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  1. I honestly can't believe how awful this show was.
  2. Watched it on the Hub (few hours late grrrrrr). Loved it, can't wait for the next one. Job done. Pity about the cuts but I don't feel too cheated. Can't be the version that airs at 8.20am though!
  3. Is it me or is only the 2nd half of last weeks show on the network still?
  4. Because they are both shit and no one watches them?
  5. So are they going to stop taping 205 and NXTUK soon?
  6. I really like Dijakovic. Mostly though in the way that he's a bit shit and performs big moves he shouldn't be doing in the way I would expect Heidenreich or Nathan Jones to do them. Big thumbs up for his match with Keith. More of that lunacy.
  7. The Mexico tapings are always awful. I assume they are getting paid well to go there because there is no other reason to persist. Everywhere else is noisy these days. I think they've re-established a decent hard core fanbase now. The Dallas crowd for Slammiversary was raucous as is any time they are in New York or Toronto.
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