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  1. KingofSports

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    As it stands, WWE are welcome to him and that's not something I ever anticipated saying. It's been style over substance ever since he got there. Though not being a viewer of S/down, I imagine his better matches were at NXT Takeover events. I saw most if not all of those and wasn't particularly impressed. Nothing got close to touching his best matches in Japan. Granted, he can't work his true style. I guess smashing orbitals and the like wouldn't go down too well & his schedule(s) may be very different now. I loved him from Day 1 in New Japan. The flashier Shinsuke that started to appear around 2011 /12 (or whenever) was fine, but his 'act' had started to wear on me by the final couple of years. It became largely predictable, to the point of being silly, at times. Wrestling by numbers if you like, formulaic. Probably fair to say, given his age and the number of miles on the clock, his best is now behind him. It wouldn't bother me if he never returned to New Japan. He'll have made good money in the U.S and raised his profile, which in the scheme of things is great and I can't blame him. Just a shame it's had to come at a price...and his intro music still pisses me off.
  2. KingofSports

    Celebrities You Hate (for no apparent reason!)

    Josh Widdicombe....the fucking talentless, omnipresent cunt.
  3. KingofSports

    Quick learners

    All Japan for one.
  4. KingofSports

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    SKY calling bullshit on the Ole story. Bullshit they probably started. Outside of pinching some other club's manager, Zidane's a decent shout isn't he?
  5. KingofSports

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    And gone are the days when Utd had great youngsters like this (@ 25 sec's): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raTArXxVF8o