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  1. I suppose it's possible Jinder could be a male Eva Marie. He's certainly been using her 'shred' fat burner product.
  2. I honestly don't recall that match. I'd forgotten he even debuted there. Do you remember the date?
  3. These two weeks of NXT have been excellent in my book. I even watched some of last weeks twice! So many talking points, much of which has been covered. Dylan Miley and Dozovich (not on these shows I know) have to be two of my favorite shaped wrestlers of all time. Expecting massive things a few years down the line. It took about 4 seconds to rebuild Itami. Liv Morgan is a strange colour. So many unknowns standing on that stage for Nakamuras' sendoff. But the same 4 women we always see in that tag match. I can't really see what will be achieved with Aaliyah. Especially since they've binned two awesome entrance themes for her already. It's time for Berenato and Rose! Sanity are in desperate need of those tag belts in my opinion. Otherwise they are just a few hairy shitarses (not Young). They've kind of booked themselves into a corner though with AoP being the champs and Heavy Machinery on the rise. Drew won't be down here too long. Looks like he's going to smash through some high level talent and head off to SD in a few months. I don't see the point of putting the belt on him and prolonging it. I think they could do a pretty nifty UK Guys Vs Cruiserweight feud over on 205 Live (like an Invasion - I thought they were teasing it when they brought them all out on the stage a few weeks ago) and I certainly approve of UK Title defences on NXT. I pondered whether Neville might steal the UK title at some point and be a double champ before AA takes one of those belts. I have no issue with Aries being the UK champion for a short term especially with regards to bumping up interest in future tapings over here.
  4. Why is Gran Metalik seemingly exclusive to the Main Event brand and not on here?! I admittedly have not checked out any of those intriguing tag matches he's appeared in on recent episodes yet so maybe he's shit now but I doubt it.
  5. I really enjoyed the X-Division main event, but Andrew Everett is a maniac. Not sure he's ever taken a safe bump. Fucking Sonjay Dutt - at least he got clobbered. Xavier looks good. Not gonna lie, always been a Low Ki fan so I'm open to a short run. I thought we were getting LAX Vs Reno Scum but they obviously decided to keep the champs strong by having them squash someone instead. The jobber matches were not unwelcome. Kongo Kong is a good laugh. Please, God, let that be the end of ODB. Brooke should be back on these tapings, or Santana Garrett.
  6. Cheers for the Torino highlights. I'm just watching the Rampage-Mo card now and noticed that massive block of two shows last weekend and couldn't be bothered to record them not knowing the cards.
  7. Just check the auction only items on ebay. Forget the 40 quid buy it now ones. A few years back I was shifting them for up to 35 quid each for the stuff from 2003-05. Nowadays you'd be lucky to get a tenner.
  8. I think that Usos/Alpha match has to be contender for my least favorite bout of the year. Not because they fluffed anything up but just a pointless 6 minute sprint through their entire repertoir. Rushed to buggery. They should just save it for an episode where they have time for it or the next PPV.
  9. I honestly find Impact my favorite watch each week. The 90 minutes flies by. It's gotten gradually better each week these tapings. I really don't get so excited about these average Smackdown episodes that people seem to blow out of proportion.
  10. Sienna seems to be getting her own little faction, starting with her cousin(?), the lumbering KM last week, and Kongo Kong on next weeks live episode:
  11. Have we talked about Aries almost being paralyzed? Jesus. Great match also. Mojo is not quite as bad as he was a few months back. I actually kind of agree with him winning that battle royal for those reasons. I envisage some sort of tag match next year with him and Gronk against Corbin and someone. Could be fun. Pretty humorous 'Wenger Out' sign at the beginning of the pre-show. So fucking random.
  12. The only things about the show I didn't like were the rushed SD Womens bout which should have stayed well clear of the main show (unless it was going to include Asuka) and at the least gone on before Goldy and Lesnar, and the badly done Orton/Wyatt match (although I loved the projections on the mat). Poor Bray. Obviously the main event was not ideal. I'm not a Roman hater by any means and it was 6 hours into a show but I felt he could have done more to get the crowd involved and get frustrated/heel it up a bit more if only for the night. AJ/Shane was tremendous. Did not expect that. Hardys. Probably the best thing that's ever happened. I wonder if they avoided bumping into Lita during the evening. Goldberg/Lesnar could have gone a few minutes longer but that's a minor quibble. Steph looked probably the best she ever has. Charly Caruso was on the show somewhere. Fit. As I have learnt from the previous two years, these shows are better viewed in two halves, especially if you watched a Takeover and the pre-show before it as has become the norm for me. I went to bed after the Cena match 2 and a half hours in knowing I'd be too tired to enjoy anything afterwards and got up at midday to watch the rest with breaks. It was the right decision again.
  13. I don't think the Roode/Nakamura match was as good as their first which far exceeded my expectations but it was still decent and it was the right result. Nak to Smackdown this week methinks. I didn't want Asuka to lose, especially to Ember Moon. I don't think her keeping the title though will keep her purely on NXT. I expect her to debut on Raw tonight or shortly after and remain undefeated for some time. Might hold both titles simultaneously at some point. I'll be buggered if they're keeping her down there until Summerslam. Aleister Black reminds me of CM Punk. I think the debut could have been better but they fucked themselves by putting him in there with Andrade who couldn't really be jobbed out. Too competitive, but, potential. I like Ohno. If he just wears the basketball jersey untucked with the trunks it's completely fine. As many have stated, the tag title bout was pretty flawless. And that is Revival done in NXT too I'd imagine. Even though I don't like them that much, it's gotta be their time. Now that Heavy Machinery are in, they could probably spare DIY aswell. Charly Caruso on the pre-show. Yum yum yum.
  14. If he's responsible for this weeks Taker and Wyatt/Orton hokum, they were both utter shite. I've seen better from Impact.
  15. Yeah, that little thing tells you how many likes the post has but it's not the actual 'like' button.