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  1. I actually punched the air when Drew won. Absolutely brilliant Rumble matches. My only grumble participants were Kelly Kelly and argubly Santino but they did reek of last minute Sasha replacements. I'm sure she kicked off again when she learnt she wouldn't be winning and would get done by Charlotte last. I'd like to believe that they omitted her to avoid jobbing her to Charlotte again but I don't think they like her! Men's surprises were exactly who I thought and entered pretty much on cue but Keith and Riddle didn't last long enough. I WAS expecting Goldberg and as they didn't get the deal done that would explain Riddles quick exit (other than rumoured altercation with Brock - but he was already eliminated). Lee could have legitimately been in the final 6 at least. I had no doubt Heavy Machinery wouldn't make it and when they pulled Rusev and Lashley I was not hurt but replacing them with The OC and Cesaro was unfortunate, moreso the OC who didnt help AJ win. Anyhoo, give me Lesnar/McIntyre and Edge Vs Styles at Mania all day long.
  2. Because Schiavone is the higher power of The Dark Order! 😲 The whole thing has been saved.
  3. If Goldberg were a single man with no attachments I wonder if he would have a chance with any of the female roster and whom would be up for a jack-hammering? I'd like to think, Charly Caruso.
  4. It is good, it's just not great yet. Some of it is though.
  5. I have a feeling Impact will somehow become No.2 at some point. Something involving a mass cash injection and them creating some sort of developmental centre to create their own fresh stars. Maybe Corgan involvement ha! NWA will continue the studio stuff for another year or so and then will morph into the next stage. Which could be absorbing Impact. As much as I enjoy MLW I don't see it lasting another 3 years to be honest. ROH definitely will close.
  6. I'm guessing John Morrison isn't allowed so i'll skip him. 1) Killer Kross 2) Mr. Kennedy..................KENNEDY. 3) Scarlett Bordeaux
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