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  1. Fucking hell.
  2. I may sound paranoid saying this, but there is a reason J.K Rowling doesn't want Corbyn to win, She could lose out financially after he taxes those with broader shoulders. This is her. The whole "I care about the poor and people on benefits because I was on them once" schtick is a straight up cherade. People who become rich will vote Tory and do whatever it takes to keep their money and avoid paying their share of tax. Thats how it is. People don't buy Neoliberalism/Third Way politics/Blairism anymore. Which is what Rowling wants. You can't blame Corbyn for the mess the Labour party is in either. That has been years in the making since they decided to move to pretty much whats known as "Red Conservatism". I haven't voted and will not vote in this election. We don't have a free vote in this country our democracy is rigged. Its who the media wants and decide to get behind and portray them as Prime Minister. The non Tory option where I live is the Lib Dems so that is who I vote for. But even Tories I know can blatantly see the hatchet job Corbyn has faced. That will be the big take away from this snap election.
  3. There is none, its just a way to introduce the new belts that are currently being made.
  4. I won't try and influence that judgment, but they are trying which I give them credit for. But they shouldn't go out of their way to please everybody. It usually results in the "throwing shit and hoping it sticks" approach. The previous "restarts" were Dixie putting a lick of paint on everything, but it was still "TNA" and had the stench of her presence she brought in Billy Corgan as "president" but really it was two cheeks on the same arse. With Anthem there now I believe this is a true rebrand. Jarrett has stated he wants more PPVs so who knows there. They have been plugging Slammiversary for weeks (2 months from now) so they have started to take that "in the loop" approach.
  5. Not at all but I do get irritated when its pretty obvious what they're doing (I didn't read spoilers either). You used to be able to build things in wrestling without people complaining or assuming things will be shit. I've seen some good stuff from Impact lately since I started to watch with Jarrett's regime returning i.e Low Ki's return and new gimmick, Rebirth of the X Division and so on. I much prefer it now than the "so bad its good" laughing stock under the Hardys/Billy Corgan (obviously not alone since the avg rating has gone up since they left, actual numbers are better than a bit of praise on Twitter) and drama with Dixie. Right so I'm a retarded Mecca poster now because I'm against the consensus mindset here is that Impact is shit? Fuck me give me risperidone.
  6. All GFW titles are getting killed off at Slammiversary to bring in the new "unified" belts. Simple enough to understand. Are people really dense enough not to understand that? No wonder TV advertisers see wrestling fans as "worse than NASCAR" (Meltzer's words, not mine). Sienna vs Rosemary is obviously one of the title unification matches. Its like companies aren't allowed to build storylines anymore that or there is no patience for a wrestling fan these days. No matter what Impact do people will bash it, so they should stop trying to please everybody as it usually ends up in failure. 2 great matches on the show, Eli Drake NEEDED to have that match. El Patron was very good during that match and really got Eli looking good by far his best match in the company. Something tells me Matt Sydal is in for a big push. Magnus vs Matt Morgan is a piss break, more on Morgan's part than Magnus. EC3 as a heel is great just beat the shit out of the jobber.
  7. Magnus has done an interview on Steve Saxon's podcast which will be up tomorrow (Saxon is a promoter) Makes it very clear its not Impact, they are just being brought in to write the show and provide the talent. Interview will be up tomorrow. Says its ITV making a strategic decision (not happy with ticket sales which ITV not Impact promoted) so it could move to a studio again and then look at going across the country. Daily Mirror - "Too ambitious" will likely air in January.
  8. ITV are renegotiating contracts? its not Impact. I think a few of them have had WWE on the blower but could be many things. They sold out for 1 night but tapings spread out over 2 days has harmed ticket sales. (5 hour tapings each night, expensive too) Impact are in India during this time (May 30th). As well, add the travel to the dates it doesn't add up and they'd be knackered.
  9. Nah despite getting paid to do so? He helped get over LAX by having them kill him and Decay. "DUH ITS TNA HE SHOULDN'T DO IT ANYWAY" really doesn't make any difference and is a fucking laughable mindset.
