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  1. This is more by way of a 'have a look, if you want' type of post. I've recently rebuilt & generally tarted-up my blog/thing. Added lots of new photo's, video & other links. If you have any leanings towards Puro & Joshi, or old school British wrestling, you may hopefully find something of use or interest...even if it's only Dynamite Kid wearing Sayama's mask or marvelling at that dirty heel Cockroach Mask. Whilst there are plenty of merchandise photo's, this isn't a plug for any of that. It's primarily a referencing system for my own purposes and I have zero interest in selling
  2. After 27 years of virtually relentless depression, 10 months of hardcore lockdown & blood cancer for the third time, which I'm currently choosing not to have treated and will likely lead to the inevitable, 'nominations' on here mean about as much as you'd imagine. So, if it saves someone less obnoxious than me from being ridiculed, shoot your votes my way.
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