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  1. A match that would rightly generate zero interest in Japan. As for Emi Sakura being one of the greatest women's wrestlers in the world...whose world? Best mother hen maybe.
  2. Do you happen to know if it's the same Riho that was with Ice Ribbon, like 12 years ago? If memory serves, they were putting her in matches when she was 12 or 14, something ridiculous, anyway. Never heard of her since, but then again I haven't really followed Joshi since 2013 & barely at all in the past 5 years.
  3. マスター Alex Shane san
  4. I always enjoyed the Sting / Cactus match. I think it's the one where Jack just stays on the ramp, waiting for Sting to come out (?). Madusa / Missy was a 3-part affair. If you only got the first segment, you was robbed mate.
  5. Best of the Super Juniors 1974. Not officially 'a thing', but albeit with my fairly limited knowledge, I can't think of anywhere that was producing matches like this, as far back as '74.
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