  10. I'd say it was a great show for the 2nd week in a row, you are very different to watch what people are saying on social media who loved it, people tuned out because they went head to head with the NFL draft which pretty much killed everybody in ratings in the US as well as the NBA playoffs currently going on. Good debut for Sydal, him vs Eddie Edwards from what I've read is an absolute classic next week. Sad that the Everett vs Lee feud was undercut but it had no heat and was poorly booked under John Gaburick. Ever since Sonjay Dutt started booking the X Division again its been great. The Storm/EC3 promo segment was fine. EC3 establishing himself as a villain again and Storm not showing any fire yet calls him a bitch, blasts his family and ends up in a brawl with EC3? Okay. "I'm a Carter, and this company needs me" - that line in itself will get heat. To be honest, Veterans of War surprised me, I thought they would be shit but Jax Dane is impressive. Mayweather (aka Crimson which they don't acknowledge) was ok but nothing special but if you have them feud with LAX you'll have something there. Spud is being reintroduced as his heel Rockstar gimmick, its a continuation from Total Nonstop Deletion where Spud was bullying Swoggle. David Penzer of WCW fame takes his job next week. I would like to see him reunite with EC3 as his manager again. Heat magnets they are together. The main event was brilliant and deserves more than "okay", you had a fantastic send off for Crazzy Steve as he heads to WWE, Abyss took bumps he didn't need to take with his fucked up knees. And a tease for a potential Diamante vs Rosemary match. Santana and Ortiz are a great tag team and are doing wonders under the LAX banner. That Street Sweeper finisher is a sight to behold. The Grand Title match was good, Moose working with Davey Richards benefits him very well. One of the better Grand Title matches of the format. If there any changes that need to be made I'd go to longer rounds and get rid of the judges until the end of the bout. They are sticking with it so thats it. Ava Storie is an enhancement talent, she's being brought in as a favour to Jay Lethal from Jeff Jarrett as she is one of his students. She is super young (19/20) and getting experience under her belt and know how from Dutch Mantell on how to wrestle on TV. She was there to make Christina Von Eerie look good for her match with Sienna next week nothing more. So I'm not going to rate that, Von Eerie's finisher looks painful.
  11. PWInsider has confirmed with sources speaking under condition of anonymity that the World of Sport tapings have been delayed. As noted before, the tapings were originally set for May; the source in question said that it was not an issue of sales as they have sold well, but rather a logistical scheduling issue causing a delay. There are currently plans to make an official announcement next week regarding the delay and rescheduling.
  12. PWinsider... By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-27 14:40:00Over the last 24 hours, the talk in Great Britain has been that the planned May World of Sport TV tapings, which were to film a ten episode season for ITV, bringing the World of Sport brand back to weekly broadcast television in England, have been postponed. Tapings were slated for 5/25 and 5/26 at Preston Guild Hall following a popular WOS special that aired on New Year's Eve last December. Tickets for the tapings went on sale on 4/6 and have sold quite well.World of Sport was a sports anthology series that ran for 20 years on ITV and regularly featured pro wrestling personalities and matches from Europe. When the decision was made in 1985 to cancel the series, it crippled homegrown pro wrestling in that region for many years, setting the stage for the then-WWF's already growing popularity in the region to flourish just a few years later. The special on New Year's Eve in 2016 celebrated WOS' thirty year run, setting the stage for a new potential series.Talent that appeared on the initial pilot included Grado (who won the World of Sports Wrestling championship on the special and would be going into the new series as champion), Dave Mastiff, Danny Hope, Kenny Williams, Sam Bailey, CJ Banks, Mark and Joe Coffey, Rampage, Ashton Smith, Viper Kimberly Benson, Alexis Rose, El Ligero and Zack Gibson, among others. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross appeared on the taping as the lead announcer and helped with the creative end, sparking WWE to sign Ross to a new deal to circumvent his involvement in the weekly series.Following the original taping, Impact Wrestling came on board to help produce with Jeff Jarrett announced as the Executive Producer. Impact has announced Bobby Lashley and Kongo Kong would be working the taping. One would assume other Impact talents could also be involved. Jarrett stated following a press conference announcing the series that the plan was for WOS to be a complete pro wrestling promotion, not just a TV series.The March press release announcing the tapings touted the ITV-Impact Wrestling collaboration as "part of a comprehensive co-production agreement" between the two entities designed to "relaunch the WOS Wrestling brand, bringing British stars to ITV while leveraging the roster and creative team of Impact Wrestling along with its expertise in live event production and international distribution."When the tapings were initially announced, Director of Entertainment, ITV Studios Manchester, Tom Mclennan stated in the press release, “Britain’s wrestling scene is thriving and there has never been a better time to bring it back to ITV after a gap of 30 years.”The original WOS plan was to tape in May and air the series over the course of the summer, starting in July, with a late Saturday afternoon timeslot. One source believed the WOS tapings could be pushed back to July with the idea that the episodes would air in the fall.ITV and Impact Wrestling officials did not respond to PWInsider requests for comment. Stay tuned.
  13. Spud's involved in this as he'll be at the tapings. ITV are not going to give a shit about the fan who watches Puro everyday or even the hardcore wrestling fan who expects high work rate. Its not aimed at you. Kongo Kong is a big man who can fly. In ITV's mind.... "Result".
  14. Why bother with them? Go make new ones. They'll shit on the company no matter what. Fuck'em and create some new ones. That is the entitled nature of fans today unfortunately. Not even Dixie can fuck it up from 5%. They didn't put the belt on Del Rio, it was a Dusty Finish.
  15. Turns out its nothing. Bob Ryder and Jeff Jarrett had a blow up that is now resolved.