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  1. Why oh WHY did Big Show shave off his awesome beard? Sad times.......
  2. And here is the rather dandy vignette for the Crist brothers.....
  3. I don't know how it would work, because they've clearly pigeon-holed the mum into being black/mixed race (or maybe they think we'll ignore that because WWE), but i'd somehow like to think this will end up as a case of mistaken identity/test mix-up and Gable, not Jordan turns out to be the biological son. Eitherway I'm up for however this pans out because it should be fun.
  4. Probably a stupid question but if the fight takes place outside the US/Canada, such as in Europe or Japan, could Lesnar theoretically be juiced to the gills or not be affected by any ban he's currently serving?
  5. Asuka's getting hotter and hotter, right? Having a bit of Tyler/Dunne withdrawal. Were they on any of these tapings? Surely it's inevitable that Aleister Black fucks up that moonsault one day and either looks like a complete buffoon live on a Takeover or seriously hurts himself? Why do three in a match just to increase that risk? Where's Eric Young?
  6. I don't rate Calderwood that much at all but she was always going to be awkward because of her length. The counter to that was obviously to take her down and show off quite the ground game. High praise but when she goes to ground I get as excited as I do for Demian Maia because it's all just so beautiful to watch. I think by the time it rolls around she'll be troubling Andrade and Gadelha and it'll be a spectacle to watch. Very fun division for me.
  7. It'll probably be Herrig seeing as she's on a mini streak and everyone seems to hate her. May aswell clear out Torres and Esparza aswell who aren't going to do anything.
  8. Calvillo is a future champ, possibly at two weight classes once Flyweight comes in. Just the highlight of any card to watch her progression, and I really loved this card.
  9. What the fuck is Jarrett's obsession with midgets?
  10. Santana Garrett for the win. So glad she's in this. They have to match up Kairi and Asuka at some point after the tournament too. Probably on a Takeover before Asuka moves up.
  11. Maybe you could tell me what's happened the last 5 episodes since I stopped watching then? A whole lot of nothing from what I can tell.
  12. Impact finally returned to the Top 10 shows on Spike UK for the week ending 18th June with 118,000 viewers after a long absence. Steiner presumably.
  13. Not much happened on LU last week but really liked the Melissa/Fenix interactions (there's not enough of this in wrestling these days) and obviously Marty 'The Moth' is great fun.
  14. Something tells me the 'Countdown' show is going to be fairly unmissable down to Romero and his ponytailed friend.
  15. Excellent! You've pretty much solved half the problem there. Cuerno will go under his non LU name and they'll probably call Drago 'Ultimate Dragon' or something shitty.