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  1. Oddly enough, I quite enjoyed Riho this week & Marko Stunt. That said, it is ridiculous having a 98 pound champion...however gutsy she may be. The sort of thing they can perhaps get away with for a few weeks (or not, judging by Arch's comments).
  2. Hikaru Shida's last show in Japan. AEW could do to bring the other lass in as well (Syuri Kondo). Best unsigned Japanese female worker by some distance. She has been competing in UFC, but suffered 2 or 3 bad losses in her most recent fights.
  3. My collection in general is in good nick. If there's anything here you want to upgrade, we could possibly sort something out: https://puroresuview.blogspot.com/p/british-wrestling-dvds-gallery_22.html
  4. Don't pinch Sabu's headgear. He doesn't like it:
  5. Liger (debut) v Kuniaki Kobayashi https://youtu.be/E1v2lIsRAeE Liger v Kazunari Murakami https://youtu.be/KmV8OciSmP8
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