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CM 01/02. Sport of Kings


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Ian had the idea, but I'm posting first as when it's inevitably thread of the year I get the plaudits.


Anyway. Champ Man 01/02. I'm playing with the final 01/02 patch made by EIDOS which has Wayne Rooney on it if you're Everton (V.3.9.68). They start in Admin and they are shit so you have to seel or hope for an investor Anyway, I finished 3rd and won the Coca Cola Cup in that first season and as soon as the season ended I got new investors. I'm currently a few months into season two, playing Champions League football, and in all cup competitions. Here's a few screens. I'm currenly 5th with all top five between 34 and 32 points after 15 games. Sixth is on 25.


Anyway, the current squad.




Rooney's out of shot at the bottom. I was able to pick up Dellas on a free in the close season, along with Beati from Inter for 750k (he's 18 and immense), Dan Ingvarsson from somewhere in Sweden for 250k, Lunden for less than a mill as he had a relegation clause from Sweden, some Cristiano bloke for 800k from Portugual. Rinaldi, Jody Morris and Hoch cost north of a million though. Jamie Smith spent last season on loan from Celtic playing AMC, scored 20 goals in all comps and a shitload of assists. Then, like dicks, Celtic let him go to me for £2m! Anyway, young Wayne Rooney, how's he doing?






He's playing well. Very well, hitting the net regularly enough. However, he's not the bright shining young star of the team. Instead it's 18 year old Stephen Schumacher who, while having shit stats, at 18 is already averaging just under 8.00 from playing in the DM position. Coach reports also indicate he'll be King Shit in future years.



And that 800k Portuguese no mark?




I suppose he'll do.

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If you want to end up playing this on your tablet, like I will as my laptop is about as consistent as David's avatar, apparently CM 01/02 runs like a dream using ExaGear Strategies. Android app, don't know about Apple shite. Looking at the comments on the Google Play marketplace, most folk are downloading this app solely to play CM 01/02.


I'll be over this like a rash later today. Debating who to choose- feels cheating picking Arsenal as it was essentially a two-team league back then. Maybe Leeds.

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Leeds also have a cracking squad on the 01/02 game. I would suggest West Brom particularly if its original squads as opposed to the updated ones. They've got a very small squad on the original data and its a decent challenge trying to build a squad that can get promoted.

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Eidos made the game freeware a few years back for PC, here's the direct link: http://www.fmscout.com/c-cm0102.html?id=1523&a=dlit'll download the file automatically, think it's something like 280MB then you have to mount the ISO file (think you can do that automatically in Win10 now by double clicking) and install from there. Interesting it can be run on a tablet too so might give the  ExaGear Strategies app a try. I assume the touch screen of the tablet function works like just for moving the mouse pointer & for typing in things like when making player offers & such. 



The new FM games are too time consuming


Yep, definitely agree, I think the last FM I got into was '08 but even then it started to get a bit too heavy on the detail aspect. Now you've got to deal with agents and all other sorts of stuff, you can automate that but it's still got over complicated now I think. Although on the plus side, apparently managers have used it as a scouting tool because of the detail they put into the game so it does have that benefit, especially for a lower league manager who can doesn't have the financial resources to send scouts all over the place. 

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