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  1. Yes. That's exactly what it is. Okada needed time off to put this together?! I've done more interesting shits....and no, I don't make mental notes of everyone's schedules, but it was clearly the dregs of whatever was left over.
  2. Uughh: https://www.njpw1972.com/78669
  3. Bryan "Pop" Robson with Bobby Shinton, at a meat-raffle.
  4. This looks slightly more promising, in terms of the card. I think the last time they held an outdoor show at Jingu, Hashimoto vs. Chono was the main event: https://www.njpw1972.com/tornament/77858?showCards=1
  5. G1 this year runs from 19th Sep. - 18th Oct: https://www.njpw1972.com/78480
  6. Just a few old shots from my blog. R.I.P Rocco - images were supposed to link -
  7. Funny little story here. Harley Race attacked by a group of 4 guys. He grabs the nearest one, pops his eyeball out, turns the guy round, which horrifies the others & then proceeds to use the man as a human shield, whilst he gets back to safety. Cornette reads the story out, but it comes from someone who worked at Harley's wrestling school. Take it from around the 6-minute mark.
  8. I still have this on DVD: A combination of Olympic, freestyle & Sumo, with penalties for periods of inactivity. Many of the competitors are NCAA champions & Olympians: Jeff Prescott v Steve Abas Eric Guerrero v Erik Akin Tony DeAnda v ?Bono Ramico Blackmon v Donny Pritzlaff Brandon Eggum v Markus Mollica Ryan Tobin v Tim Hartung Kerry McCoy v Brian Keck Lancashire was something of a hotbed for amateur wrestling (now it's more Covid), with a lot of clubs in the Aspull, Bolton, Wigan areas. Some survive & thrive today, I believe.
  9. Thanks John. Should've remembered that, as I have the documentary. It'd be interesting to hear the reasoning behind their decision not to release it, in some form, to the general public. May be it'll end up at an auction house?
  10. Jackie Pallo v Mick McManus. A clip from the legendary 'missing footage', believed to be held by ITV. This thing needs airing before there's nobody left who remembers them.
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