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The 'One Off' PPV Review a match thread. . .


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Inspired by the interest and participation in the threads that OttoDemWanz and Onyx2 have been doing for Survivor Series, SummerSlam and Hell In A Cell, I thought we'd keep the theme going a bit. WWE in the next two months will be promoting three new shows - Evolution, Super Show-Down in Melbourne and some random PPV come house show from Saudi Arabia in November. 

I thought it would be an interesting idea to go back and look at some of these shows that fell into the category of being a 'One Off'. In the idea that the PPV name can't have been gone back to a second time.

I also wanted the shows to be easily accessible, so I picked PPV's I could find on the WWE Network (ruling out Mayhem in Manchester and Global Warning). I'm not including In Your House shows until they fully dropped the IYH tagline. 

I'm also counting a handful of WCW and ECW shows in order to fill up the numbers a little bit as there were actually less one off's than I was expecting. 

I've decided not to count Road Block/Road Block End of the Line. They are too similar. For the same reason, I'm not counting instances such as 'The Bash' where they just dropped the 'Great American' bit beforehand. 

That brings the total to 24, with a list that looks like the following:

The Wrestling Classic - 1985, TheBig Event - 1986, This Tuesday in Texas - 1991, One Night Only - 1997, Breakdown - 1998, Capital Carnage - 1998, Rock Bottom - 1998, St. Valentine's Day Massacre - 1999, Invasion - 2001, Breaking Point - 2009, Fatal 4 Way - 2010, Capitol Punishment - 2011, Great Balls Of Fire - 2017, Greatest Royal Rumble - 2018, Chi Town Rumble - 1989, Bunkhouse Stampede - 1988, Capitol Combat - 1990, BattleBowl - 1993, Hog Wild - 1996, New Blood Rising - 2000, Greed - 2001, Sin - 2001, December to Dismember - 2006, Massacre on 34th Street - 2000, Barely Legal - 1997. 

Alternates if we get enough interest:

Beast in the East, Live at MSG (2015), Mayhem in Manchester 1998 and Global Warning 2002.

The rules are that you can pick one match, any match from whichever show you get drawn with. I'll do the draw in a week's time, when we have enough names interested, with the possibility of maybe needing a few people to double up, if that happens. Once the draw happens then send me your Review via PM and when I've received them all (I'll give a week from the point when you have been allotted your PPV) then I'll put up a new thread with the Reviews. 

If any of you think I've made a mistake with the PPV's included and/or missed, then please let me know and I'll amend it.

So who's interested in watching a random match, from a one off PPV? 

Edit: With many of you already involved in the Fantasy booking competition and the Hell In A Cell review thread, I've set the deadline back to lunch time on Wednesday 17th of October. Hopefully that gives everyone that wants to, enough time to participate in all the threads. 

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40 minutes ago, Onyx2 said:

In. What about the 'network specials' like Beast from the East, when they did a run of televised house shows? 

I was thinking about these and was in two minds whether or not to include them. They probably should be counted. If we get enough takers for the 24 shows, then I'll count the two of them in, and if we get two particularly eager people that want to seek out a match from somewhere for the Mayhem in Manchester and Global Warning shows, after they've already done one of the PPV's on the Network, then we'll dish those out as well. 

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10 hours ago, Fatty Facesitter said:

I'm in depending on deadline, I've still got Oynx's HITC piece to write this week and the Booking Comp to finalise but if don't mind receiving it next that would be a touch. 

How about Wednesday the 17th of October? Sandwiched between Super Show-Down and Evolution.

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