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Devon Malcolm

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I'm mostly doing this because there's people I follow on Twitter who I know are from here but I've no idea who and I don't want to look a rude twat by asking.

So list whatever social media sites you're on below. I will attempt to update this regularly in this opening post but if it becomes too much hard work I'll pretend to be busy with work and forget this ever happened.


Duke - https://www.facebook.com/freddie.ingle

L_E_T_H_A_L - https://www.facebook.com/red.pillans1985

Onyx2 - https://www.facebook.com/TheBigSpud/


Au - https://www.instagram.com/KonamiKode/

BomberPat - https://www.instagram.com/patrickwreed/

gadge - https://www.instagram.com/80gadge/

Onyx2 - https://www.instagram.com/thebigspud/

RIDDUM_N_STYLE - https://www.instagram.com/stesmedia/

Sergio Mendacious - https://www.instagram.com/attractive_decoy/

simonworden - https://www.instagram.com/simon_worden_vietnam/

sj5522 - https://www.instagram.com/eike_kool/

stumobir - https://www.instagram.com/stumobir/

TheBurningRed - https://www.instagram.com/donalbutler/

UK Kat Von D - https://www.instagram.com/maxrathbone_tattooer/

Your Fight Site - https://www.instagram.com/yourfightsite/ / https://www.instagram.com/martinbean/


Devon Malcolm - http://letterboxd.com/settingsun

Frankie Crisp - https://letterboxd.com/mulv/


Merzbow - https://myspace.com/Zyniker88 (not Aryan88 as reported)


Au - https://uk.pinterest.com/konamikode/

Onyx2 - https://uk.pinterest.com/thebigspud/


Au - k0n4m1k0d3

BomberPat - PatchworkWR

Your Fight Site - khemical1989


Au - konamicode


Au - konamicode


SpursRiot2012 - kingoftheting


Merzbow - http://equalizingdistort.tumblr.com/

Sergio Mendacious - http://attractivedecoy.tumblr.com/


Astro Hollywood - https://twitter.com/franticplanet

Au - https://twitter.com/KonamiKode

bAzTNM - https://twitter.com/bAzTNM

Benno - https://twitter.com/BensonRichardE

BomberPat - https://twitter.com/Patrick_W_Reed

The British Bushwhacker - https://twitter.com/Padz86

Carbomb - https://twitter.com/BenSohawon / https://twitter.com/TheDarkCoast / https://twitter.com/UltraWaveTV

Cod Eye - https://twitter.com/C0deye

DCW - https://twitter.com/ciarancdub22

Devon Malcolm - http://twitter.com/oohhangon

dopper - https://twitter.com/dopper6

Duke - https://twitter.com/fringle

Frankie Crisp - https://twitter.com/_mulv

gadge - https://twitter.com/gadget80

garynysmon - https://twitter.com/crwydropeldroed

Glenryck Pilchards - https://twitter.com/beanyuk

hallicks - https://twitter.com/hallicks

IANdrewDiceClay - http://twitter.com/ian_stewart7

John Matrix - https://twitter.com/LetsBeWater

Jon-Carr_92 - https://twitter.com/JonathanCarr92

Keith Houchen - https://twitter.com/bazihnio

L_E_T_H_A_L - https://twitter.com/TheRedlingView

Linus - https://twitter.com/indysleaze

mim731 - https://twitter.com/tommimnagh

Monkee - https://twitter.com/engyles

Mungo Chutney - https://twitter.com/aomref

Nexus - https://twitter.com/nexustheduck

Nick Soapdish - https://twitter.com/thenicsoapdish

Onyx2 - https://twitter.com/BigSpud

Otto Dem Wanz - https://twitter.com/jamiessr

Ralphy - https://twitter.com/RalphyRamone

RIDDUM_N_STYLE - https://twitter.com/Stevied23

Sergio Mendacious - https://twitter.com/thegoldenspike

sj5522 - https://twitter.com/eike_k00l

Slapnut - https://twitter.com/joshpowjenks

SpursRiot2012 - https://twitter.com/fakenewsjunkie

Statto - https://twitter.com/Crimson__Yellow

stevieg1980 - https://twitter.com/sdshooter80

SuperBacon - https://twitter.com/gbacon85

TheBurningRed - https://twitter.com/DJButler666

Your Fight Site - https://twitter.com/yourfightsite / https://twitter.com/martinbean


Jon-Carr_92 - PriestMaidenDio

Keith Houchen - bazihnio

SpursRiot2012 - kingoftheting


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Well. I'm @JonathanCarr92 on Twitter. I prefer to post as myself. Hence why it'll be easier. I found you purely by chance on there @Keith Houchen when I Favourited a Tweet of yours and you subsequently gave me a Follow. I follow a couple of other people from here as well I recognised. I still find it odd Flavor Flav follows me for example. I got a few celebrity followers and it's crazy to wonder how most of them found me in the first place. It's mostly metal band accounts and a few YouTube people I've never heard of, but enough people have done for them to get their blue tick if that makes sense. Followed back nonetheless. PriestMaidenDio on Xbox. Didn't know what to put and I was fooling around when I came up with that being a bit of a metal person. Even more so at the time. My ideal tag subsequently came to me, but I couldn't be bothered to pay the fee to change it, so I left it. However, I still have my 360 as Xbox Ones are still pricey as hell, but the One X should drive them down to something more reasonable by next year, so hopefully will be able to scrape something together before long. But if anyone still has 360s, at least we can still have a game. If you don't, can still add me and I'm sure we'll have a game when the time comes.

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