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  1. Hikaru Shida was fantastic when she first came in. Really laying it in and having great matches. Since she moved home permanently to America she's just looked like a nerd cosplaying at being a pro wrestler. Not impressed. Zack Ryder would be better off just reverting to his 2009 persona than being bland wrestler #whatever. Just be completely over the top.
  2. The highlights of the Swamp fight on SD actually made it look like I might enjoy it. I would never have called Alexa turning up as Sister Abigail or whatever the fuck. I might watch it one day.....
  3. I always skim through Dark. I wish it would go back to 45 mins tops. Last weeks had some good stuff on it though storyline wise. Starks finisher on the big black guy was particularly impressive. Tino Sabbatelli of all people turned up!
  4. Absolutely not betting on this one. It will inhibit my enjoyment of what I want to happen too much because I think all my least favourites will end up winning.
  5. My main takeaway from that ratings breakdown a few pages back, is that the majority of people would let Sasha Banks take a shit in their mouth, and then lick her clean.
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