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  1. Philjax

    MMA Betting Thread

    I'll be having a crack once the weigh ins come in. Wanna see what Dillashaw looks like before I back Cejudo..... Probably gonna mix it in with the footy though so I don't have to pick the dodgy fights. The Manchesters, Spurs and Liverpool all look dead on this week to sweeten it up a bit. Or a catastrophy as usual.
  2. Philjax

    Reallocate the Cruiserweights

    Buddy Murphy to Raw, Tony Nese out the door, and everyone else to Smackdown or NXT UK. You could easily send no more than 2 to NXT. I'll go with Kendrick and Gulak. That's probably being harsh on Gulak but then again he can probably have a few Takeover thrillers for people to remember him by. I still watch this show.
  3. Philjax

    TNA Thread - In Pursuit of being dead in six weeks (again)

    An excellent start to the year for Impact (I hope some people actually saw it!). All the major players were focused on and a clear direction of several new feuds were put in place. When you see the roster all together on a show like this you realize how strong it is. If they could just get a thousand more into an arena to watch it on a regular basis. A few more years of consistent PPV's and TV like this and fingers crossed.... Just to be clear, Steiner returned purely to get a lapdance from Scarlett Bordeaux. He is the fucking man.
  4. Philjax

    TNA Thread - In Pursuit of being dead in six weeks (again)

    Twas a good PPV. That tag match was spectacular! One of the better Lucha Bros matches I've seen. I really liked the look of the show as well. Thought the graphics, ring apron and general throwback TNA feel were spot on. I can't help but think Cage and Tessa would be better champs going forward than Mr and Mrs Mundo though......
  5. Philjax

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    The main event and opening superstar tag match were awesome for TV.
  6. Philjax

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I hope that they'll at least throw us a couple of names during this press conference tonight otherwise just a reveal of where and when Double Or Nothing is taking place is going to be a bit of a letdown and leave everyone guessing for another 3 months. Unfortunately not knowing the status of the Lucha Underground contracts going forward (because I don't think they're going to get Pentagon and Fenix for example) means the only names I can muster up are Trevor Lee and James Storm. Grim
  7. Philjax

    The "I've just watched ..." thread

    I love you PUNQ. And as usual I shall attempt to get back into AJPW on your advice and fall away by April
  8. Philjax

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I don't actually think they'll start doing TV for quite a while but they've picked a hell of a time to start challenging WWE for quality when you've got shows as good as recent Smackdown's to compete with. 'Tuesday Night Dynamite' wasn't it?
  9. Philjax

    The 2019 Predictions Thread

    Velveteen Dream steals Truths' No.30 spot in the Rumble via backstage attack. Well somebody's going to. That or if the women's one goes on first Truth tries to enter that one through his own idiocy thus giving up his spot in the mens freeing it up for *somebody*. I'd really like to see Goldberg again. Lucha Underground gets 5th Season. MLW continues to grow. Probably announces regular live TV shows. WWE finally has a talent cull. One of the free agents goes to WWE abandoning the prospect of AEW altogether. If AEW does launch to great fanfare Dolph Ziggler jumps ship and bombs massively. Dustin Rhodes challenges for NWA title.
  10. Philjax

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    I think Taven has been fantastic since he lost his hair and i'm more than ready for a proper title reign, which however I could see being held off on for another year maybe now he has his fake belt. Cobb as TV champ was a perfectly fine choice. Way too early to turn him into Samoa Joe 2.0. Gives him plenty of opportunity to smash through the undercard and develop a bit more and way better than another Kenny King/Silas Young or even Scurll reign. Scurll seems a bit more likely to dethrone Lethal at this point but they could do a lot worse than throwing a curveball champ in their. One of the new guys (although mainly Bandido) or someone (Japanese!) from New Japan. I've seen a few big shows but I've existed mainly on the TV product and it ticks along fine for me. Nice easy viewing. Sort out that womens division though. Klein is the best of a shoddy bunch.