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  1. I wonder if Toyota gifted any of her multiple botches to anyone?
  2. I'm in the demographic that the current generation likes to take a pop at. Funnily enough, I have treated women as equals for decades. Having lived through the women's lib movement, girl power and whatever this current incarnation is supposed to be and much of which I find deeply patronizing towards females...that they need to be; encouraged, empowered by men, or each other, or any of that bollocks. Is this sort of thing not simply reinforcing those stereo-types. I do not doubt your intentions, but it ain't me stopping female wrestling fans or females in general doing anything they want. Perhaps with the caveat, don't expect any favours simply for being female. Equality means just that. Don't strive for equality(+), because that shit isn't acceptable either.
  3. He was shit long before then.
  4. I'm using Firefox and XP and of late half the stuff I try to view won't play...that'll teach me. Anyhow, they had a singles match on 16th Jan. 1995 (presumably in the video you posted). Prior to that there were 2 tag-matches with that combo of Albright / Yamazaki v Vader / Tenta (8th & 14th October '94).
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