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HG's third annual Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool


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NO SPOILERS in this thread please. Unless you tag them, then it's okay.



So, January is practically here, which means it must be Royal Rumble time. At time of posting this thread it's... 26 days until the event.



The Royal Rumble match is normally loads of fun. Invariably one of the best things about it is the chance of surprise entrants; people you never expected to show up, showing up and having a go at some of the current stars.



Last year, we got a return from this guy, who stuck around until summer:




and the return of this one, who came back again in the autumn:




And for one night only, the return of this man:





I hope that the 2014 Royal Rumble, whatever form it takes, has a few surprise/return entrants in it.


But who should they be? You decide!



Basically, everyone picks the wrestler you want to see turn up unexpectedly in the Rumble Match. If your pick is right, you win ... probably just prestige and stuff, but if I can secure something proper, I will. Each of last year

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Well, it has to be done Tensai, Funkadactyls, Brodus Clay.. Then Akeem :)




The Warlord




Full Nelson Challenge with the next guy on my list :p



Chris Masters




C'mon, a Masterlock dual off, plus Masters being just that cool. Has to happen?

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#1 in the Rumble is Brodus Clay. Seeing as the ring is the empty, he decides it's an appropriate time to bust a groove, a decision that would cost him his career...


*I'M THE GREATEST!... 1... 2... 123 HIT THAT!*




The Cat sprints down to the ring, ducks Brodus' clothesline and Feliner kicks him over the top rope and straight out of the company. Cat grabs the mic and says "This has been a long time coming, HIT MY MUSIC!"






He spends the next hour cutting a rug and whooping 28 other rednecks to earn his WWE title match at Wrestlemania 29 30: The Great One vs The Greatest.



And yes, I am going to pitch this same idea every year.


I'm a man of my word.

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Part timer so figured I'd put him out there.


Batista comes in late and eliminates a bunch of people including Ambrose and Rollins, leading to a stare down between him and Roman Reigns. Just as they are about to fuck each other up Lesnars music hits, so Batista turns his attention to him. They exchange punches and Batista starts trying to throw Lesnar over the top. Reigns comes up behind them both and tips them both over at the same time (because they are off balance.) Batista stands on the outside staring at Reigns like "what the fuck just happened?" At that point Lesnar goes for Batista again, and they brawl all around ring side. Reigns is eventually eliminated by Bryan (but its cool because Reigns came in at number one and lost his mates.)

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Brodus Clay and Tensai are dancing in the ring, DDP comes in and eliminates their fat arses with the power of yoga then gets RKOd by Randy Orton and bumps out of the ring.


Palmer Cannon and Octagoncito (one of his midget masked wrestlers who I couldn't find a picture of) They get eliminated by Los Matadores and El Torito (unless El Torito and Octagoncito are the same midget, I have no idea)



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... but only if he wears that jacket!


He'll come out 90 seconds after this man:




They'll greet each other, squabble for a few seconds before getting double eliminated by the bemused:





So that's Johnny Ace, maybe Animal too, jobbers for Roman Reigns.

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Turn it up! Xavier Woods somehow gets an entry into the Rumble, no doubt to do some shit dancing with the Funkadactyls. While they're dancing, Scotty 2 Hotty's music hits and he comes grooving out to the ring. A quick beatdown and WORM later, Scotty is eliminated by Roman Reigns...just because he can.

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The ring is full, the buzzer sounds, and Badstreet USA plays as Michael PS Hayes struts down the aisle.




The ring separates into associations of race. Michael Hayes helps his brothers eliminate those white honkys, when all the other black wrestlers prove themselves to be Uncle Toms so he dispatches them all. He goes on to be the first fully black WWE world champ at Wrestlemania, and at the tender age of 21.

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Picture the scene. The Shield are in the ring together having ganged up and eliminated everyone else, they tease squaring off against each other for a few seconds before they notice the countdown clock has begun. They decide now is not the time for bickering and turn to face the entrance way united and ready to show no mercy to the unfortunate soul who's about to come out. The clock hit's zero, the music plays and out comes...




Cue Lawler and Cole laughing hysterically while JBL talks up their 4 historic Hardcore Championship reigns and Pete Gas's successful career in the office supplies business, they surround the ring waiting for the right moment to pounce and then they strike but Pete Gas catches his head in the ropes as he slides in and is bounced back out to the floor leaving Joey Abs and Rodney alone and outnumbered. The Shield then make short work of the two remaining members of the MSP and promptly destroy them before throwing them out to the floor to join Pete Gas who is by this point trying to sell pencils to the punters at ringside

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Bad News Barrett standing alone in the ring when he gets some bad news. The bad news is Bad News Brown is really still alive and isn't happy with the gimmick infringement.


1st pick - Bad News Brown



We get halfway through and its jobber central. Rope to rope just full of square current day wrestlers that need removing. The solution....


2nd pick - The Ultimate Warrior


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