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  1. Andy Burnham flexing his side-parting then! Send the fucking army in.
  2. Absolutely with you on both of those.
  3. Very much enjoying Andy Burnham & his various counterparts thinking they have any real say in what goes on. Coming out with stuff like, 'this has yet to be agreed'. You'll do what your fucking told sunshine. Where does he think he is? Portland?
  4. Luther from his early FMW days. He was sometimes erroneously listed as Dr. Looser. The crimson mask unsurprisingly was courtesy of The Sheik.
  5. Did anyone else think Trump's 'team of doctors' looked like a bunch of WWF/WCW jobbers. I was half-expecting Madusa to appear & kick one of 'em in the bollocks.
  6. Glad it wasn't just me then. Can't even remember which album I had, "IOU"" rings a bell. Bought it around '88 anyway. Sporadic, scratchy, tuneless, anti-music. Utterly pretentious in my opinion (as you tend to find with jazz / fusion music). I didn't know until yesterday that he was English.
  7. Somewhat difficult to comment, due to his lengthy lay-off, but the form he showed prior to that was outstanding. I'm pretty surprised nobody came in with a serious offer. Clubs have spent £50m on some right old shit, so I'd have taken the gamble @ £40m or whatever his price was. Like many others, VAR first & now the handball rules (along with other appauling & footballing-wise, clueless officiating) are making a fucking nonsense of the game. There was 1 big issue that took years to sort out (goal-line technology). I'd have been happy to argue the toss on individual penalty, offsid
  8. I was around in their heyday, though never a particular fan of the band (bit too American). He was an excellent guitarist though. I believe he was heavily influenced by Allan Holdsworth, though the 1 album I bought of his was virtually unlistenable. The solo during Beat It was possibly the best ever (in a pop song), Eruption was great and had he patented his style, he'd have been worth an absolute fortune. If anyone can get hold of the Pasadena, Oct. '77 gig, it's a particular favourite of mine, from years ago. I imagine it's on youtube; full of energy, raw & dirty. It also went by the boo
  9. Avoiding mass quotes, thanks to anyone who replied. Unfortunately (fortunately), I don't do app's, but suspect that I'll probably live without IMPACT. It just happened to air in a convenient slot & roughly followed AEW. In the event that there was something I really wanted to see, chances are I'd probably get to see it anyway, somehow. ITV apart, they don't half air wrestling on some shitty, two-bob channels.
  10. I'll get off the fence. I was never really on it in the first place. At this point, I see no need for any interaction between the two companies. I had no problem at all when Moxley came in to NJPW. He knew the score, came with his MMA shorts, looked and wrestled the part of a G-1 competitor and then pissed off again. Jericho was fine too + he had prior with New Japan anyway. New Japan will have talent coming through the dojo. AEW needs to establish the roster it has, if and when everybody can fully return. Covid ain't going anywhere in the near future & non-essential international travel s
  11. OK. Thanks. Wherever I saw it mentioned, they were hinting that she might have a no complete clause, or similar. Couldn't really see that being the case, but with Vince, you just never know. That reminds me, Mayu vs. Syuri's just happened. Might be a worth seeing. Though Mayu can be a bit botchy at times.
  12. Kairi Hojo/Sane has announced that she'll be pursuing an ambassadorial role with WWE in Japan, which I think may possibly have already been mooted or stated as fact. She also mentioned continuing to be a player. My understanding of the Japanese meaning of 'player' would normally lead me to think an active roster member. So, unless there's some ambiguity to that statement, I'm not entirely sure how that would play-out. Unless of course, she ultimately wants to return to the U.S.
  13. It appears one of the obstacles blocking a potential AEW/NJPW relationship no longer exists, at least judging by this report. Can't say it bothers me either way personally (unless New Japan got the shitty end of the deal), but I'm aware that it's a direction some folk wouldn't mind seeing the 2 Companies go. https://itrwrestling.com/news/further-details-on-resignation-of-njpw-president-and-ceo-harold-meij/
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