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Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.


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Can we bear in mind that Paige's dad posts on here before making comments like Ambulance Chasers please. Quite uncalled for.


As for Paige, hope Alberto isn't getting her into bad habits. Strange that they are both suspended at the same time.

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CageSide has a bit in the gossip portion of the side earlier this week saying HHH thinks Del Rio is a bad influence on Paige because he's always "partying." No idea why they even brought him back to be honest. He's shite.


He is a massive fucking waste of time, isn't he? He showed up at Hell in a Cell and I thought it was pretty cool, until I remembered how sinfully uninteresting he's been since shortly after the Royal Rumble he won. He's Alberto Dull Rio. Meltzer and Alvarez complained about how poorly used he was upon his return, but even when he's been used 'well' before that, he's hardly shone.


I imagine he'll be heading back to Mexico after his latest contract (the one that's allegedly worth a lot of dough) expires.

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