Reason" [live] Stunning.
  3. If anyone has an interest in audio bootlegs, I have an online list. Old school heavy rock/metal, original punk, indie & pop. Made up of; soundboard recordings, audience tapings, rehearsals, studio demo's etc. Message me if you'd like a look. I've no objection to sharing some, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
  4. Hiromu put him over too. Book it New Japan.
  5. Amazing ring-presence. Carries himself like a Champ.
  6. Just the latest in a line (of ones we know about). There was this cunt too (extract from Wiki): 'Mandelson was one of several key individuals responsible for the rebranding of the Labour Party as New Labour before its subsequent victory in the 1997 election.[5][6] He was twice forced to resign from the Cabinet before leaving Parliament to take up an appointment as a European Commissioner. He later rejoined the Cabinet for a third time after being created a Life Peer, sitting on the Labour benches in the House of Lords. He is the only person to hold the position of First Secretary of State as a Peer'. Hence the reason I can't get excited about this latest episode. I didn't like the man or his 'position' before any of this flared up. Nobody voted for the cunt & he is clearly deeply arrogant. Additionally, he has no mandate or qualifications to be where he is. Hell, I dress casual, but he takes the piss...walking out of Downing Street in an outfit he'd be laughed out of a gymn for wearing. I don't believe this was ever really about his recent transgretions. He's not liked and the opposition (particularly) would love to see him removed. My 'problem' with that is; we're into smokescreen politics. We have huge problems. Spending energy & time on this prick is both a waste & a distraction. Secondly, re-read my 2nd paragraph. You think that sort of bollocks wouldn't happen again? My guess is that it would.
  7. It struck me a couple of days ago that Starmer was supposed to be included in the COVID-19 meetings, scientific briefings and so on. For once, some level of co-operation across parties, at a time when it couldn't be more important. In that position you should be working 48 hours a day and liking it, regardless of political differences. If Starmer is involved, it's about time he spoke and if he isn't involved, has he already explained why not? 282 Britains (probably more) lost their lives in the past 24 hours and Dominic Cummings, his cummings and goings makes the headline of the day. Depressing stuff. In more stupid news, a group of photographers nearly falling over each other (no social distancing) trying to grab photo's of the aforementioned, outside his home. They then sell their grubby little snaps to newspapers, busily faux angering about Cummings and his alleged non-compliance. Hypocrites every frigging direction you look.
  8. A bit random, but it was recently reported that some Romanian workers, employed in German slaughterhouses were allegedly at the centre of an outbreak. Within a day or two, our government / collection of misfits and cretins announced that there would be no quarantine for seasonal workers coming to the U.K for harvesting etc. A few more cases won't make much difference I guess. That seems to have been the rhetoric thus far, in response to potential cases entering Britain. Though of course, we shortly have rules coming into effect, from a totally fucking random date, with limited chances of enforcement & disregarding any potential inconvenient truths, as long as they be picking that fruit. Impeccable work once again. Flawless.
  9. That comes with having been in a privileged position in the first place. If there were any trickle-down effect, it'd be fine and dandy. Actually it wouldn't, because as per, we increasingly seem to require 'celebrity endorsements' or their input, to validate known societal issues, in this case mental health. Twenty seven bastard years, I've suffered with mine & badly for the past 18 of those, existing largely in 'lockdown' conditions. To that, you can add 3 bouts of Lymphoma in the space of 6 years (1 currently). No income for 2 years+ & zero help (except historically with Lymphoma). Never mentioned it before & hopefully never will again. I don't want sympathy, but an intelligent 'system' in place, not the utterly woeful shit, which I've openly ridiculed for years and now refuse to even participate in. To 'play ball' more than anything else, I contacted a local mental health team on one occasion (2013). The 2 staff I spoke with both sounded like they were having breakdowns (just bizarre). Some days later, I furnished them with a multi-page document, already held by my G.P & the DWP, outlining all the problems I'd had from 'Day 1', including the specific reason I'd made contact with them. The barely even half-arsed reply I got, was 'how can we help'?...clearly you fucking can't, was my reaction to that. Never engaged with them again. I casually mentioned it to a GP at the local practice, who basically said they heard that sort of thing fairly frequently. I also refused a home visit to assess me for benefits when I had Stage IV Lymphoma / receiving Chemo, so consequently got fuck all. Whoops! Clearly, I don't react well to scum.
  10. Sums it up well. Another shitstorm in a teacup. Soon to be forgotten...and that doesn't mean I have sympathy for him, or any other Tory bastard.
  11. Depends on your definition of organised religion. C of E, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Shinto...probably have as much in common with gravy as they do with wrestling. Carney's & con artists are just that, whatever brand of crap they're flogging.
  12. I had assumed that a sudden lack of taste and smell was already included as a potential indicator of Covid. This was being reported regularly in the U.S, as far back as March. It was officially added to our list yesterday. When asked why there'd been such a long delay, (parts of) the scientific community have tried to excuse it away by saying that they didn't want to disrupt the way Covid cases were identified/measured. Also arguing that there are a lot of conditions that can lead to lack of taste and smell. I'm old and that's probably happened once in my life, during a very heavy cold...not just fucking randomly on its own (so bullshit). Chances are, the virus will have been spread by people having those symptoms, but not recognising them for what they were. A number of twenty somethings were reporting (if only amongst themselves), those very symptoms in Feb. So wretched statistics are more important than getting vital information to the public. What a bunch of shitarse death-dealers. Being a professor doesn't make you immune from being a fucking wretch.
  13. This is now being touted as a new thing, both here & in the U.S. The Kawaski Syndrome comparison was being made on the day this was posted. Wake the fuck up.
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