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Mobile Phone Formation

Keith Houchen

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I've always thought the standard mobile phone formation is 5-3-3.  If I try to say my number in anything but 5-3-3 I struggle to do it.  Someone I know always does it in something like 4-2-3-2 and it always fried my brain.  I reckon it was like when Hungary smashed England at Wembley, I couldn't get my head round the formation.  I reckon it's the same reason I can't play Jazz, my brain can't compute the freeform structure 

It is 5-3-3 isn't it?  

Have you any formations in your life that are sacrosanct?

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5 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

It's weird isn't it? Trying to say it in anything other than your usual formation just fucks with your brain. I can't do it.

Try brushing your teeth with your "Other hand"*


*Not applicable for amputees or Beadle.

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It's 5-3-3. Always. Anything other than that is fucking weird. London phone numbers (and Birmingham & Manchester, too) should shoulder the blame for anyone veering away from this, with their stupid 4 digit area codes.

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